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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 819

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 819

Helping You

A Demonic Cultivator? Jared could sense that the man was a Demonic Cultivator the moment he passed by him. After all, the man’s aura reeked of lethal intent.

When Jared’s gaze fell upon the man, he stopped and looked at Jared for a moment before he went back to his business.

Jared ignored him and went to the reception as well. It wasn’t the time to stir up an event and attract unwanted attention.

“Give me a room.”

“Give me a room.”

The man in black and Jared made the request at the same time.

The receptionist slowly took out a card. “I’m very sorry, sirs, but there is only one room left.

Jared and the man in black looked at each other, then the man took the card when the receptionist was distracted. He left right away and refused to spend any more time with Jared. It was obvious that he didn’t want to attract any attention to himself either.

After all, Demonic Cultivators were hated by everyone in the martial arts world. If they knew he was a Demonic Cultivator, they would kill him. The man didn’t want to attract that kind of attention to himself before he even landed on the island.

“Hold it right there!” Suddenly, Josephine and the ladies stopped him before he could leave.

They saw what happened at the reception. This guy just took the card and tried to leave without even saying a word? That is just plain rude. If he could have just negotiated with us, we would have given the room to him. The man’s attitude rubbed the ladies the wrong way, so they went and stopped him.

“What do you want?” The man in black looked at the ladies.

“What you did just now was rude! You can’t just take the card like that! Give that back!” Lizbeth pointed at the man angrily.

The man looked at Jared for a moment. He knew that the ladies were Jared’s friend, so he didn’t argue with them. Instead, he simply tried to get past the ladies.

“Hey, you’re just being unreasonable now! You can’t just leave like that!” Josephine stopped the man again.

“Step away, or this won’t end well for you,” the man threatened coldly.

“Oh yeah? I’d like to see you try.” Josephine wasn’t scared of the man at all. Renee alone could face a lot of regular martial artists, and the three of them could take on some powerful foes themselves. On top of that, they had Jared backing them up as well.

The people started surrounding them when they realized something was going on. When they saw Josephine and the ladies, they got even more excited about what was going to happen.

After all, the trip to the island was going to be a boring one, so they wouldn’t mind a little entertainment.

Colin was already in his cabin, but when he heard the commotion, he got up curiously and tried to see what was happening. When he saw the ladies confronting the man in black, his attention was gripped.

Colin quickly got up and went downstairs, and his men followed.

Jared noticed the crowd that was starting to form. He didn’t want anything to affect their trip to the island, so he was about to tell the ladies to forget about it.

However, just when Jared was about to stop them, he saw Colin and his men quickly coming over to the scene, and the crowd made way for them.

“Hey, you! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size! Men like you who pick on women disgust me!” Colin insulted the man in black without even knowing the full situation. Then, he grinned at the ladies, though it looked more like a leer. “Don’t worry, ladies. I’ll help you out.”

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