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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 832

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 832

An Enticing Exchange

The Coopers scarcely stood a chance under a combined attack by the three families.

Sylvester gritted out, “Fine. We’re leaving.”

He led his men away with a dark expression on his face.

Sylvester’s embarrassing retreat had Sean complaining, “Sylvester, those fellows are too aggressive. At this rate, we won’t be able to get anything worthwhile out of this island. We can’t avenge Xander as well.”

Sylvester remained stoically silent, his face a mask of deadly fury.

The silence dragged on for several minutes before he hissed, “Let’s look for that Demonic Cultivator. If we work together, we don’t need to fear those youngsters.”

Sylvester had also noticed earlier that the Demonic Cultivator was a Martial Arts Grandmaster. The cultivator was undoubtedly lying low now that his true identity was exposed.

If we can track him down and propose an alliance, Kenneth and Kristoff will be no match for the power of two Martial Arts Grandmasters. We can easily take them down even if the Zare family joins the fray.

Sean stammered fearfully, “Sylvester, y-you’re thinking of working w-with that Demonic Cultivator?”

If word got out about the Cooper family’s cooperation with Demonic Cultivators, they would be cursed out for generations to come.

“This island is completely under the radar. No one will know what we’ve done. In any case, we can get rid of him after our partnership ends.” Sylvester drew his finger across this throat, a deadly glint in his eyes.

On the other side, Kenneth and Kristoff had reached an agreement. They picked up their weapons and approached the white wolf, intending to kill it.

They raised their weapons just as Jared stopped them and asked, “Gentlemen, could you leave the wolf to me?”

“You want a share of the beast core too?” Kenneth asked in shock.

Shaking his head, Jared replied, “I don’t want the beast core. I pity the wolf, and I want to spare its life.”

His explanation sent Kenneth and Kristoff into fits of disbelieving laughter.

Kenneth sneered, “Who do you think you are? A heavenly savior? This white wolf is nothing but a beast. Why are you pitying it? I can sense a deadly aura from you, so I’m sure you must’ve killed fellow men in the past. Why are you expressing sympathy for a mere wolf if you can even bear to kill a fellow human?”

“Some people may be weaker than a wolf. As long as the two of you promise not to kill it, I can give you something in return.”

Jared did not wish to resolve their situation with a physical fight. His present ability placed him at a disadvantage against the combined forces of the two families. Both the Carrall and Shalvis families had a Martial Arts Grandmaster each in their bevy of men, and Kristoff himself was a Top-Level Senior Grandmaster. Jared’s odds of emerging victorious in the fight were not guaranteed.

Besides, Jared was more interested in conserving his energy to search for the draconic essence instead of fighting.

“What do you propose for exchange?” Kristoff asked, his interest piqued.

Jared pondered his question carefully. He knew both men came from affluent families, and average items would hardly pique their interest. Resultantly, Jared offered, “How about two detoxification pills? I’ll trade two of those things for this wolf.”

“Detoxification pill?” Kenneth and Kristoff were both stunned, their eyes widening in identical surprise.

Detoxification pills were a must for any martial artist seeking to enter the heavenly realm. Not everyone could enter this mysterious location, nor could any martial artist simply begin to practice spiritual energy cultivation.

The detoxification pill reconstructed one’s body, opening up the possibility of sensing spiritual energy. If one successfully perceived spiritual energy, one could begin practicing cultivation methods to absorb spiritual energy into one’s body. This was the most crucial step for any martial artist to embark on the cultivation of spiritual energy.

The creation of detoxification pills was not difficult, but there were fewer and fewer alchemy masters around, let alone those who knew how to craft the precious pills. Every wealthy family viewed these pills as a necessity, causing demand to outweigh supply, which turned the pill into an invaluable commodity.

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