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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 416

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 416

 An Idiot

Elise felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart. It melted her, and she couldn’t resist his hug. She couldn’t say anything embarrassing either, so she let him hug her as she felt the thump of his heartbeat.

A while later, they went back to the front. Ever since they switched houses, they got new servants, and Maria was the one preparing the meals for them. Once they came back out, Elise told Maria, “Prepare five more portions for dinner tonight.”

“You have guests coming over?” Alexander asked.

“You can say so,” Elise answered vaguely. “Just do as I say, Maria.”

“Yes, Miss Sinclair,” Maria answered and went to the kitchen.

Two hours later, Trevor came back out looking refreshed. “I can beat up ten guys now, no sweat!” He showed his muscles and looked like he was raring to go. Physically, his body did not change in the slightest, so all he had to show was a frail arm. His bones underwent a huge change, but nobody could see that.

Jeanie got up and smacked his head. “What did you say, you brat? You want to get your butt kicked again? Do you have any idea how much your sister had to do to heal you? You’re going to exhaust her, you idiot!”

“Ow, ow, ow, Mom. Stop hitting me.” Trevor dodged his mother deftly, but he couldn’t stop her from chasing him around. “Fine, fine, I’m sorry.” He gave up. “I won’t go into battles I’m not prepared for. I won’t trouble Elise anymore, alright?”

“That’s more like it.” Jeanie stopped after he promised her that.

Trevor kept quiet after that ordeal, but he still had that repressed energy within him, and he wanted to vent. He had that chance when dinner came, but instead of using it to beat someone up, he spent all that energy on eating.

Elise told Maria to make five more portions for dinner, but Maria made even more than that. However, half of it was already devoured by Trevor before all the dishes were served.

Aside from Elise, everyone stopped to look at Trevor, who was gorging on all the food. It was as if a black hole had formed in his stomach, and no matter how much he ate, he was not satisfied.

When he picked up his second chicken drumstick, Jeanie gulped in fear. She put her cutlery down and stopped him. “Alright, I won’t yell at you anymore, but please stop this. Do you want your belly to explode from all the food?”

“Sorry?” Trevor looked at her innocently. “I’m not even full yet. You can’t be serious, Mom. I promised I won’t trouble Elise anymore, but now you are stopping me from eating my fill?”

“That is not what I meant! Do you realize that you’ve eaten all the food here? I know you’re hungry, but if you keep this up, you’ll end up sick again!” Jeanie lectured him.

Trevor stopped dumbly and looked at the table. When he realized that everyone only had some potatoes in their bowl and nothing else, he immediately felt embarrassed. “Sorry.” He smiled sheepishly. “I’m starving today.”

“It’s alright, my boy.” Robin smiled. “Great food should be enjoyed. Eat as much as you want, Trevor.”

“I don’t think I will.” He put the chicken drumstick down, since he was worried it might do him no good if he ate too much.

“Just eat it,” Elise said quietly. “Your meridians and bones are undergoing a big change now. Out with the old, in with the new. All that energy for the change has to come from somewhere. As long as you still feel like you can eat, your body can take it.” She paused for a moment and gave him another chicken drumstick. “You are what you eat. You want muscles? Eat more meat. You’ll be kicking Harald’s behind in no time.”

“Really?” Trevor looked excited, but then he realized something, and he gnashed his teeth. “Harald’s nothing to your lackeys. There’s no achievement in beating him.”

“Oh, that was fast.” Elise took some food from the table. “If you have realized that, then you have to get stronger as soon as possible. I can’t keep you safe forever.”

Trevor nodded solemnly. Only the strong are worthy to befriend the strong. If I want to be the defender instead of the weakling, I have to get stronger. As long as he could have the chance to protect Elise, he had no reason to stop. Trevor took the chicken drumstick from her and gave her a meaningful look before he gorged on the food once more.

Everyone thought it was amusing to see him eat. They weren’t hungry anyway, so they put their cutlery down and watched him eat.

In the end, he finished all the food on the table. Jeanie asked him if he had his fill, and he burped. “About eighty percent full.” He raised eight fingers. “Can’t eat too much, so this is enough.”

“You really are a pig,” Jeanie mocked him again.

Trevor didn’t argue this time. He rubbed his belly, thinking, So what if I’m a pig? I don’t care if that’s what it takes to get stronger and to have the strength to defend myself. Trevor wanted to vent even more after dinner, and he set his sights on Alexander. “Wanna spar?” He smiled.

Alexander looked to Elise for her opinion, and she said bluntly, “You’re no match for him. Don’t waste your time.”

Trevor smacked his lips and gave up. Sitting around was getting frustrating, so he took Jeanie and went on a walk.

Night came, and when the clock struck midnight, Elise heard something rustling in the yard next door. This time, she went over, but she saw something she did not expect. Alexander was still in his yard, while a group of people was sending something to him discreetly. Once they were gone, she leaped down from the wall.

Alexander looked at her helplessly. “Can’t you use the front door?” What am I going to do about this girl? What if she hurts herself parkouring so much?

“Eh, it’s a hassle,” she retorted and went into the house. She walked around the hall, but there was nothing to be found. “Where’s the treasure?” She stared at Alexander.

Alexander smiled. “And how do you know they were here to give me a treasure?”

“I just know! Now tell me where it is!” Elise stomped her foot. She wanted to say it was because she knew him too well, but it sounded too mushy for her, so she didn’t.

Alexander would do everything to give something to her if she showed an interest in it. And there’s no way it’s something ordinary if he asked his men to send it over at this hour. Alexander couldn’t refuse her, so he shook his head and pointed his chin at the room in the furthest corner of the house.

Whipped by her curiosity, Elise trotted over to take a look at the treasure. However, she couldn’t bring herself to smile when she saw what it was. The thing Alexander had received was an ice coffin, and there was someone lying in there—someone familiar to Elise. He was none other than Joseph, the administrator of SK Group who was replaced.

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