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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 407

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 407

 Is That Not Enough?

Faye gritted her teeth while trying to maintain the smile on her face. “I’m not in a rush, Dad. I still want to stay with you guys for a few more years to take care of you guys.”

“Others might gossip about us if they knew that someone at your age is still staying with her parents. Besides, you can still be a filial daughter by visiting us often after you’re married.”

Faye placed her soup bowl down and mindlessly picked at her vegetables while giving another excuse. “You’re not wrong, but Johan’s career is still unstable due to changes in the Olson Family, and he will probably need a few more years before he wants to settle down.”

“I’ve heard a little regarding this as well. Tell Johan not to worry, though. He can live with us after you guys get married and work in our company. Since we are a family, we should all work together to expand Anderson Pharmaceuticals.” Austin continued eating with a naive look on his face.

Since Faye wasn’t able to resist his requests any longer, she had no choice but to accept them for now. “I’ll find the right time to talk to him about it.”

Then, the two of them stopped talking to each other. After the meal, Faye went out to look for Johan.

Before Johan’s family declared bankruptcy, the entire family’s assets were frozen, and Johan only managed to save a two-bedroom house outside of the city after exhausting all means. It was already 9.00PM when Faye reached the house.

She found it hard to suppress her disgust as she sat in Johan’s cramped house, and she took a long while to get used to the place before taking the initiative to break the awkward silence.

“Everyone was just tensed in the afternoon, so just take their comments with a pinch of salt.”

Nevertheless, Johan, who was leaning on the fridge in the kitchen a distance away, burst into laughter. “What can I do even if I’m offended? Who am I to pick a fight with the gracious Miss Anderson?”

Faye pursed her lips. Why is he so petty for a grown man?

“I know that you aren’t comfortable with what happened, so you can say whatever that’s on your mind, and I won’t mind. I’m just here to tell you that we are facing a disaster right now. Austin is trying to kick me out from the Anderson Family,” she explained calmly.

“Sounds about right. Two ungrateful family members, huh? A match made in heaven indeed,” Johan commented nonchalantly.

“If you have the energy to make snarky remarks, why don’t you use your brain to think about how you’d be dead if it weren’t for me considering your issue with Elise.” Faye stood up before turning around to look at him. “Think of Jeremy and Amelia. If you don’t want to end up as a lunatic, get yourself together. With my wisdom and your strength, we will be able to destroy everything in front of us!”

There were many empty rooms in the Sinclairs’ new residence, and Alexander initially planned to pick a room to stay in. However, he recalled Trevor’s warning to not stay together with Elise in any form before they got married, so he had no choice but to rent another residence next to them.

Since Sinclair Residence was noisy because of Joshua and Maureen’s presence, Elise had been spending her days at Alexander’s.

Both of them shared a liking for tranquility, so they minded their own business without disturbing each other.

Meanwhile, Eagle, whose real name was Moses West, had been following Elise around ever since what happened at The Waterway Restaurant.

Nevertheless, he made himself at home as he laid on the swinging chair outside with a cap, basking in the warm sunlight, while Alexander and Elise worked in the house.

At the same time, Danny had been visiting them daily to be on standby so that he could get an opportunity to join SK Group.

Right then, Trevor, who was stifled after returning from his company, ran over to Alexander’s place to look for Elise in anger when he couldn’t find her at home.

Coincidentally, he saw Elise resting her head on Alexander’s thighs when he was about to enter. Immediately, he clenched his fist and placed it before his mouth before clearing his throat. “Ahem!”

While staring at Trevor nonchalantly, Elise continued laying on Alexander’s thighs before asking, “Do you want me to grab some medicines for you? The kind that will be sure to heal your throat.”

Trevor had a helpless look on his face. “Yoyo, you need to keep your distance from him since you guys are not getting married yet. All men are trash, and you can’t let them take advantage of you just like that. They won’t learn to appreciate things they can get easily.”

“Looks like you’re a man as well.” Elise got up. “Or are you not one?”

“O-Of course I am one!” Trevor almost choked on his words.

“Then, you’ve lost your credibility.” Elise looked unbothered. “Moreover, we’ve already done much more intimate things together, so why can’t I lean on him?”

At this moment, Danny, who was drinking water, sputtered.

What a straightforward person.

At the same time, Trevor’s face went red from anger as his gaze toward Alexander became more hostile.

“Ahem.” Alexander couldn’t help but clear his throat before explaining in an awkward manner, “What Elise was trying to say is that we have been together for a long time, so we are used to holding hands and hugging each other. You’ll get used to it too, Trevor.”

Then, he fixated his gaze on his laptop guiltily while sneaking glances at Elise from the corner of his eye as he tried to avoid Trevor’s murderous glare.

Dear Elise, I’m really not prepared for what’s happening after you find your biological family!

Nonetheless, Trevor’s eyes widened even more after he heard Alexander before he started gritting his teeth.

Does he really think that he can fool me by lying?! He’s an animal. Elise is still so young, so how dare he…

He smacked his head in despair before murmuring to himself, “All of this is my fault. All of this is my fault…”

If I could find her earlier and teach her about the boundaries between male and female, Alexander wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of her!

“Who got your knickers in a twist?” Elise asked in an innocent manner, while Alexander shrugged and acted as if he knew nothing.

“It’s nothing!” Trevor huffed before sitting down on a chair.

“I see.” Then, Elise took a needle out. “Why don’t you let me stab you with a needle to let you ventilate your anger?”

Right then, Trever was rendered speechless. He really felt like his little sister was insane.

“It’s fine.” Trevor waved her off. “I got pissed off because of Faye and Dad.”

As Elise wasn’t interested in those two, she kept her needle quietly and didn’t try to continue the conversation.

On the other hand, Trevor was waiting for Elise to ask him what had happened. However, after not hearing anything for a while, he turned around to see Elise munching on a bag of nuts, and his expression darkened instantly.

Is a bag of nuts more important than me as an older brother?

Alexander quickly tried to make the situation less awkward. “What happened?”

Upon hearing that, Trevor’s facial expression looked better before he sighed and explained tiredly, “The entire company is full of Faye’s people, and I don’t even have the right to get a one million budget as the manager. Instead, I have to get the money using my bank card. How humiliating is that? Worst of them all, Dad doesn’t seem to care about what happened!”

“Are you seriously depressed just because of that?” Elise didn’t even bother batting her eyes. “Can’t you just remove all of the people she planted?”

“It ain’t that easy. All of them are on managerial levels, so firing all of them in such a short period will cause the company to be paralyzed!” Trevor exclaimed.

“Counteroffer them, then,” Danny snuck in before chiming in with a grin. “My brother once told me that as long as your offer is good, getting a business deal is not impossible!”

Despite that, Trevor smiled wryly. “You’re right, but that is if my offer is good. Do I look like I’m capable of doing that right now, Young Master Danny?”

“Well, I can’t help you if that’s the case.” Danny shrugged before leaving. Right after Danny left, a bank card was tossed on the table in front of Trevor.

“There’s a hundred million in this card. You can use it for now,” Elise remarked before she continued munching on her nuts. At the same time, Trevor frowned while staring at the thin card on the table. He was completely stunned.

Noticing that, Elise looked up before asking with an innocent look on her face, “Is that not enough?”

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