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Catherine: Let me go mr. Shaun Hill chapter 2698

Chapter 2698

“If she can bring me a steady stream of benefits, I may consider marrying her, but the matter between her and Ji Ziyuan, if I marry her, it will definitely become a joke, and my family will definitely I won’t agree.”

Pei Mochen sighed deeply, “It’s hard to do this, but as long as she is willing to be with me, I will definitely take care of her for a lifetime, and it won’t be the same as before, if she wants to If you want a child, I am willing to give her one, and my parents will definitely accept the child of our Pei family.”

Zhong Kehao nodded in agreement, “Indeed, Ruan Yan is actually very smart, such a woman will become a man when she is a wife. It’s a big help, it’s just her and Ji Ziyuan’s broken affairs, even if she wins, no serious man dares to marry her.”

“No, maybe I shouldn’t have broken up with her before, there would be no such troubles, Ruan Yan It was really good to me in the past, I have had so many girlfriends, but she would save me money and always buy me gifts.”

Speaking of this, Pei Mochen had some regrets, “Since she became engaged to Tong Suling, she has I can’t bear the extravagance. It’s like this before I get married. I can get it after I get married. No one’s money comes from the wind.”

“The problem is that she is not as beautiful as Ruan Yan.” Zhong Kehao joked.

The two men exchanged glances and smiled knowingly.

Or the man who understands the man best.

on the SUV.

Only the sound of the radio station was quiet.

But just in time, the radio put up a bunch of boring commercials.

Zhou Mingli kept a cold face and did not speak.

“Who owes you money.”

Ning Xiaoxiao saw the cigarette case on his shelf, picked it up, took out one, and was about to put it into her beautiful red lips.

Zhou Mingli hurriedly ripped it off, threw it aside, and scolded, “What kind of cigarettes are you smoking?”

“A man can smoke, but women can’t.” Ning Xiaoxiao said lightly.

Zhou Mingli lifted his eyes and said in a low voice, “We often have to do special training, which is very stressful.”

“Then you should have a good rest at home.” Ning Xiaoxiao looked back at him, “Running out at night to join in the fun with Song Qingrui. “

That’s not because you occupied other people’s girlfriends and wives.” Zhou Mingli laughed, “Song Qingrui called me and asked me if you had any interest in that Ruan Yan, and I want to introduce other boyfriends to him. When I heard it, I quickly said it was interesting and interesting. He said: Since it is interesting, why are you so inactive? No wonder I can’t find a girlfriend in ten thousand years, so I deserve it…”

“What should I live for?” Ning Xiaoxiao was curious.

Zhou Mingli coughed lightly, and his jujube honey-colored face showed a blush, “I deserve to have to deal with my ten-fingered brother for the rest of my life.”


Ning Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes at him speechlessly, “Rogue.”

“I didn’t say that.” Zhou Mingli looked innocent.

Ning Xiaoxiao secretly sighed, no wonder Lin Fanyue has become more and more bold and unrestrained in certain aspects recently. She used to be a reserved and reserved little girl, but she was indeed led astray by someone.

“Look, I’ve sacrificed for you again.” Zhou Mingli said with emotion, “If it wasn’t for me, maybe Song Qingrui and Huo Xu would start offering you new partners again. How would you like to thank you? Me.”

“Tell me, how would you like to thank me?” Ning Xiaoxiao asked.

Zhou Mingli pretended to think about it seriously, “I don’t really have a good taste in clothes, how about you pick me up when you go shopping one day, big star?”

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