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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 420

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 420

Fatal Mistake

Elise picked Claude up and went back home. She put him in a disguise and they hurried out. “We’ll have to go to Joseph, stat.”

Claude turned on his serious mode when Joseph was brought up, and he followed her out.

They made a beeline for Joseph, but when they came into the hall, they saw Alexander and Jackson talking in there. When Claude saw Jackson, he gasped. Sh*t. Just my luck.

Claude’s flight response was triggered, but Elise caught him before he could run. It was then he remembered his appearance had changed. With Elise’s amazing skills, not even his father could recognize him if he was here.

Jackson didn’t seem to be trying to arrest him either, so he heaved a sigh of relief and eased up.

“And they are?” Jackson looked at them.

“Elise Sinclair and her friend,” Alexander said calmly.

It had been a while since she heard Alexander calling her by her name. She paused for a moment and looked at him. What’s up with him? Usually, he would tell people that I’m his fiancée, but he seems to be distancing himself from me today.

Ever since Claude saw Alexander, he kept staring at Alexander’s face. It was too impeccable, and he thought it was a threat for Elise’ chastity. He took out a bottle of pills and handed it to Alexander.

The bottle looked plain. It was obvious that the pills were shady, and nobody in their right minds would take it.

“What is this?” Alexander asked cautiously.

“Contraceptives,” Claude answered. “We’re all men here, so I know what you’re thinking. To be honest, she’s still too young to have kids, and we can’t have her taking any contraceptives. Her body needs to be kept in top shape. Since you’re the man here, you take the responsibility.”

An awkward silence fell upon them.

Even Jackson—who was usually serious—had to clear his throat to keep himself from laughing.

Alexander’s face darkened. He put his hands in his pockets and refused to take the bottle of pills. I don’t need a stranger to tell me about my family planning. Or is this what Elise wants? Is she just getting someone else to tell me that? So, she doesn’t want to marry me or bear my children?

At that point, Elise couldn’t keep her silence any longer. She leaped up and knocked Claude on his head. “Are you stupid? What kind of idiot would give their host a bottle of contraceptives as a meeting gift?”

“Ow!” Claude covered the bruise on his head and started getting tearful. I was just being considerate. “What do you know? I’m doing this for you! You’re SK’s—” He realized he almost had a slip of tongue, so he stopped talking and looked at Jackson cautiously.

“She’s SK’s what?” Jackson was smart enough to see through the problem.

“SK… SK…” Claude stammered and paced around the hall. When he saw the hand moisturizer on the table, he got an idea. “She’s SK-II’s ambassador! She has to keep her skin and body in top shape! She’ll lose her value if she gets pregnant.” Then he turned around and looked at them seriously. “Have you guys even heard of that brand before? It’s a high-end skincare product. I know you guys haven’t.”

“Is that brand real?” Jackson looked at Alexander dubiously.

Alexander nodded, but he was impatient. “Yes.” He would always take a look at the list of gifts for his clients, and SK-II was on the list of high-end skincare products.

Jackson loosened up a little after getting the confirmation, but he still thought Claude’s eyes looked familiar. Now where have I seen those eyes before?

“I see. And who might this gentleman be?” Jackson asked.

Claude hesitated. Mike Oxlong’s out now, and this guy’s in the system. If I make up another name that doesn’t exist, he’ll know who I am this time.

“Max E. Mumm.” Elise answered for him.

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