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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 118

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 118

Donald glared at the man. If looks could kill, the man would have died ten times over. However, he wouldn’t yell at him just yet, for he was reluctant to air any dirty laundry. Even so, he wanted to salvage his reputation, or what was left of it. “Everyone, if it’s possible, can you keep this a secret?” “Sure, Mr. Lawson. I saw nothing.” “Same here. I got here for some reason, but I see nothing here. Let’s leave, guys.”

“There’s nothing to see here. We should go.” In the end, Queenie and Nelly were the only outsiders left in the cabin. Donald shot them a cold glare, and Queenie took off with Nelly. “We’ll be leaving now, Mr. Lawson.” And they made a run for it. Once everyone was gone, Darius said, “Ashlyn only did this on impulse, Donald. She doesn’t know better.” “That does not mean she can dishonor our family.” Darius didn’t argue.

He might be a man in his fifties, but he was still scared of his older brother. “You’re right. I’ll make sure she doesn’t do this again. And everyone’s keeping this a secret, I swear.” “You make it sound so easy. Do you think they’ll really listen just because you tell them to? They aren’t stupid, you know?” Donald was starting to get annoyed by his brother’s stupidity. “Yes, you’re right. I promise I’ll handle this.” Darius glared at Ashlyn.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Cover yourself with something.” Ashlyn was shivering in fear, but she said nothing. Donald snorted and left, while Darius followed suit. In the end, only Ashlyn and the man were left in the room. The man was still groggy from his hangover. All he could remember was that he had fun last night, but he never thought his partner would be one of the Lawsons. Now that he already had sex with her, there was no way to take it back. He whispered, “I-I didn’t know it was you, Miss Lawson. You started it last night, and I was forced to go along.”

Ashlyn pulled the blanket down and yelled, “You b*stard! Say one more word and I’ll tear you apart!” She had been holding her tears back, but now they were streaming down her cheeks. This isn’t how it was supposed to go. What happened? Why isn’t Alex here with me? Now everyone saw me in bed with another guy. There’s no way Alex would date me anymore. She hit the bed as an outlet for her anger. Finally, she started crying out loud, much to the man’s shock.

“It’s okay, Miss Lawson. Actually—” “Out! Out, I say!” Ashlyn hurled a pillow at the man, sending him tumbling out of the bed. Unbeknownst to her, he was naked, and the moment she saw his dangling bits, she shrieked. Elise and Alexander were just coming out of their cabin when they heard Ashlyn’s scream. Elise frowned in confusion, then the door of room 2203 burst open, and a half-naked man came out with nothing but a towel covering his privates.

From the looks of it, he was escaping something or someone. Elise ignored that. She kept propping Alexander up, asking, “Are you alright?” He grunted. “I’m fine.” Elise didn’t think so. She was frowning in worry as she tried to hurry Alexander to a hospital so he could get his leg looked at. Just when they were going through the hall, they heard another commotion happening. A moment later, Ashlyn slapped Queenie right in front of everyone.

“You did that, didn’t you? You b*tch!” Ashlyn growled, glaring at Queenie as if the latter killed her father. Queenie clutched her face, but she didn’t say anything. She couldn’t believe she was slapped after helping Ashlyn out so much. Ashlyn was angered even further, and she slapped Queenie once more. By then, everyone’s eyes were on them. Nelly stopped Ashlyn. “What are you doing, Ashlyn? This has nothing to do with Queenie.”

But Ashlyn didn’t listen to her. Instead, she looked at Nelly coldly. “So that means you’re behind this.” Ashlyn slapped Nelly this time, and Nelly clutched her face in pain. She was going to explain herself, but after that slap, she changed her mind. “You can’t change anything even if you kill me, Ashlyn,” Nelly snapped, for she had nothing to lose. Ashlyn was extremely triggered by that reply. She pounced on Nelly like a rabid dog that would bite anyone who so much as looked at her the wrong way.

“You b*tch! You did this to me! I’ll kill you!” Nobody went up to help. In the end, the guards had to step up and pull them apart. But that didn’t stop Ashlyn from spitting at Nelly. Nelly’s face was scratched, and her whole body throbbed in pain. Oh, so this is how it’s going to be, huh? Since Ashlyn humiliated her, Nelly wouldn’t let it slide so easily. “Don’t get so riled up, Ashlyn. You did this to yourself.” The guests were visibly interested when they heard that.

They could smell a gossip brewing, and they listened closely. After all, everyone knew Ashlyn had slept with a random man in her cabin by that point, so any insider detail was sure to be something they wanted to hear. “You b*tch! I knew it! You’re the one behind this!” A smile tugged at Nelly’s lips.

“You asked me to help you, Ashlyn. But now you’re blaming me? So ungrateful. And to think you’re one of the Lawsons. How far you have fallen. You’d do anything to get your hands on Alexander, including getting yourself knocked up so he’ll be forced to marry you. Pity your plans failed due to the accident.

Nobody could have predicted that, so don’t vent on us for your own fault.” Queenie looked at Ashlyn in contempt. She never imagined Ashlyn to be so savage and brutish. Since she threw the first punch, Queenie didn’t have to hold back either. “Hey, you gave us the aphrodisiac, and you told us to spike his drink.

We did as you said, but we had no idea why you ended up sleeping with a different guy.” Everyone gasped in surprise. Wow, this is one big drama. No, wait. This is a conspiracy!

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