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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 116

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 116

A long, long sleep later, Elise woke up feeling even more uncomfortable than she was before she went to bed. Her throat felt parched, and she tried to quench her thirst with a glass of water, but it didn’t help one bit. Instead, the water only fueled the flames within her. “What’s wrong with me?” she mumbled. Elise took another big gulp of water, but it still didn’t help. Instead, she was starting to sweat. “Why am I sweating? Hm, the room’s probably too hot.” She thought that must be it, so Elise went outside. She wanted to get some fresh air on the deck, but she bumped into Alexander the moment she came out.

“Alexander? Why are you here?” At that very moment, she felt like Alexander was different tonight, and she was overwhelmed by this urge to pounce on him. “Alexander, y-you look so sexy tonight,” Elise blurted, perhaps a bit more honest than she wanted to be, but in her defense, she had no idea what she was saying. Alexander thought something was off with her. Her face was unusually red, and when he touched her forehead, his face fell.

“Someone drugged you.” Elise looked at him dumbly. She kept gulping as she held down her urge to pounce on him. All she wanted to do was to get closer to him. “Alexander—” Before she could finish, Alexander dragged her back into the room and slammed the door shut, then he took her to the bathroom. “What are you doing?” she asked. Alexander didn’t elaborate. He turned the faucet on and filled the tub with water. At the same time, everything started spinning around Elise. She shook her head to clear herself up a bit, but that started making her see doubles.

“Hey, there’s like a dozen of you here. Am I hallucinating?” Alexander shoved her into the tub. Elise reflexively covered her face right before she made contact with water. Even when she was half-conscious, she still didn’t want to ruin her makeup. When the ice cold water splashed against her skin, Elise was jolted awake. She looked up at Alexander, and the doubles were gone. “What are you doing?” she asked. Alexander stared at her and was about to answer, but he felt his belly tensing up, and his breathing turned heavier. Sh*t. I have a bad feeling about this.

Just as he suspected, he started heating up a moment later. Alexander quickly turned around to keep himself from looking at Elise. “Stay in the tub and don’t come out unless I say so.” Elise nodded dumbly, then Alexander went out and closed the bathroom door. He was experienced enough to know why his body was starting to react that way. Someone drugged me too. Fortunately, it was still manageable for him. He held his urges back and tried to call someone, but he realized the signal was too weak, for they were at sea.

I can’t even make a call. His face fell. If this keeps up, who knows what might happen? He made a decision and went back to the room to find something. In the end, he saw a rod lying around, so he took it and speared his thigh with it. A searing pain shot up from his leg, but he didn’t even groan. It sobered him up, however, and the flames of lust died down a lot. He felt relieved, but that didn’t stop him from calling Cameron. After countless calls, it finally went through.”

“Sir!” Alexander quickly said, “Someone drugged me. It’s an aphrodisiac, and it’s going to peak—” Before he could finish, the phone went dead. Dammit. No signal again. Left with no choice, he kept the phone and glanced at his bloody leg. I have to do this. He held the rod up again and speared his leg with it. Blood flowed down his thigh, but he didn’t even wince. All he hoped was to wait out the aphrodisiac this way. “Open the door, Alexander!”

Elise got out of the bathtub and banged on the door, but Alexander held it back, preventing her from coming out. “Get back into the tub and don’t come out.” Elise had sobered up, but her lust was stoked the moment she came out of the bathtub. “What is the meaning of this? Open the door!” “Just get back into the tub and don’t come out.” She couldn’t argue with that, and she was starting to feel uncomfortable again.

The only way to feel better was to stay in the bathtub, so she went back. Once she slid into the bathtub, she felt much better. The both of them tried their best to endure the aphrodisiac. Once the effect peaked, Alexander kept stabbing his leg to stave the lust off. Eventually, he went numb with pain.

At the same time, Elise stayed in the bathtub to keep her lust at bay. Once the effect went away, she leaned back and drifted to sleep. Time dragged on. When the aphrodisiac wore off, it was already late night. Alexander’s shirt was drenched with his sweat, and his leg was a bloody mess. He should have been in agony, but still he got up and hobbled to the bathroom. “How do you feel, Elise?” He knocked on the door. But there was no response.

He knocked on the door again, but there was still no response. In the end, he opened the door and saw Elise sleeping in the bathtub. She looked beautiful when she was asleep, and it stirred something within him. Alexander gulped, but he quickly looked away. “Wake up, Elise.” He strode over to her. “Don’t sleep. You’re going to catch a cold.” However, Elise was sound asleep, and he couldn’t wake her up. Plan B then.

He fished her out of the water and took her back to the room even though he was getting drenched. Elise drowsily wrapped her arm around his neck and leaned against his chest in a comfortable position. It was a silent room, but Alexander could hear his heart pounding, and he could feel a panic attack coming up. But it was not the time for that, so he put her on the bed and called a staff member with the phone on the bedside.

After the staff member came, he handed her a wad of cash. “Get her a set of clothes.” The waitress took the wad of cash at once and came back with her work attire. “Sir, I only have my own clothes here. She’s about the same size as I am, so can this work?” Alexander wasn’t a picky man, so he allowed it.

The staff member left after that, but the bed was already wet and not fit for sleeping. Luckily, it was a big room, so he took her to the couch. As he looked down at her, he realized that Elise didn’t look so ugly. In fact, her features were decent, but they seemed out of place together.

Still, that didn’t change the fact that she was pretty. The mere thought of her being pretty made Alexander avert his gaze. Since it was still a few hours away from daybreak, Alexander got a blanket and slept on the floor beside Elise. This is going to be a long night. Yes, but at the same time, it was also a short one.

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