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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 418

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 418

Mike Oxlong

Looks like SK has been growing well over the past few years. A random member alone can offer a two-hundred-million bounty. No wonder someone wants this group all for their own.

She put the laptop aside and realized that Alexander seemed to have come in earlier. She went out and looked around the yard, but he was nowhere to be found. Only Cameron was around. “Where’s Alexander?” she asked.

“He just went out,” Cameron answered politely. “Do you need me to call him?”

“No. Let him do his job,” Elise refused and went back to perform an acupuncture treatment on Joseph.

A few hours later, she had almost used all her needles, and she leaned against the wall to rest. She had tried her best, but Joseph showed no signs of waking up, so she had to give up for now. She closed the coffin, plugged the oxygen in, adjusted the temperature, and went to sleep in the room next door. Bogged down by exhaustion, she drifted to sleep the moment she went to bed, forgetting that it was Alexander’s room.

While sleeping, she felt someone closing in. Elise got her guard up by reflex, but when she felt the person tiptoeing around so as to not wake her, she relaxed and went back to sleep.

Elise was woken up by her phone the next morning. When she realized it was Claude’s ringtone, she opened her eyes and sprang up, going into focus mode immediately. “Hello? What is it?”

“I left the airport, but someone’s following me,” Claude said calmly, as if it was nothing.

“Don’t hang up.” Elise turned the laptop on and clacked away at the keyboard, then she said, “Tell the driver to head toward the biggest mall in town. Once you’re there, go to the staff’s locker room on the top floor. There are new clothes, phone, and my location inside. There’s no surveillance camera in the stairs at the back. And hurry.”

“No problemo.” Claude hung up so nobody could track the signal.

He wasn’t worried about the ones following him, since Eliza could settle it. However, he underestimated the people in the nation. He had someone hot on his tail, and he ran into a sudden check at the last toll booth. Obviously, it was set up specifically for him.

His pursuers were right behind him, while the police were ahead of him. It was obvious which side would make him suffer more, so he pushed his cap down and pretended to sleep in the backseat. A short while later, it was their turn to be checked.

The young officer knocked on the window, and Claude pretended to wake up. He stretched his arms and asked groggily, “What is it, officer?”

“We’re performing a check. I need to see your ID,” the officer said.

“Sure,” Claude answered readily. He went through his bag for a while, then he looked at the officer apologetically. “Sorry, officer, but I seem to have left my ID at home.”

“You left it at home?” The officer looked at him suspiciously. “You should remember the number, right?”

“What seems to be the problem?” The other stops were already starting to verify the citizens’ details, so the holdup here was getting the officer in charge’s attention.

The officer in charge pushed the young officer aside and stuck his head into the car. He looked at Claude closely and pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Where do you come from?”

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