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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 843

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 843

No Deal

Draco had given up his life just so that Jared could get his hands on the draconic essence. There was no way Jared would let the others take it away.

“Kenneth-” Colin was about to convince Kenneth to calm down again. However, he was rudely interrupted by Kenneth.

“Colin, didn’t you hear me the first time? I said get lost!” Kenneth glowered at Colin furiously.

Colin cast a glance at Renee and gritted his teeth. “Kenneth, Kristoff, although we’re friends, I have to warn you about something. If either of you wants to lay a finger on Renee, you’d have to go through me first.”

With that, Colin’s subordinates immediately rushed over to protect Colin.

Suddenly, both parties, led by Kenneth and Kristoff, were locked in a face-off with Jared and everyone else.

Sylvester, who was watching from somewhere close by, almost burst into laughter. This was exactly what he was hoping for. If they were to fight, he would then benefit from the colossal losses of both parties. Even if we can’t retrieve the draconic essence, we can still get Jared.

Jared and Josephine immediately shot Colin a grateful look. They didn’t expect him to act so honorably toward Renee, considering his usual frivolous demeanor.

Renee shot Colin a gentle and passionate glance as well because she was touched by his gesture.

“If we end up battling each other, there’s no guarantee you’d win. My offer stands. Let me have the draconic essence, and I’ll give you guys pills in return.” After analyzing the situation, Jared knew Kenneth and Kristoff might not necessarily win if they were to fight him, Colin, and the white wolf.

“Cut the crap! I’m not giving you the draconic essence!” Kenneth was enraged, and he refused to consider Jared’s offer. The atmosphere at the scene was so tense it looked like they were about to fight it out.

The draconic essence was too big of a temptation for both Kenneth and Kristoff. It was an incredibly rare opportunity to locate Ice Dragon. Hence, neither of them was willing to let Jared have his way.

Right then, Jared was caught in a tight spot. While he was still figuring out what to do next, Ice Dragon suddenly roared and was making its way back into the pit.

The moment Ice Dragon dove back into the pit, the water in the pond was rapidly gushing in as well.

Upon seeing that, Jared dove in without hesitation.

After Jared had gotten inside, the pit was quickly filled up. The pond instantly became calm again.

Everyone present was stunned. No one had expected Jared to act so rashly.



Josephine and the girls kept shouting for him. Sadly, not a single sign of life was seen in the pond to their disappointment.

Instantly, Josephine and the girls broke into tears.

Meanwhile, Jared, who was underwater at that point, was faced with a choice between life and death.

Based on his capabilities, the chance of him retrieving the draconic essence on his own was slim. However, he was determined to carry on when he remembered the suffering his mother was going through.

After diving into the pit, Jared was falling rapidly. Surprisingly, the water in the pond didn’t flow into the pit as expected. Instead, the water only sealed the pit. It was as if something was preventing the water from flowing into the bottomless pit.

Very quickly, Jared had landed on a soft and bouncy surface. In fact, it was as if he had landed on an inflated balloon. The surface was so bouncy that Jared had bounced off a distance upon landing.

Jared couldn’t see a thing in the pit because it was too dark. He carefully scrutinized the vicinity with his spiritual sense. Jared was puzzled when he realized he couldn’t sense Ice Dragon’s presence.

Jared then garnered a fireball in his palm and lit up the pit. After walking for a distance on the soft surface, he saw the draconic essence sitting steadily on a rock nearby.

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