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Catherine: Let me go mr. Shaun Hill chapter 2696

Chapter 2696

Ning Xiaoxiao’s eyes fluctuated, “Since you can’t let go of me, why did you not worry when I committed suicide, oh, by the way, you still ran over and said I was going to die, what did you have to do with other women? Two things, if you want to die in the future, let me go away, don’t bother you, you won’t be soft-hearted.”

Pei Mochen wanted to kill his former self, “Ruan Ruan, I really thought you were pretending to commit suicide at that time, I’m sorry. , The harsh words I said are to make you give up on me, to be with me, it is too hard to get the support of the family, and … you are so beautiful, I feel that I am not worthy of you. “

“It’s worthy now?” Ning Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.

Pei Mochen quickly held her hand and said affectionately, “Ruan Ruan, I can’t forget you, really, do you remember how happy we were together before.”

“Master Pei, I heard that you have a fiancée . Now, it’s not good to hold my best friend’s hand like this.” Lin Fanyue appeared beside the two with a half-smile, her eyes were aggressive, “Or do you think my best friend is for you to be your lover, eh?

” Not to mention, Lin Fanyue stayed with Song Qingrui for a long time, and the aura on his body became more and more full.

Pei Mochen was not afraid of Lin Fanyue, but Song Qingrui’s face was something he did not dare to disobey.

“How could it be.” Pei Mochen not only did not let go, but squeezed Ning Xiaoxiao’s hand even harder, “I have never made Ruan Ruan a lover. She was also my legitimate girlfriend when we dated before.

” But you already have a fiancée.” Lin Fanyue said coldly, “Since you have it, don’t come to pester Ruan Yan.”

“My engagement with Tong Suling was only forced by the elders in the family, and engagement is also a measure to delay. I am working very hard at the moment. My hard work is to inherit the Pei family as soon as possible, so that I can decide my own marriage.”

Pei Mochen’s handsome face said very firmly, “I love Ruan Yan, I used to be too cowardly, now I want to do it for her effort.”

“Okay, since you love Ruan Yan so much, then you should break up with Tong Suling quickly.” Jiang Qingxin also paced over, “If you don’t break up with Tong Suling, stop pestering my friends, otherwise you will be with me Jiang Qingxin. Do it right.”

“And me.” Lin Fanyue raised her chin.

Pei Mochen was not annoyed, but a hint of joy rose in his heart.

The more Lin Fanyue and Jiang Qingxin protected Ruan Yan, the better their relationship was.

When he reunites with Ruan Yan in the future, maybe he will be able to get in touch with the forces behind the two.

“It was me who was abrupt, I will handle the matter between me and Tong Suling.”

Pei Mochen looked at Ning Xiaoxiao affectionately, “Ruan Ruan, if I broke up with Tong Suling, would you like to get back with me?”

“… …. If what you said is true, I will consider it.” Ning Xiaoxiao’s eyes were full of helplessness, upset, unbearable, hesitant and other emotions, showing the emotion of love and hate to the fullest, “But …I’m afraid your family won’t accept me, the matter between me and Ji Ziyuan…”

“You are forced, you are a victim.” Pei Mochen interrupted She said, “Besides, you gave me your cleanest side. I always remember that I’m not a person who cares about that kind of thing, because in my heart, you are a special existence.” The

man’s handsome face was full of tenderness.

Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue looked at each other.

Sometimes God is really unfair. He gave Pei Mochen a handsome face, a good voice that can impress women, and emotional intelligence that is like a duck to water.

Many women really can’t resist Pei Mochen.

“Mo Chen, I think Ruan Yan is pretty good.” Zhong Kehao came over and said, “Ms. Ruan’s boldness, bravery and wisdom are well known to everyone, and she is much stronger than your fiancee.”

“I also think Ruan Ruan is very good. Good.” The corners of

Pei Mochen’s mouth rose, his eyes full of admiration.

a group of people played until almost eleven o’clock.

Song Qingrui called Lin Fanyue.

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