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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 818

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 818


“Colin?” Kenneth and Kristoff frowned.

“You think you can achieve anything here? The beasts might eat you for lunch,” Kenneth joked.

“You might die before you even get to the island.” Kristoff smiled as well.

Instead of getting angry, Colin retorted, “Now that’s going too far. You can’t curse me like that. I might be weaker than you guys, but I have more women than you two.”

“Ah, shut up. That’s not even an achievement you should be proud about.” Kenneth rolled his eyes at Colin.

Colin grinned. “I’m not like you, Kenneth. You’re an infamous killer, while I’m a womanizer.”

“So I take it that you had enough of women now? What’s your new hobby? Is it dying?” Kristoff shot Colin a look of disdain.

“Of course not, Kristoff. I will never get tired of women. I’m just here for some fun, that’s all. I’m not going to fight with any of you. In fact, I need you guys to protect me,” Colin joked again.

Would you look at that, this guy knows his way around people, Jared thought. Looks like he’s friends with Kenneth and Kristoff.

“Fine. Then you’d better follow me and don’t run around.”

They wouldn’t snap at someone who was trying to be friendly. Not to mention that Colin was the young master of the Shadow Estate. Kenneth and Kristoff wouldn’t antagonize him if they could help it.

The three of them went to the lobby, while everyone else went back in line to get their tickets checked.

A young man in traditional clothes and short hair was standing in a cabin on the fifth floor, overseeing everything on the ferry.

That man was Godrick of the Deragons. He might be young, but he was already a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Godrick came from a branch family, though he was still a valuable member for being a Martial Arts Grandmaster at his age.

He would have the chance of getting his body cleansed after some time, and if he was successful, he could become a cultivator and get invited into the inner circle of the family.

“Mr. Deragon, we have no visual of Rayleigh or Draco among the martial artists,” a servant came to Godrick and reported quietly.

“Rayleigh is no fool. He would never come here for fear that we will find out who the missing child is. As for Draco? He came to the island by force and paid a heavy price. He’s probably dead by now.” Godrick was still overseeing the ferry as if he wanted to see through all the passengers.

“Another thing, sir,” the servant said. “The Shalvis family, the Thunderstorm Sect, and the Shadow Estate have sent their young masters as well. Should we go on with our plan then?”

“Yes. We’ll just send someone to tell them about this when the time comes. I want to make sure this plan is a success no matter what.” A hint of cruelty appeared within Godrick’s eyes. He was a ruthless man who would do anything to get what he wanted.

Everyone boarded the ferry not long after. As the horn sounded, the ferry took off and was headed to Dragon Island.

Jared was about to go to the reception and reserve a room. There were a few hours left before they would arrive at the island, and they couldn’t go without a room. On top of that, getting a room would mean that Jared could stay away from the crowd. After all, if the Coopers were to see him, it would be trouble.

Just when he was heading to the reception, a man in a black suit, black hat, and a pair of black sunglasses passed by Jared. The man’s hand was ghostly pale, and after he went past Jared, he headed straight for the reception.

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