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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 103

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 103

At the same time, Alexander was backstage at the same race. He was cheering on one of the contestants that day. “You’ve been training for two years now; it’s about time you evaluate yourself with this race. Good luck! I’m looking forward to your performance.” The other man gave him a firm nod.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Alex. I will do my best!” The person was none other than Wilson DeMarco, the only representative of Cittadel that day! Alexander had spent large amounts of money to develop Wilson as a racer. “Wilson DeMarco from the fourth group, please get ready!”

Wilson stood up once he heard his name being announced. After bidding goodbye to Alexander, he prepared to step onto the tracks. Alexander didn’t stay after that—he headed to his seats in Zone A after checking his tickets. However, the moment he sat down, he saw a familiar figure sitting just three rows in front of him. Joy?

That’s odd. I didn’t expect to bump into her here. He smirked without thinking much about the encounter. Instead, he put all of his focus on the race. “Let’s go, Number 6! You’re the only representative of Cittadel!” Jamie cried at the top of his lungs. His words caught Alexander’s attention, and Alexander was shocked when he saw Jamie.

What a small world! But why would Jamie and Joy be together? It doesn’t really make sense for them to interact with one another—one lives in France while the other lives in Athesea. Judging by the way they are interacting now, it seems like they’re pretty close. It doesn’t look like they just met each other here.

Alexander shifted his gaze away. Am I overthinking this? Something feels weird! Elise beamed when she saw Wilson. “This participant seems pretty good. I think he might be a favorite to win.” Jamie didn’t agree at all. “Wilson’s a new face in this scene, Boss. Furthermore, he’s not from one of the nearby countries.

I think it’s unlikely for him to be a favorite.” Most of the locals here held prejudices toward people from faraway countries like Cittadel. In fact, that was one of the reasons Elise nearly lost her title as the champion back then. “We’ll find out soon.” Elise understood the rules of the race, but she genuinely thought that Wilson seemed like a promising racer. Her predictions were right—Wilson won first place within his group of racers.

“I think he has great potential,” Elise uttered in a serious tone. Jamie sighed once more. “Boss, although you’re my boss, let’s agree to disagree this time. I still think Z from Germany has better skills. I have more faith in him.” Elise chuckled in response. “Why don’t we bet on this, Jamie?” A bad feeling emerged in Jamie’s chest immediately as he had never once won a bet against Elise. “What are we betting on, Boss?”

“Since we’re here at the race, let’s bet on the person we think will be the champion.” Elise laughed. “Please spare me, Boss! I’ve known you for so long, yet I’ve never won a single bet against you. You’re going to take my entire fortune if we continue betting! Please show me some kindness and spare me for once,” Jamie pleaded. His playful words made Elise burst out laughing.

“Okay! Fine! You look so pitiful when you talk that way. Let’s just place a small bet this time. Let’s bet on a fancy meal.” Jamie was relieved to hear that they would only be betting on a meal and nothing more. “A fancy meal it is. Are you betting on Wilson, Boss?” “Yes!” Elise replied.

“I’ll bet on Z, then! Regardless of who loses today, we can’t go back on our promises, okay?” Once they made the deal, both of them shifted their focus back to the race. At that moment, Elise felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to find Alexander staring directly at her.

She was so shocked that her eyeballs nearly popped out of her sockets. “M-Mr. Griffith! What are you doing here?” Alexander stared at her and Jamie for a while. Jamie was shocked by Alexander’s glare. “What a coincidence! I didn’t expect to see you here, Miss Sinclair.” He then turned to Jamie.

“Are you here to watch the competition too, Mr. Keller?” It took all of Jamie’s brain juice for him to generate possible stories to ensure that Elise’s identity wouldn’t be exposed. “I happened to drop by for business, and I came over to watch this race because I heard about it.”

Jamie tried to keep his distance from Elise as he spoke. However, Alexander had already seen them interacting in a close manner previously. Why are they pretending as if they don’t know each other now? How odd! He couldn’t help but recall how Jamie and Elise used to spend time together in the Griffith Residence.

Images of the past were juxtaposed with scenes of the present, although Alexander didn’t know what made him connect the two to each other. “Do you guys know each other, Miss Sinclair?” Alexander asked. Elise immediately felt a chilly breeze from behind her. However, she didn’t seem like she had anything to hide.

“I got a seat next to Mr. Keller, and he happens to be from Cittadel as well. That’s why I spoke to him. I guess you could say that we know each other!” Her narrative was flawless! If it were any other day, Alexander might have bought her story. However, there had been too many coincidences at that point—something told him that the situation wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be.

His gut feeling told him that Jamie and Elise knew each other, but he didn’t expose them. “I didn’t expect a wealthy woman like you to enjoy watching races, Miss Sinclair. You’ve surprised me,” Alexander said instead. Elise had a response prepared for this. “It’s just an interest.

I can’t say that I’m a diehard fan of this sport. What about you, Mr. Griffith? Did you come to France just for this competition?” “That’s exactly right,” Alexander muttered. Elise was about to say something else, but the next race had already begun, so she shifted her focus onto the tracks while Alexander returned to his seat.

“What is he doing here, Boss?” Jamie whispered. Elise sat straight and maintained her posture as she hissed in Jamie’s direction. “Shut up and watch the show. You’ll have to buy me a meal if you lose.” Only then did Jamie focus on the game with his mouth sealed. By the time the race was over, Alexander was long gone.

Elise stole a few glances at the seats behind her, and she assumed that Alexander had left when she couldn’t see him anywhere. Jamie dragged his feet gloomily. “Didn’t everyone say that Z was a favorite to win? He isn’t even that great. I can’t believe he only got third place in the preliminaries.

I don’t think he’s going to be the champion,” Jamie uttered dejectedly before turning to Elise. “What sort of superpowers do you have, Boss? How on earth did you recognize the potential in Wilson?

His skills are much more refined than the rest of the competitors. If everything goes right, he might just be the champion this year.” After Jamie finished his long speech, he realized that he would have to buy Elise a meal. That made him feel even worse. Why am I always losing?

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