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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 837

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 837

The Appearance Of Ice Dragon

The water was so dark it looked like it was heavily contaminated. At the same time, it was also exuding waves of frosty energy.

“How is the pond not frozen, albeit this freezing weather?” Lizbeth uttered curiously while staring at the dark pond.

“Look! There’s someone in the pond!” Renee shouted in shock.

Jared and the rest instantly turned toward the center of the pond and saw a large, bulging rock. The rock was about four to five square meters in size. On top of the rock, there was a shadow of a man sitting with his legs crossed.

“Isn’t that the Demonic Cultivator? What is he doing here? Could it be there’s really a dragon here?” Colin recognized the man and voiced out in puzzlement.

Indeed, the man in a suit was sitting on the rock. At that moment, waves of black mist were seen rising from the surface of the pond. The man was sucking the black mist into his body.

Colin was utterly shocked because he had never seen something quite like that. Why does that look so demonic?

As for Jared, he couldn’t help but furrowed his brows. It seems like Demonic Cultivator suspects that Ice Dragon is here in this pond as well. That’s why he’s absorbing all the frosty energy to lure Ice Dragon out!

As the man in a suit was absorbing the frosty energy in the pond, ripples started to appear on the previously calm surface. Within seconds, waves were slamming against the rock the man was sitting on. It was as if the pond was showing its discontent.

Despite the turn of events, the man in a suit was unperturbed. He kept his eyes shut and sat still while the black mist surrounding his body thickened.

While everything was happening, Sylvester and the rest of the Cooper family were hiding behind a rock nearby. They stayed hidden, even though they had spotted Jared and the others when they arrived.

At that moment, neither Kenneth nor Kristoff was with Jared. In fact, only the people from Shadow Estate were accompanying him. Hence, Sylvester was confident in killing Jared if he were to attack. However, he didn’t do that.

The priority now is to lure Ice Dragon out and take its draconic essence. If I take revenge and fight Jared now, I would have to exhaust my martial energy. I’d be too weak by the time Ice Dragon actually shows up! Sylvester opted to wait and see what would happen next.

Suddenly, a loud roar of a dragon was heard from under the pond. What happened next was as if the water in the pond had started boiling.

When the man in a suit heard the dragon’s roar, he opened his eyes abruptly and slowly stood up.

When he got up, a huge wave rose from the surface of the pond. Immediately, a solemn expression flashed across the man’s face.


After a loud splashing sound, a dragon’s head appeared from the surface of the pond, and it was making its way toward the man in a suit with its mouth wide open.

Everyone gasped in shock when they saw that. Even Jared couldn’t help but widen his eyes in bafflement because he never thought there would really be a dragon there.

As for the man, he frowned and stomped his foot on the rock abruptly. With that, he jumped as high as several tens of feet off the ground to avoid Ice Dragon’s attack.

However, Ice Dragon didn’t seem like he was going to let the man off the hook. It leaped out of the water entirely and chased after the man with its mouth opened.

Right then, everyone finally saw what Ice Dragon actually looked like. Its body was made up of translucent ice cubes, and it was sixty meters long. There was something shiny on its head, presumably the draconic essence.

After seeing what the dragon looked like, Jared knew it wasn’t a real dragon. That’s not a real dragon! Instead, this is something created by some sort of arcane array or spiritual tool! It’s like how I can create fireballs with Dragonslayer Sword by using my spiritual energy. Those are all illusions.

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