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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 410

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 410

Your Master Is Here!

At this moment, Elise nodded in satisfaction before opening the beer bottle and taking a chug. Then, she asked again, “Didn’t Cameron say you went to snatch your opponent’s goods? Where are the goods? What is it?”

The goods definitely weren’t ordinary for three different parties to fight after it at the same time.

“Since I snatched someone else’s treasure, of course, I’ll have to hide it quickly,” Alexander smirked. “I’ll bring you along to see it tonight.”

“Sure.” Elise took another chug before throwing the beer can on the table. She was still not used to the bitter taste of beer.

Two hours later, Cameron and Thomas came back at the same time.

“Come on. Let me help you with your wound.” Thomas walked over to help Alexander get up.

“It’s fine.” Elise stopped him before she tilted her head to look at Cameron, who was behind Thomas. “Did you get all the ingredients?”

“All of them but the hyacinth serum. I asked a few suppliers, but all of them didn’t have it,” Cameron explained.

“That’s just like not getting anything at all.” Elise massaged her temples. “Whatever. I’ll make a call to get my people to send the hyacinth serum over.”

Then, she took her phone and went to the balcony to make a call. At the same time, Thomas had his hand on his chest while he exhaled. “Thank God. I thought I was going to lose my job.”

Then, he urged Alexander toward his room in a slightly excited manner. “Let’s go, let’s go! I’ve received a new type of medicine that can guarantee your wound to heal within a week once you’ve used it. Let’s apply it and show your fiancée the beauty of modern medical treatment!”

When Elise returned, Thomas was already applying medicine on Alexander.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t anxious at all. Instead, she eyed the medicine that Cameron was holding before she instructed, “Get a pot and boil all of these ingredients together with six bowls of water until there’s only half a bowl of water left.”

“Alright,” Cameron replied in a calm manner before entering the kitchen. Just like what Alexander claimed earlier, Cameron had already forgotten about the fact that Elise yelled at him earlier.

Elise was the one to feel somewhat embarrassed. Still, she never mentioned it again and made a mental note to make it up to Cameron in the future.

Twenty minutes later, Alexander came out of his room together with Thomas after his wound was bandaged. Right then, a person with a thin face and puckered lips entered the room. “May I know who Miss Sinclair is?”

“There is only one woman here,” Thomas replied.

Upon hearing that, the man immediately walked toward Elise before giving her the wooden box that he was holding with both hands. “Miss Sinclair, this is the hyacinth serum that you requested.”

“Thank you.” Elise reached out to take the wooden box.

“You’re welcome. It’s an honor to be able to serve you, Miss Sinclair.” Then, the man gave her a name card. “Miss Sinclair, this is my name card. You may contact me directly if you need my service again, and I’ll definitely help you out.”

The man emphasized his last few words before smiling at her and leaving the house. When Danny came back again, Elise was busy in the kitchen.

“Alex, is Elise making you a hearty lunch?”

Right then, Alexander gave Danny a look as if he was a fool.

Elise was right. This guy’s IQ is worrying. How could he come out with the conclusion that Elise is cooking when the entire house is filled with the scent of herbal medication?

Nevertheless, Danny had an innocent look on his face. Why is Alex judging me when I didn’t even do anything?

While he was deep in thought, Elise came out of the kitchen with a bowl before placing the bowl in front of Alexander. “Finish it up.”

Lowering his head to look at the bowl filled with a black liquid that had an odd smell, Alexander frowned instinctively.

However, a look at Elise’s expression told him he couldn’t refuse, so he quietly took over the bowl of medicine and held his breath before gulping the medicine down.

Right after he finished the medicine, Elise took the bowl back and gave Cameron, who was standing behind her, a look. “Cameron.”

Instantly, Cameron nodded and walked toward Alexander’s back before grabbing onto his arms with both hands.

At the same time, Alexander, unaware of the situation, chuckled bitterly. “Am I really that weak to you?”

Nonetheless, he lost consciousness after saying that as his legs went soft. Fortunately, Cameron was able to support Alexander’s weight by grabbing his arms.

“What the f*ck? What is happening?” This was the sentence that Danny had repeated the most during these few days, as he was completely stupefied.

When will anyone tell me what is happening? How can my idol become so weak within a span of a day?

Still, no one bothered to give him an explanation. After taking Alexander back to his room, Elise went into the room next to him and lay down on the bed as well.

A night quickly went by after the two of them got in bed.

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