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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 850

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 850


Even as Jared forced Sylvester and Thunderstorm Sect to retreat, he was also guarding against a sneak attack from the Shalvis family.

Alas, even as he glanced around, there was no sign of the Shalvis family’s Martial Arts Grandmaster. Regardless, Jared remained on high alert.

I remember the three of them attacking me at the same time. Where did the third one go?

All of a sudden, Josephine’s scream rang out from behind Jared.

Stunned and fearing the worst, Jared instantly spun around and slashed with his Dragonslayer Sword.

Unfortunately, it was all too late. The Shalvis family’s Martial Arts Grandmaster had effortlessly caught Josephine in one hand and Lizbeth in his other. Before Jared could do anything, he had jumped and landed beside Kristoff.

No matter how much they struggled, neither woman could break free from the iron grip of a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Even if they wanted to take their own lives, they knew it’d be virtually impossible.

“Let them go!” Jared thundered as he glared at Kristoff.

Before long, the murderous aura he exuded had enveloped the entire Shalvis family.

Damn it! I never thought Kristoff would be this despicable. He put on a show of attacking me, only to capture Josephine and Lizbeth behind my back! He has gone too far!

“Let them go? Sure, but only if you give up without a fight. If you do, I guarantee they’ll be safe and sound…” Kristoff said with a smirk and a glint in his eye.

Meanwhile, the Shalvis family’s Martial Arts Grandmaster still had Josephine or Lizbeth at his mercy. If he so much as tightened his grip, there was no doubt both women would breathe their last.

“Kristoff Shalvis, what the f*ck is this? Are you trying to keep the draconic essence to yourself?” Kenneth yelled, furious that Kristoff had acted on his own accord.

Ridiculous! The three of us had agreed to work together, yet Kristoff still did this behind our backs. He’s making a fool of us!

Sylvester, too, had a grim expression as he stared at Kristoff. He had lived through enough experiences to know what Kristoff planned on doing, except he never expected him to trick them like that.

That said, what else could Sylvester do? He was injured, and the Coopers didn’t have an advantage in numbers or strength. As much as he hated Kristoff for playing dirty, he had no choice but to grin and bear it.

“In case you can’t tell, Kenneth, I’m perfectly capable of obtaining the draconic essence on my own. Why should I share it with you?” Kristoff announced smugly.

Upon hearing that, Kenneth trembled with rage. “Kristoff, you insufferable idiot! I’m going to kill you!”

The two of them had never been able to see eye to eye, and if it weren’t for the draconic essence, they never would’ve worked together. Therefore, it was only natural that Kenneth lost his temper when he realized Kristoff had fooled them. If he didn’t, how would he be able to live up to the name of Flashfire?

Kenneth steeled himself immediately after and marched toward Kristoff with his subordinates in tow. Kristoff, however, was unperturbed as he turned to his Martial Arts Grandmaster. “Leave these two women with me and stop the Thunderstorm Sect.”

The Martial Arts Grandmaster gave a quick nod and handed Josephine and Lizbeth over to Kristoff. Then, he led the other subordinates from the Shalvis family and rushed toward Kenneth. As soon as the two families clashed, a massive fight broke out.

Sylvester had a scowl on his face as he stood and watched in silence. My goodness, look at their power! There’s no way our family will ever measure up to them.

“What should we do now, Sylvester?” Sean asked, looking somewhat worried and helpless.

Sean had initially pinned all his hopes on Sylvester, but now that the latter was injured, he found himself at his wits’ end.

“We’ll wait and see,” Sylvester instructed. “No one is to move without my orders…”

In the meantime, Kristoff was still mercilessly taunting Jared with a constant smirk plastered on his face.

“Jared, be good and ditch that weapon of yours. If you don’t surrender, you won’t get to see your girlfriends again…” he remarked gleefully.

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