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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 101

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 101

“Grandpa’s health has been deteriorating for the past two years. It’s really strenuous for him to be on long flights, so he told me to come on behalf of him instead,” Alexander replied. “Oh no, that old man should take care of his health! It’s fine if he can’t make it; at least he still remembers that he has an old friend like me.”Linus urged Alexander to go into the living room as they continued their conversation. As Linus glanced at the young man before him, he gradually softened his gaze as he thought, This young man is pretty decent. “Since you came all the way here, you should stay for dinner tonight. You can always leave tomorrow,” Linus offered.

Alexander didn’t have the heart to reject Linus’s warm hospitality, so he agreed to stay. “I’ll have to take up your offer,” he uttered. Linus immediately got the maids to prepare dinner. “Miss Joy is back, and Helen has already told us to prepare dinner,” the maid replied. Linus was pleased to hear this. “Joy’s back?

That’s great.” Alexander didn’t show much of a response after hearing about Joy, but Linus then patted him on the shoulder. “I need to introduce you to a new friend tonight. She’s the owner of this manor.” He turned to call the maid once more. “Where did Miss Joy go?” The maid answered honestly

, “Miss Joy said that the lavender fields blossomed really well this time around, so she brought Prince out to play with her kite there.” Linus chuckled upon hearing this. “The older Joy gets, the more playful she is.” Alexander felt rather curious about Joy when he noticed how fond Linus seemed of her. Soon enough, it was time for dinner.

The maid knocked on Elise’s door. “It’s time for dinner, Miss Joy.” Elise quickly found an excuse for herself. “I’m still jet lagged, so I think I’ll skip dinner today.” The maid was troubled by her response. “But… Mr. Linus insisted that you come down for dinner.” Frustrated, Elise pulled her blanket over her head before she threw it off and sat upright.

The more I try to avoid this, the more it happens. I might as well just face my fears. With that thought, Elise prepared to get out of bed. At that moment, Helen pushed the door open and entered the room. “Miss Elise!” Elise’s gaze shot up to look at Helen, and Helen immediately realized her mistake.

“Miss Joy! It’s time for dinner. I got the maid to prepare your favorite dishes.” Elise slipped her arm into Helen’s as she spoke. “Is the man from Athesea still here?” “He’s Linus’s guest who came a long way, so Linus made him stay for a day or two. What is it? Do you know him, Miss Joy?” Helen asked after explaining the situation. Elise instinctively shook her head to deny it.

“No, I don’t know him.” When Elise appeared in the dining hall, her eyes landed on Alexander instantly. As they exchanged glances, Elise gave him a smile without looking away. She considered it her form of greeting to him. Elise had sharp and delicate features, and her dimples showed as she spread her red lips into a smile.

Her distinct aura made her appear prettier and more elegant than ever. “You’re finally back, Joy.” Linus welcomed her. She stuck her tongue out playfully. “I specially came back because I missed you guys so much, Linus.” Linus let out a hearty laugh. “You’re so good at sweet-talking, you little brat. Let me introduce you to my friend’s grandson.

This is Alexander Griffith.” He quickly turned to introduce Elise to Alexander. “This is my niece, Joy Sinclair.” Elise stuck her hand out to greet Alexander. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Griffith.” Alexander shook her hand. The familiar feeling that Alexander had was intensified the moment their palms touched.

He stared at the girl in front of him, and he was quickly reminded of Elise. It wasn’t the first time he had felt that way. However, he knew that the girl before him wasn’t Elise—it was impossible. “Hello, Miss Sinclair! It’s nice to meet you.” Alexander’s deep and husky voice was unique and seductive.

However, Elise merely smiled at him before taking her seat. She had to sit through the whole dinner, and when dinner was finally over, Elise decided to bring Prince out for a walk to digest all the food she ate. However, Linus stopped her before she could make a move. “Hey, Joy.

I heard that there’ll be fireworks at the manor tonight. Why don’t you help me bring Alexander over to watch the fireworks? You young people have more to talk about, anyway.” Elise rejected the idea before even thinking about it. “I’m bringing Prince out for a walk, so I don’t think I can show Mr. Griffith around.” Linus stubbornly insisted on his suggestion.

“Well, you can definitely bring Prince for a walk. I’m old, and my body’s weak, so I need to rest earlier. Furthermore, it’s better for both of you young people to stay together than for him to hang out with an old man like me.” She was about to say something else when she met gazes with Alexander.

“Do you not want to bring me around for a walk, Miss Sinclair?” Alexander asked with his eyes fixed on her. She no longer had the energy to reject him after that. Instead, she simply led Alexander out of the castle with Prince’s leash in one hand. The two of them walked side by side with a dog tagging along beside them.

Their dark figures under the dim lights made them seem especially close to each other. “You remind me a lot of a friend, Miss Sinclair.” Alexander started the conversation, and Elise felt her heart skip a beat immediately. However, she couldn’t stop herself from responding. “Is that so?

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Your friend must be pretty decent…” Elise uttered in a playful tone as she subconsciously stole a glance at him. He curled his lips into a smirk. “She is pretty decent. She’s kind and hardworking. Whenever I’m with her, she’s always busy with her math questions.

She even got a perfect score for some national mathematical competition…” Elise would have never imagined Alexander to describe her in that way. She let out a soft chuckle, but it didn’t seem to conceal the awkwardness she felt at that moment. “She does sound like a really outstanding person.”

Alexander was stunned for a moment. He hadn’t been thinking too much when he was speaking earlier, but he then realized that his description of Elise was full of praise. I never knew that my impression of Elise was that good. “Yeah, she is! You guys look really similar. I nearly thought that both of you were the same person when I first met you,” he uttered. Upon hearing this, Elise felt her heart pounding against her ribcage.

She forced herself to contain her emotions as she put on a calm act. “If you weren’t Alexander, I would’ve thought that you were just using these words in an attempt to flirt with me,” she uttered. A sense of confusion emerged in Alexander after he heard her words. He turned to give her a questioning look.

I’ve only met her today, yet I feel like I’ve known her for a long while. “You’re extremely beautiful, Miss Sinclair. She’s no match for you.” Upon finishing his words, Alexander couldn’t help but recall Elise’s face in his mind. At that moment, he no longer thought that Elise was an ugly girl.

She might dress in a rather old-fashioned manner, but she’s not ugly at all. After pausing for a while, Alexander continued to speak. “It’s also such a coincidence that both of you share the same surname. If we get a chance to meet again in the future, I should introduce you to her.”

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