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Catherine: Let me go mr. Shaun Hill chapter 2694

Chapter 2694

“Let’s eat, let’s eat.” Ning Xiaoxiao changed the subject, “I heard that the food here is not bad.”

“Okay, let’s talk about it, we Xiaoxiao are embarrassed.” Jiang Qingxin joked.

“Xiaoxiao, you’re still an actor, your skin is too thin.” The

three of them chatted and laughed, it’s been a long time since they were so happy.

In fact, Ning Xiaoxiao’s death has always been a thorn in the hearts of Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue. That thorn makes them feel deeply powerless every time they think about it.

“In order to celebrate that Xiaoxiao is still alive, let’s sing later,” Lin Fanyue said blushing, “I’ll treat you.”

“Don’t do this, you have to go back to accompany the children.” Ning Xiaoxiao didn’t want to be Huo Xu and Song Qingrui’s. A thorn in the eye.

“Xiaoxiao, we want to accompany you.” Jiang Qingxin said with a glass of wine, “You’ve been alone for so long.” With a

simple sentence, Ning Xiaoxiao, who was always as hard as ice, almost burst into tears.

After the meal, the three of them came out of the box hand in hand.

Under the promenade outside, there are rows of red lanterns hanging.

Several men came out from the other side. The man standing in the middle was beige slacks and a black polo shirt. His face was handsome and his gestures were suave.

Ning Xiaoxiao saw it, her eyes were slightly raised, and she turned her head and said to the sisters on both sides, “Wait a moment to cooperate with me in the scene.”

“What scene?” Jiang Qingxin followed her gaze, ” She looks good.”

She has high eyesight, coupled with Tian Tian’s pairing with Huo Xu’s good-looking face, she can praise her good looks, which is really okay.

“It doesn’t feel as stable as our Qing Rui.” Lin Fanyue commented, “Who is this?”

“Pei Mochen.” Ning Xiaoxiao’s red lips moved slightly.

Pei Mochen’s face is still quite capable, otherwise he wouldn’t let Ruan Yan’s love be so deadly.

Under the lantern, the three women did not have their own strengths, even more dazzling than the night.

Pei Mochen and several men also quickly discovered the three of Ning Xiaoxiao, and his eyes lit up.

The friend next to her bumped her with her shoulder, “Ruan Yan, guess who the two people are next to her?”

Pei Mochen then turned his attention to Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue. I’ve seen it, the capital circle is so big, not only Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue are the people who are sought after on various occasions every time they appear, but also the two people are mixed in the fashion industry. Many celebrities are envious.

“Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue.” A friend revealed their identities, “One is Huo Xu’s wife, and his mother is an oil tycoon, and the other is Lin Fanyue, the president’s future daughter-in-law, Ruan Yan is rumored to be with this The two have a good friendship, so it turns out to be true.”

“Mo Chen, aren’t you familiar with Ruan Yan? Set up a line.”

It was Zhong Kehao, the future heir of Dongli Group, who Pei Mochen had asked for recently.

Zhong Kehao is from Australasia. He happened to be in Beijing on a business trip recently. He stayed in Pei’s hotel. Pei Mochen received delicious food in person these days.

“Since Young Master Zhong has spoken, then I must give this face.”

Pei Mochen smiled and greeted Ning Xiaoxiao, “Ruan Ruan, it’s such a coincidence that you came here to eat too.”

Ning Xiaoxiao picked Raise eyebrows.

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