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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 117

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 117

When Elise woke up, she felt weak, as if all strength had left her. She slowly got up, and the first thing she saw was Alexander lying on the ground. That shocked her, but then she remembered what happened last night, and her face fell. She could remember what happened the night before vividly, and she knew what that meant. Someone set me up. She clenched her fists. I don’t know who they are, but they will pay for this. Suddenly, she remembered something.

Elise quickly got off the couch and went to the bathroom. After she closed the door, she looked in the mirror and heaved a sigh of relief. Good thing my makeup isn’t ruined. If I’m busted, there’s going to be trouble. She got her makeup back in order and confirmed it was fine before coming out. At the same time, Alexander woke up. Elise felt awkward facing him, but still she asked, “Are you alright?” A frown appeared on his forehead.

He was mostly fine, but the pain from his thigh made him gasp. “Come here,” he said coldly. She wondered why he wanted her there, but still she went over. It was then she saw the blood caked on his pants. “What happened to your leg? Are you okay?” She went down to give it a closer look and found out that his blood had drenched his whole pants and dried up. “It’s just a flesh wound. Nothing big,” he dismissed it.

“Prop me up. Once we dock, I’ll get Cameron to patch it up.” Elise frowned. “No. That looks serious. You should go to a hospital.” She propped him up and put him down on the couch. Elise didn’t take her eyes away from the wound. Even though he was the wounded one, she could also feel the pain from it. He could have succumbed to the aphrodisiac last night, but instead of doing so, he injured himself just to keep her safe. That touched her.

“Does it hurt?” “No,” he answered calmly. Of course it hurts. But Elise didn’t say that, for she knew he was just trying to act tough. However, she had decided to take him to the hospital right after they docked. It was then they heard a commotion outside, and it got louder as time passed. “What happened out there?” Elise asked. Alexander stared down. “No idea. Probably some accident or something.” At the same time, a big crowd was standing outside room 2203, staring at the naked couple on the bed.

They heard that an unidentified man had infiltrated the cabin, so they came with a bunch of guards in case the guests were in danger. But when they barged in, all they saw was a naked couple on the bed instead of a suspicious man. “That’s Miss Lawson. What is she doing?” “I thought she’s single. When did she get a boyfriend?” “I’ve never seen the guy. He’s not one of us.” The crowd was whispering among themselves.

They would have snapped a lot of photos if it weren’t because of the fact that Ashlyn was Donald’s daughter. “Ashlyn?” Queenie blurted, but when she saw the man beside her, she was shocked. “W-What’s going on?” Nelly was dumbfounded as well. “Hey, isn’t that—” Queenie covered her mouth before she could finish and gave her a look. They swallowed their words and slunk into a corner, hoping nobody would see them. Donald hurried over after his servant alerted him to this, but when he saw what was going on, he had a meltdown.

He had never been so humiliated before, and his face was red with fury. “Wake them up!” he roared. Nelly and Queenie shivered in fear from the sheer anger Donald was displaying. Their plan was to get Alexander to sleep with Ashlyn, but another guy had taken his place instead, while Alexander was nowhere to be found. Queenie tugged on Nelly’s shirt, whispering, “What now? She’ll kill us.” Nelly was terrified as well.

She turned around to look at Queenie, stammering, “W-We couldn’t have predicted this. How should we know she’s this thirsty? Sleeping with a rando—” Before she could finish, Ashlyn’s scream overwhelmed her. Naturally, Ashlyn was shocked when she found out what happened as well. She was confused and didn’t know what to do. Everyone was staring at her in contempt, and she wondered why. When she looked at the man beside her, she shrieked, “W-Who are you?”

She could never imagine herself coming face to face with a total stranger. After all, she was expecting Alexander in her bed. To make things worse, she was now a public spectacle, and that realization broke her down. She pulled the blanket over to cover her face. “Get out! Everyone get out!” Donald looked like he would yell at her again. Over all these years in the political scene, never once did he get embroiled in a scandal. However, his track record was now ruined by his own niece.

“You b*tch!” Ashlyn’s father showed up and gave her one tight slap. “You humiliated us!” he growled. Ashlyn couldn’t believe her father just slapped her. Darius looked at Donald carefully. “Terribly sorry for this, Donald. This is all my fault.” Then Darius looked at everyone coldly.

They knew what he was getting at, so they excused themselves. “We had no idea about this, Mr. Lawson. Oh, look at the time. We should be leaving now.” “I’m leaving too, Mr. Lawson.” “She is still young, so it’s normal for her to do something like this. Don’t yell at her, please.” …… Most of the guests were his colleagues and friends. Even though they were trying to calm him down, he felt humiliated for some reason.

On the other hand, Ashlyn felt a chill running up her spine. The slap hurt, but the realization that her future was doomed hurt her even more. This is it for me. The man had woken up as well, but he too was shocked to see what was happening. “M-Mr. Lawson. What happened?”

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