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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 847

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 847

Eat It

“Give it to me!” Kenneth kept staring at the draconic essence.

He fought his way through the crowd and charged in Jared’s direction with a dagger.

Josephine’s face darkened as she saw Kenneth approaching.

Furrowing his brows, Jared stretched forth his palm and sent an energy wave toward the dagger. A loud clank sounded, and the dagger was broken into pieces. The energy wave had also sent Kenneth flying.

Kenneth was no match for Jared because he was merely a Senior Grandmaster. Moreover, Jared’s body was as hard as steel after he had taken the body-quenching pill. Kenneth would never be able to take him down.

Kenneth collapsed to the ground, and he could feel that his arm was about to shatter into pieces. He looked at Jared in horror.

What was that? A Senior Grandmaster wouldn’t have been able to do that! Unless this young man has been hiding his true strength all this while…

Kenneth could only stare at Jared from a distance. Though he was eager to get his hands on the draconic essence, he no longer had the courage to snatch it from Jared.

“Take care of Josephine for me,” Jared said to Lizbeth.

Lizbeth was significantly more powerful than Josephine. Josephine might be able to handle hooligans, but she would not be able to fight against these Senior Grandmasters.

Lizbeth nodded and stood in front of Josephine to protect her from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Jared swallowed the draconic essence without hesitation.

Spiritual energy started filling every cell of his body the moment he put the draconic essence into his mouth. He then used the Focus Technique to absorb all the spiritual energy into the elixir field.

Jared had never experienced such intense spiritual energy in his life. With this draconic essence, he could absorb spiritual energy anywhere and anytime. This would be extremely beneficial for his journey of cultivation. That was why Draco was willing to go all out to help Jared retrieve the draconic essence.

Upon sensing the spiritual energy Jared emitted, the people around him instantly stopped fighting.

Not only was there a fiery flame in his eyes, but he was also as refined as an immortal.

The aura he exuded from the muscles of his body caused the snow from hundreds of metres around him to melt. Grass started to grow miraculously on the ground.

The snow that melted turned into a river that flowed to the ocean. The barren land had instantly come alive!

From now on, the snow-covered Dragon Island had become a thing of the past.

“F*ck, he has eaten the draconic essence…” Once again, Kenneth panicked and cursed after watching Jared swallow the draconic essence.

Sylvester looked at Jared in disbelief and bellowed with rage, “This draconic essence is a priceless treasure. You could’ve used it in exchange for the ownership of a whole city. Yet, you consumed it…”

A hard glint flashed across Kristoff’s eyes. He raised swords and was ready to charge in Jared’s direction. “Let’s tear him apart to retrieve the draconic essence before it gets digested.”

But before that, Sylvester had already made his move. By hook or by crook, I must bring the draconic essence back home. The Coopers would have great respect for me and might even acknowledge me as an elder of the family!

Upon noticing that, Jared put his guard up. He gathered all the energy from his body and was about to emit a powerful wave.

The spiritual energy in him was so intense that people around him could feel his power! Right then, Jared felt as if he possessed endless spiritual energy.

“Blood Claws!” Sylvester roared, and his hands turned into a pair of sharp claws. After gathering the martial energy in his body, he charged at Jared. The martial energy was so strong that it could rip the thickest and hardest steel apart.

Clearly, Sylvester was determined to tear Jared into pieces so that he could retrieve the draconic essence!

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