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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 409

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 409

 The Wolf Has a Winning Game When the Shepherds Quarrel

Although Alexander was trying hard to sound normal, Elise could still hear how weak he sounded. Even so, she sighed in relief, knowing that he was at least alive.

“Send me your location now,” Elise demanded sternly before hanging up without giving Alexander the chance to say anything.

One minute later, Cameron sent Elise their location through text. Following the GPS, Elise found a double-story wooden cable. After she headed upstairs, she immediately saw Alexander on the bed.

Alexander was topless, but his shoulder to waist was covered by layers of bandages to hide his injuries. Despite that, Elise could tell that his wounds were deep from the amount of blood that was seeping through the bandages.

Still, this wasn’t enough to make Alexander look so pale. Right then, Elise walked forward and grabbed Alexander’s wrist before checking his pulse. Nonetheless, her expression became grim when she felt his pulse.

“You don’t have to check.” Alexander huffed for air. “It’s the same poison that Grandma had as well. However, mine is worse.”

“What happened?” Elise’s mind was in a mess.

Why do the people around keep getting poisoned by incurable poisons? Is this a coincidence, or is it intentional?

Alexander opened his mouth a little. He initially wanted to explain himself, but he turned toward Cameron, who was standing at a side, when he realized he was in no condition to talk. “Please explain what happened.”

“Understood,” Cameron replied dutifully before explaining what had happened last night to Elise.

Upon hearing him, Elise paused. “You should get out now. I’ll start performing acupuncture on him now. There’s too much poison in his body, and he needs to get them out as soon as possible.”

After Cameron gave Alexander a look and got the latter’s approval, he headed downstairs. Meanwhile, Alexander lay down under Elise’s help before she took her carry-on needle kit out. Then, she took a chair and placed it next to the bed before she started performing acupuncture.

During the entire session, Elise was frowning, and cold sweat started forming around her forehead due to her excess concentration, while Alexander stared at her with a slight frown. “Are you still angry?”

Although Elise ignored Alexander’s question at that moment, she purposely strayed from the angle the needle was supposed to enter while increasing her force, causing him to suck in an icy breath from the excruciating pain.

When he closed his mouth, she took the needle out before inserting it two inches away.

Right then, Alexander didn’t know if he should laugh. Even if I’m suffering from illness, this girl really can’t hold her temper back and has to vent, huh?

“We are even now,” he said in a joking manner.

“How are you still trying to flirt when you’re literally losing your life?” Elise commented in an unclear tone while her hands continued moving.

“I won’t lose my life since you’re here,” Alexander assured with a smile.

Right then, Elise paused and looked up at him. “Are you trying to marry me because I’ll be an extremely capable private doctor that will help you out for free?”

“Seriously? Am I that mean of a person?” Alexander frowned before explaining, “I’m just trying to say that you’re my everything. As long as you’re alright, nothing will happen to me.”

Elise shook her head. “Stop with your sweet-talking, Mr. Griffith. I have reasonable ground to suspect that your past isn’t as clean as you claim it to be.”

“I swear.” Alexander raised his right hand and held three fingers up. “I learned everything on my own.”

“Stop it.” Elise grabbed Alexander’s hand while he was making a swear before jabbing a needle on his middle finger and asked, “When did you find out that I installed the GPS in your phone?”

“Back then.” Alexander had a proud look on his face. “You underestimated how much you meant to me, future Mrs. Griffith. You need to know that I’m constantly watching over you.”

This time, Elise didn’t make any comments because she knew he wasn’t exaggerating, after all. When they were together, Elise would always meet Alexander’s passionate gaze whenever she looked up at him.

An hour later, she went downstairs weakly before giving Cameron a paper that she was holding.

“Go to the black market with this and get me all the items listed. Be quick.”

When Cameron noticed how exhausted Elise was, he quickly helped her to get to the couch. “Miss Sinclair, I think it’s better if I go after Dr. Davis arrives. How could I leave you like this right now?”

“Just leave.” Elise sounded impatient as she still held a grudge against him after the call during the afternoon.

This was Cameron’s first time hearing Elise speak in a cold manner. Knowing that he couldn’t negotiate with her, he obeyed her command. “Alright. I’ll return as soon as possible.”

Then, he ran out.

At the same time, Alexander, who was walking downstairs, saw what happened and commented, “Cameron is slow to react, and he might not even know that you’re angry at him. Besides, I was the one who didn’t allow him to tell you.”

Elise gave him a look from the corner of her eyes before crashing onto the couch. She was so tired that her eyelids were struggling to stay open, so she wasn’t in a mood to think about what Alexander had said.

When she was about to fall asleep, she quickly opened her eyes widely before straightening her posture. “By the way—”

Right then, Elise’s face darkened when she saw Alexander grabbing an iced beer from the fridge. “What do you think you are doing?”

“I’ll just take a sip. It’s fine,” Alexander replied lightly.

“And what makes you think that way?” Elise asked.

“It’s just an injury anyway. I know I can’t eat spicy food, get simulated or move a lot, but no one said anything about not being able to drink,” Alexander answered confidently.

“Are you a doctor?” Elise gave herself a jab without even flinching before her exhaustion went away immediately. Then, she walked over to Alexander and snatched his beer bottle away before instructing in a serious manner while staring at him, “From today onward, you’ll have to control your temper, stop eating overly seasoned food, stop smoking and staying up, and lastly, stop drinking.”

Alexander frowned. “Why does that sound more suitable for a person in retirement?”

“That’s how it is,” Elise commented. “How else do you think Grandma managed to survive until now, even though she was poisoned?”

“Fine.” Alexander stopped struggling.

Since I’ve offended the demon queen, I guess I’ll have to suffer punishment from her.

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