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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 110

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 110

Alexander said, “Patricia’s my mother’s friend. She’s a good cook, and I come over sometimes to have lunch. You should try her dishes.” Elise nodded. “Sure. Any recommendation from you can’t be bad.” Alexander arched his eyebrow and chuckled. “Don’t blame me if you don’t like it though.” Okay?

The food was served a short while later, and Elise quickly dug into the tantalizing food. Once she had a bite, her eyes lit up. “Not bad.” Alexander filled her plate up with some fish. “Here. The fish is nice too.” Elise started wolfing down her food. She was starving, and the food was too delicious to be passed up on.

Alexander kept filling her plate up, and he looked delighted seeing her eating so happily. Patricia could see that the couple would be happy with some more alone time, so she served a big bowl of soup. “Here’s one of our signature dishes. Have a taste.” Alexander took the ladle. “I’ll do it.” Patricia handed the ladle over to him. “And I thought Alexander would grow up to be an uncaring man. Seems like I was wrong.” Elise looked at Alexander.

At the same time, he was handing her a bowl of soup. She immediately said, “It’s fine. I can do it myself.” Alexander didn’t let her. Instead, he put the bowl down in front of Elise. “Just dig in.” Patricia smiled. “Enjoy your meal. Call me if you need anything.” Elise thanked her. Alexander sent her back to school after lunch. Even though Elise kept taking days off, her teacher never scolded her. Ridden by guilt, she knew she had to work twice as hard to repay their kindness.

And so, she decided to start working on a past-year exam paper. “Elise, someone wants to see you.” Elise put her pen down. She wondered who wanted to see her, and she went to find out the answer. When she came out and saw Matthew standing at the end of the corridor, her face fell. I was planning to look for him too. Good. Now I can get this over with. She went over and asked coldly, “Are you looking for me?”

Matthew turned around. “We need to talk.” Matthew then walked off, while Elise hesitated before following suit. He kept walking until they came to a quiet area in the school. “Say what you have to say and leave,” Elise snapped at him. Matthew looked at her in silence for a while. “You seem hostile today, Elise. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Elise sneered. “I’m pretty sure it has to, Matthew. I was kind to you because I thought of you as a friend, but then I was proven wrong. I thought you didn’t care about fame and fortune, but no. We’re done, Matthew. You’re not getting what you want.”

An evil smile appeared on Matthew’s face. “Now you’re just overreacting. I’m just trying to get what’s rightfully mine, but they denied me. Why shouldn’t I fight for myself?” “You should, but you shouldn’t have used me for it.” A storm brewed within Elise’s eyes, and she shot back, “You were just pretending to be kind to me because you wanted to use me, didn’t you? You had some sort of plan. It was a bold move, but it worked.

However, the problem here is that I don’t like you. And I hate conniving bastards like you who would scheme and backstab your friends instead of fighting fairly. It’s disgusting.” Even though he was insulted, Matthew only smiled. “This is a misunderstanding, Elise.” “Don’t call my name, Matthew. We aren’t as close as you think.” Matthew shrugged. “And how do you know I was pretending? I might just like you for real.” Elise stopped him before he could say anything. “Hold it right there. Keep this up and you might even believe that lie yourself. The best lies are the ones that even the liar themselves believe.

You don’t have to go that far.” Matthew squinted and was trying to come up with a reply, but Elise didn’t want to waste any more time with him. “I don’t know what you want from me, but I’m telling you now that I want nothing to do with you or your plans. If you try to use me again, I’ll make sure you lose everything you have.”

Elise was speaking calmly, but Matthew could feel the ferocity hidden under her calm demeanor. She isn’t kidding. At that moment, Matthew realized that he didn’t know Elise that much. On top of that, he realized he had no way of convincing her. That threw a wrench in his plans. He had come up with a lot of possibilities, but none of them included Elise shutting him down so absolutely. “That’s all I have to say, Matthew. Don’t try to use me again.”

She was about to leave, but Matthew stopped her. “Hold on.” She stopped in her tracks. “Anything else you want?” Matthew stared at her back. “Can’t you take my side? If you work with me, I can give you anything you want.” Elise turned around and gazed at him. “No, you can’t.

And I don’t need you to give me anything I want, because you’re just a nobody to me. We’re done, Matthew.” She strode back to her classroom without saying another word. After she left, Matthew felt a void forming in his heart.

He never had that feeling before, but now he could clearly taste it, and he clenched his fists. Why is everyone taking your side, Alexander? Am I that much worse compared to you? Will everything change if you die?

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