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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 106

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 106

Elise was rather stunned to see Jack there. “I’m heading home,” she explained. “Let me send you back, then,” Jack offered. He hastily opened the car door, and Elise got into the car. Only then did she realize that Alexander was also sitting in the MPV. Despite the sense of awkwardness that she felt, Elise took the initiative to greet him. “I didn’t know you were here!” Alexander was flipping through some documents, and he merely responded with a curt nod.

Jack was the one who explained the situation. “I went to pick Alexander up from the airport earlier, and I happened to bump into you here. But you don’t seem to be in a good mood. You look really sad.” “Since when did you learn to care about others? You’ve never treated me this way in the past!” This novels will be updated only on

Elise teased him. Jack shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “You should learn to appreciate my kindness toward you, Elise. I’m just caring for you as a friend. Furthermore, you used to be so ugly, old-fashioned and noisy. Now, you’re just as ugly and old-fashioned, but I’ve finally realized that you’re a pretty decent person.”

This sounded better to Elise’s ears. “Thanks! My good friend told me that you’re releasing a new song soon. Congratulations.” The smile on Jack’s face widened upon the mention of his new song. He seemed especially excited even at the thought of it. “Thank you! You should come over to hang out during the press conference for the new song.” Elise rejected him immediately. “No thanks. I’m afraid your fans might murder me. However, my friend is a pretty huge fan of yours.

If you have tickets, can you give me two of them so that I can give it to her? She’ll be really pleased.” Jack wasn’t a stingy man and he immediately got his manager, Ronald, to hand him two tickets. “It’s next Wednesday. Make sure your friend shows up then!” “Thank you,” Elise uttered as she took the tickets from him. Jack raised an eyebrow before he smiled. “You’re welcome.” Right then, Ronald spoke up from his spot in the passenger’s seat.

“Hey, Jack. Charlene just reposted your tweet. Do you want to respond to her?” “She can repost whatever she wishes to. It’s none of my business. I can’t be bothered to respond,” he uttered flatly. Ronald was rather troubled by his response. “She used to be one of the most well-known singers. In some ways, she’s your senior. You should show her some respect,” Ronald urged.

However, Jack continued to speak with the same nonchalant attitude. “She got rich off of one song. Apart from that, she just tries to hop onto all of the trendiest things in the industry. If I respond to her now, the media will start writing reports about our scandal tomorrow. I don’t want to have anything to do with her.” After wiping the sweat off his forehead, Ronald decided he would no longer insist on responding to Charlene. “Fine. Let’s just ignore her, then.” As the two men had their conversation, they didn’t realize the grim look on Elise’s face.

It was the second time that she had overheard Charlene’s name that day. It’s been a while, Charlene. Jack dropped Elise and Alexander at Griffith Residence. Once they arrived home, they were greeted by an overly-excited Jonah. “Did you get to meet my old friend, Alexander? How is he?” “Mr. Burton is well and healthy. He kept asking for you, and he really hopes that you’ll get a chance to visit him in Provence,” Alexander replied. Jonah let out a longing sigh upon hearing his grandson’s words. “That old man still thinks about me, huh? Well, I don’t know if I’ll be able to see him again with this weak body of mine.”

“What are you talking about, Grandpa? You’re so healthy—I’m sure you can live to see yourself turning 100 years old,” Elise uttered sincerely. Alexander added, “That’s right, Grandpa. I can go over with you next time.” Jonah took a glance at Elise and Alexander before he let out another long sigh. “I’m old now, Alexander. There’re a lot of things that I want to do, but so many things that I don’t have the energy to complete. You’re getting pretty old too—it’s about time you started your own family.”

Alexander showed great resistance toward the topic of marriage. “I have my own opinions and plans for this, Grandpa. Don’t you worry,” he muttered with a frown. Jonah had no idea what was going on in Alexander’s mind. “You should focus on your future, Alexander. Let the past be the past. You need to learn to cherish those who are right in front of your eyes!” However, Alexander didn’t seem to get the underlying meaning behind his grandfather’s words.

“I got it,” he uttered simply. Elise, on the other hand, seemed to notice something. After their conversation, she excused herself and returned to her room. I can’t believe I’ve been here for six months already. Now, I might miss this place too much if I were to leave. … Once Alexander and Elise retreated to their own rooms, Jonah picked the phone up to make an international call. “Both the kids are home, Linus.”

“That’s great. I had been worried about them, but I’m glad to hear that they both got home. By the way, your grandson seems like a decent guy. I think he’d be a good match for my girl.” Jonah was pleased to hear this, and he laughed heartily before responding. “I’ve told you about this before—I’m certain that I want Elise as my daughter-in-law. It’s just a matter of time before this happens.” “You’re a cunning old man, eh? Well, just to make things clear, I’ll never let Alexander go if he dares to mistreat my Elise, okay?”

Jonah nodded in agreement. “You don’t need to do it on your own. If that brat ever wrongs my precious Elise, I’ll give him a good spanking.” Linus seemed pleased to hear this. “You’d better stick to your word, old man.” Midway through their conversation, Jonah began to frown as he recalled his concerns. “Hey, Linus. Since we’re on this topic, I just realized that both the kids hasn’t shown much progress despite our huge efforts to bring them together. You used to be a pro in relationships—you were practically undefeated when it came to girls!

Do you have any tricks on how to bring them together?” Linus chuckled upon hearing Jonah’s words. “I can’t believe you’re asking me for help, old man.” Jonah had to maintain his pride. “I’m not asking for help. I’m just telling you to act as the middleman who creates sparks between them.” Linus scoffed. “You’re so harsh with your words. Back when I was young, I…” Linus was about to continue when Helen entered the room. He had no choice but to swallow his words and return to his cowardly self. “Okay. Teenagers mingle around better with one another, so we should get them to do that. We old men shouldn’t butt in. However, you should get your grandson to feel a sense of urgency.

My precious Elise is a really wonderful woman—you’d never find someone as good if you let her go.” After finishing his words, Linus ended the call, leaving Jonah with the beeping sound of the dial tone. Jonah was determined. It seems like I have to work harder to bring the two of them together. I’ll start getting worried if their relationship doesn’t go anywhere soon! Immediately after that, Jonah came up with a plan.

He called the housekeeper to come over, and they both whispered into each other’s ears for a while. At the same time, Matthew, who had been standing by the corner of the stairs, overheard all of their conversations. His face darkened. So, Grandpa had plans of matchmaking Alexander and Elise all along. That way, he’d be able to transfer the Griffith Family’s shares to her. Yet, I’ve been making an issue about Elise. My plans have gone wrong this time around. Matthew clutched his fists silently. If Grandpa never had any plans for me to begin with, then what’s the purpose of me staying in this household?

After all, I’m nothing but an illegitimate son to these people. A malicious smirk formed on Matthew’s face as his gaze darkened. The next day, Elise handed the tickets that she had gotten from Jack to Mikayla once she arrived at school. “Here you go. Tickets to your husband’s press conference for his new song.” Mikayla’s eyes lit up immediately. “Oh my gosh! I love you, Elise! I queued on his official website for hours last night, but I still didn’t manage to buy the tickets in the end. I was so close to buying it at a higher price. I can’t believe you got tickets for me!”

“Jack gave them to me,” Elise uttered without bothering to conceal the truth. Mikayla was even more excited upon hearing this. “Are you serious? Did my husband give them to you? He’s so kind! He gave me tickets because he knew I couldn’t get them!” Upon finishing her words, Mikayla gave the tickets a huge and wet kiss.

Elise shook her head helplessly, then shifted her gaze back to her question paper. Ever since Samantha got into the production team and Riley stopped coming for classes, Elise was able to place all of her focus on her studies. She was enjoying her school life.

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