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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 109

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 109

After years and years of being solitary at work, Alexander had gotten used to dealing with all the harshest matters on his own. He had never known what it felt like to have someone quietly supporting him by his side. Yet, he could sense a special sort of warmth coming from Elise right then. He parted his lips and grinned before he knocked Elise’s table gently. “Wake up. You can sleep when we’re home.” In a daze, Elise opened her eyes and turned to see Alexander standing behind her. She was startled—every last ounce of sleepiness left her body as she sat upright in her seat.

“What are you doing here, Alexander?” He pointed at the clock hanging on the wall. “Why don’t you take a look at the time? You should go home to get some rest.” She gazed at the clock to see that it was already 11.00PM, so she quickly shut her laptop. “I’ll go home now.” “Let’s go together,” he uttered with a smile. When both of them got into the elevator, Elise couldn’t stop herself from asking him a question.

“President Griffith, the company isn’t in a good state. The loss of clients and the departure of staff members both have a huge impact on the business. If this goes on, Griffith Group might…” She couldn’t bring herself to continue speaking, but she knew that he would understand what she meant. Initially, she thought that she would sound like she was bad-mouthing the company by saying such words during such a critical period.

She had assumed that Alexander would get mad at her, yet there wasn’t a hint of frustration in his face. “Don’t you have any faith in me?” he asked in return. She shot him a questioning gaze. When he remained silent, she found herself getting nervous. What does he mean when he says that? Does he have a plan already? “Can you make your message clearer, Alexander? Stop making me guess what’s in your mind,” she mumbled. He chuckled softly. This was the first time Elise had ever seen him smile, and she found herself mesmerized by his laugh.

Right then, Alexander reached his hand toward her. He paused in the middle of the air for a second before he stroked her hair. “Don’t worry. Nothing bad is going to happen to the company. You shouldn’t trouble yourself with these matters. Go home and get a good rest. Perhaps everything will be different once you wake up tomorrow.” Elise felt oddly secure upon feeling the warmth of his palm. She didn’t bother to further analyze the meaning behind his words.

The next morning, Elise woke up just before noon. She dazedly reached for her phone and checked the clock before she sat upright in her bed. “It’s already so late? Why didn’t anyone wake me up?” she cried. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, she hurried down the stairs. The maid hurried to Elise when she saw her coming downstairs. “I’ve already prepared lunch for you, Miss Elise. You can come to the dining hall now.”

Elise wasn’t in the mood to eat at all. “Why didn’t you wake me up this morning, Stella? I’m late now!” Stella hastily explained herself. “It was Young Master Alex who told me not to wake you up, Miss Elise. He said you worked too hard last night and would need more rest today. He told us not to disturb you.” “So, Alexander was the one who told you not to wake me up.” Elise was dumbfounded. Stella nodded, and Elise found her thoughts running all over the place.

However, she couldn’t be bothered to think about all of that then. “How’s Griffith Group doing today? Are the shares still crashing?” she asked. Stella had no idea about the state of the stock market, and Elise had no interest in having a meal. Elise hurried out of the house and used her phone to search for news related to the company. However, when she finally found some articles, she realized that everything had changed entirely for Griffith Group.

That morning, Griffith Group announced a new partnership with one of the largest businesses in the entire nation. When the stock market opened at 10.00 in the morning, the Griffith Group’s shares went up in value. Everything seemed extremely promising, so Elise was rather taken aback. How did all of this change in just one night? I need to know the truth. She hurried over to the office, and she realized that the gloomy, dejected atmosphere in the company had completely disappeared.

There were two unfamiliar faces waiting at the front desk, but they both greeted her the moment she stepped in. “Good morning, Miss Sinclair!” Elise gave them a polite nod before she went into the elevator. When she got to the highest floor, the large office area appeared to have returned to its usual, bustling self. She felt her insides calming down when she saw this scene. Cameron popped up behind her right then. “Miss Sinclair!”

She quickly returned to her senses. “Cameron.” “You’re surprised, aren’t you?” Cameron asked. Elise nodded, and Cameron continued on with a proud expression on his face. “Well, you shouldn’t forget who’s sitting in that office. Our President Griffith’s business management skills are recognized on a national level. All we have to do is put our trust in him.” Cameron’s words made Elise think about what Alexander had told her the night before. Her smile widened at the thought. “Everyone shares the same wish—we all hope for the company to pull through and survive.

I look forward to Griffith Group’s growth.” At that moment, the door to the president’s office was flung open, and Alexander walked out from inside. He cleared his throat when he saw Elise standing nearby. “President Griffith!” Cameron quickly greeted him. Elise turned to look at him, and he spoke once they locked eyes. “Thank you for your hard work in the past few days. Let me send you back to school.” She quickly rejected his offer.

“It’s fine. I can go there on my own. You must have a lot of other things to handle in the office, so you should go ahead and finish your work! Also, I need to hand my work over to the new colleagues before I leave.” “I’ll help Miss Sinclair with that, President Griffith,” Cameron said with a smile. Both Cameron and Elise went over to Elise’s seat. After arranging all of the documents and handing it over, Elise got ready to leave the office.

To her surprise, she found Alexander standing in front of her the moment she looked up. “I-Is anything the matter, Alexander?” He raised an arm to look at his watch. “It’s lunchtime. Let’s go for a meal,” he uttered boldly. She was about to reject him, but her belly began to rumble the moment she heard him talk about lunch. Only then did she realize how hungry she was after she skipped breakfast earlier. “Okay.

Since you’re offering to buy me a meal, I’ll have to treat myself to some good food!” “Let’s go, then,” he replied. They headed to a private restaurant that only had a few guests. It was a quiet place, and the owner seemed really close to Alexander. She greeted him in a casual tone when he first arrived. “You’re here, Alex.”

“Same old, Patricia,” he uttered in response. “I got it,” Patricia replied with a light chuckle. However, her gaze lingered on Elise. Patricia was a smart woman, so she headed off to the kitchen without saying much.

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