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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 817

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 817


The man looked at Jared. He was about to say something, but realization struck him, and he became a little excited. “A-Are you Jared? Jared Chance?”

Jared was surprised that the man knew him. How did he know me?

The man knew Jared was starting to get suspicious, so he explained, “I watched your match with Xander, so I know you. You defeated a Martial Arts Grandmaster at such a young age. Not to mention you killed him as well. I must say, it was a spectacular sight to behold.”

Jared felt flattered about being praised. He smiled sheepishly and asked the man again, “Mister, what’s the deal with the guy with red hair? Why is everyone so scared of him?”

The man was much more willing to explain after he recognized Jared. “That man is Kenneth Carrall, the only son of Zeke Carrall, the head of the Thunderstorm Sect. He’s impulsive and cruel. No matter the era, there will always be conflicts in the martial arts world, though most of us won’t cross the line. However, that rule does not apply to Kenneth. He always goes for the kill, and he has taken the lives of countless people now. You’d think someone would have killed that kid, but his old man is a veteran Martial Arts Grandmaster, so nobody would try to do anything like that.”

After Kenneth made his way to the forefront, he looked around, and the other martial artists hung their heads low, fearing that he might lock gazes with them. Some of them even gave up on the island and opted to leave. Nobody wanted to get noticed by Kenneth if they could help it.

Kenneth showed the inspector his ticket, and the inspector let him in without saying anything.

“Well, fancy seeing you here, Mr. Carrall. What brings the young master of the Thunderstorm Sect to this ship?”

Kristoff was already on the ferry. When he saw Kenneth making an appearance, he sneered. Obviously, he didn’t hold Kenneth in any regard at all.

“If you can be here, why can’t I?” Kenneth grinned. “The Deragons aren’t saying anything, so shut your trap, fool.”

Kristoff’s face fell. “You’re just going to kill yourself if you think you are powerful enough to make this trip.”

Kristoff was disdainful, though he was powerful enough to be so. He might be the same age as Kenneth, but Kristoff was already a Top-Level Senior Grandmaster, while Kenneth was only a Fifth Level Grandmaster, and that was only thanks to his father giving him plenty of herbs and pills.

“Hey, you never know. Lady Luck might smile on me.” Kenneth scoffed.

They weren’t even on the island yet, but the two men were already gearing up for a fight.

“Hey, if you guys are gonna fight, mind if I join?” A young, arrogant man appeared on the deck, and a group of powerful martial artists stood behind him.

All the martial artists around gasped in surprise when they saw the newcomer.

“D*mn. The three troublemakers are here. I should back off now.”

The sight of the third young man scared the man standing before Jared, and he was about to leave as well.

“Wait, mister. Who is this guy?” Jared held the man before he could leave.

“That’s the young master of Shadow Estate, Colin Zare. Seems like this trip is going to be an eventful one, and that’s an understatement. Heed my advice and leave, or you might end up dead.”

The man left in a hurry after that. Jared noticed that a lot of martial artists were leaving as well. They tossed their tickets aside and gave up on the trip to Dragon Island. Half of the visitors left just because of the three young men alone.

Their families must be really powerful, huh? Jared used spiritual sense to scan Colin to gauge his strength, but he frowned when he noticed Colin’s power level. A newbie Grandmaster? Someone like him is actually going to the island? Any random guy here is more powerful than he is.

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