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Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 403

Bring Your A Game Mr Chapter 403

 For the Love of God!

“Spit it out, or I’ll make you,” Elise muttered.

“I’ll tell you everything!” The man was so scared that he began sweating profusely. This woman is so strong; I’ll be dead if she hits me!

“Oh.” Elise clapped her hands. “Go on, then.”

“B-But what am I supposed to say?” The man was near tears. “For the love of God! You need to at least tell me what you want to know!”

Elise bent down and showed him another silver needle. “If you refuse to come clean, you’ll have yourself to blame.”

With that, she raised his hand with slight disdain and drove the needle in. Almost instantly, the man felt pain and itches all over his body, as if there were millions of ants biting every single vein, and even his bones hurt.

The man couldn’t move at all, and as the pain in his body grew stronger, tears were uncontrollably shed. He thought he would prefer death over this torture anytime.

Observing his reactions, Elise could see that this man wasn’t lying. Well, well. I guess I have to investigate further when I return.

After leaving The Waterway Restaurant, Elise returned to the Sinclair Residence.

After checking Laura’s pulse and carrying out acupuncture on her, Elise walked toward the backyard. The door to Jeanie’s room was open, and Elise accidentally glanced inside as she walked by. She found Jeanie zoning out on her seat by the bed, sighing.

Elise sighed and changed her course as she walked inside. She couldn’t avoid Jeanie’s sorrow, no matter what she tried. Whenever she saw Jeanie in low spirits, she felt equally sorrowful, and she could feel something heavy lodging in her chest.

“What are you thinking about?” Elise still wasn’t used to calling Jeanie ‘mom’.

Perhaps it was because she found it hard to accept the fact or hadn’t grown accustomed to it. Maybe things will get better over time.

Seeing Elise walk in, Jeanie hastily got up and held her daughter’s hands. She was overjoyed as she said, “You’re back! You must be tired; where did you go today? You didn’t fight with Alexander, did you?”

Elise smiled wryly. “You have so many questions. Which should I answer first?”

“Ah, my bad.” Jeanie was a little embarrassed, but still, she asked, “Have you had dinner?”

“I did, with Alexander. We had something just now,” Elise replied honestly. After a momentary pause, she asked, “You didn’t look too happy just now. What happened?”

Jeanie sighed, and the frown returned to her eyebrows. “It’s your brother. He survived that day, but now he can’t feel anything in the lower half of his body. I don’t know if he would ever be able to stand up…”

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