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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 834

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 834


Jared squatted gradually and reached out his hand to rub the white wolf’s blackening belly. He transferred some spiritual energy into the white wolf and expelled all the lethal intent in its body.

At that moment, it was as if the white wolf knew Jared was trying to heal it. Hence, it stayed still and let Jared rub his hand all over its body.

It didn’t take long for the white wolf’s belly to return to its snowy white state. Then, it started to stand back up again.

It shook off the snow on its body and stared at Jared gratefully.

The white wolf then raised its head and howled as if it was thanking Jared.

“All right. Now that you’re healed, you should leave. Make sure you don’t get spotted again,” said Jared as he patted the white wolf’s head.

To everyone’s surprise, the white wolf whimpered and started to rub its head against Jared’s legs.

“You want to stay?” Jared looked at the white wolf and asked softly.

The white wolf nodded in response.

“It seems like the white wolf can understand what you’re saying!” Lizbeth exclaimed excitedly when she noticed how the white wolf understood Jared’s words.

“Although it’s friendly, it’s so huge that it can still bite off a person’s head easily!” Josephine was still scared of the white wolf, even though it didn’t show any sign of violence.

Upon hearing that, the white wolf immediately sprawled on the ground and slowly made its way toward Josephine.

Just like a housedog, it kept rubbing its head against Josephine’s calf.

At first, Josephine was frightened. However, she reached out her hand to pat the white wolf after seeing how gentle and friendly it was. Its fur was so smooth to the touch, and she could even feel a surge of warmth in its body.

The more she touched the white wolf, the more she liked it. In the end, she felt all warm and fuzzy when she squatted and leaned her face tightly on its body.

The white wolf then whimpered softly and nudged Josephine gently with its head. Josephine immediately understood what it wanted.

Gently, Josephine opened her legs and got on top of the white wolf.

The white wolf then got up and started running around in the snow with Josephine on its back.

Josephine held on tightly to the white wolf as the wind kept blowing in her face. She was cheering excitedly while riding the white wolf.

Lizbeth and Renee started chasing after them upon seeing how much fun Josephine was having.

“Let me ride as well!” Lizbeth and Renee shouted.

Soon, Lizbeth and Renee took turns riding on the white wolf.

Jared couldn’t help but laugh upon seeing that. The white wolf is too cunning! It’s making the girls like it so that it could stay with us. It seems like it knows the girls are the ones in charge here.

After a few rounds of wolf-riding, the girls returned with the white wolf. When Josephine saw Jared, she quickly said, “Jared, we’re keeping this white wolf. You can’t chase it away!”

“Yes, you can’t send it away. Otherwise, the three of us are going to leave with the white wolf,” Lizbeth added.

“Please keep the white wolf, Jared! It’s so friendly,” Renee pleaded.

In response, Jared merely looked at the three of them helplessly. Well, how can I possibly say no now?

Jared then threw a glance at the white wolf and saw the satisfaction in its eyes. It definitely knows what it’s doing!

“All right, then. The white wolf stays!” Jared nodded.

The three girls were over the moon. With the white wolf around, we won’t get bored on the journey anymore! Besides, we can even ride on it when we get tired. How convenient is that!

Colin and his men then followed Jared and the others toward Dragon Island. Jared kept mum when he noticed Renee had stopped chasing Colin away after that.

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