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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 825

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 825

Who Is He

Colin was furious when he saw the man in black, but he said nothing, for he knew the man was not to be trifled with. Even though he had asked his supposed friends to protect him, he knew neither Kenneth nor Kristoff would come to his aid. They were just friends in name only.

Jared noticed the man as well, and his face fell, then a frown furrowed his brows. Sh*t. Everyone here is powerful. This mission is getting harder by the minute.

However, all the man in black did was glance at them before going the other way. Evidently, he had no plans of walking with Jared and the others.

Someone announced through the PA system, “We will return in three days to pick you all up. If you cannot make it, then you shall be left behind on the island.”

Godrick was still in his room on the highest point of the ferry, and he smirked at the passengers who disembarked. “Interesting. This group of passengers might spark something worth watching.”

“Sir, do you think the one we’re looking for might be among them?” Godrick’s lackey was looking at Jared and the others as well. He said, “The older ones are out of the question, and the rich trio can’t be him. Do you think it’s the man in black? He looks like he has something to hide.”

“There’s no need to guess. We’ll find out who he is in three days.” Godrick narrowed his eyes. “I can’t wait to meet my cousin. I wonder what he looks like.”

The sound of a horn blared from the ferry, and it left the pier. After the ferry had left, Sean led his men and surrounded Jared. This time, Sylvester didn’t stop him. Jared killed his brother, and Sylvester must avenge him.

Meanwhile, Jared remained as calm as a cucumber despite being surrounded. The ladies, however, were starting to get nervous, and they huddled around Jared.

“Hey, Jared. I bet you can’t do anything now that you don’t have anyone to protect you anymore, huh? We’re in a remote place, and you’re practically alone. Time to get my revenge.”

Sean hurled a punch at Jared. As a Senior Grandmaster, Sean’s punch alone was enough to create a small snowstorm, but that didn’t faze Jared at all. Instead, Jared snorted, “Now that’s one way to get yourself killed.”

Just when Jared was about to punch him back, Renee leaped ahead instead. “You’re not getting to Jared unless I say so!”

Renee closed in on Sean in a second, and that caught Sean by surprise. Since Colin wanted the ladies alive, Sean had to hold back. If he actually killed Renee, Colin might demand his head in return.

He reduced his strength by half, and the fighters finally collided. The collision produced a loud bang, and the shockwaves blew the snow around them up into the air, leaving nothing but the bare ground behind.

At the same time, Sean was sent flying backward from the impact. His insides were churning, and he coughed up blood from the injury he sustained.

“Sean!” Sylvester leaped up into the air and caught his brother, preventing him from crashing to the ground.

Everyone was dumbfounded to see Renee sending Sean flying with a single punch. Colin was excited, however, for he wasn’t scared of Renee’s overwhelming strength.

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