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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 813

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 813


The hooligans’ leader was Sebastian, and he looked furious. The moment he came in, he bellowed, “I want all of you to block all exits. These btches aren’t going anywhere! Nobody, and I mean nobody gets to escape after beating me up in Southernshire! Once we get our hands on them, you guys are gonna fck their asses one by one!”

“Yes, boss!” Sebastian’s lackeys’ eyes shone, and they quickly blocked all entrances and exits.

Seeing how the situation was quickly spiraling out of control, the hotel manager quickly went up to Sebastian and handed a cigarette to him. “What seems to be the matter, Mr. Wulfenstein? What got you so worked up?”

“Piss off! Some b*tches beat me up, and they’re here in your hotel. I’m going to force them out of hiding no matter where they are!” Sebastian shoved the manager away, making the latter feel awkward that Sebastian had treated him so rudely.

However, since Sebastian was the son of the richest man in Southernshire, the manager knew that he would be dead if he crossed the man, so he forced a smile. “Someone actually did that to you in Southernshire? Why, they must be punished! Please tell me their names, Mr. Wulfenstein. I shall search them for you.”

Sebastian loved that his ego was stroked, and his anger was greatly assuaged. “How the f*ck should I know what their names are? Let me see your list of guests and get all the women staying in this hotel to gather here.”

The manager started sweating nervously. We have a few hundred guests here, and a hundred of them are women. It’s going to be chaos if I try to summon all of them here. Not only that, the hotel’s rep is going to take a hit if I do as told. But this is Sebastian. I can’t go against him.

Just when the manager was having an internal debate, Sebastian saw the ladies on the second floor, and his eyes shone. “There they are! Don’t let them get away!” Sebastian rushed to the second floor with his goons following in his wake.

Draco’s death had already depressed the ladies out, and Sebastian coming to ruin their day was the final straw for them. Josephine, Lizbeth, and especially Renee, were feeling murderous.

Jared’s skin crawled when he felt their intent for murder. He couldn’t figure out what happened the last few days. He wondered why Josephine and Lizbeth had suddenly acquired such immense power.

Even though Sebastian had dozens of lackeys, they were still no match for the ladies. They were in a league of their own.

Sebastian and his goons were charging toward them, and Josephine’s face fell. She said, “Go back to your room, Jared. Leave this to us. I need to vent. No, we need to vent.”

Jared hesitated for a moment, but he went back to his room in the end. He wasn’t worried about them since Renee was around to keep them safe. He reckoned that Renee was probably powerful enough to take on a Seventh Level Senior Grandmaster.

She alone was enough to beat the living daylights out of those goons, and with the other ladies helping her, the fight would only be a massacre.

Rayleigh took Melanie, and they went back to their room. After all, he wasn’t needed for a simple fight like this, and Melanie knew no martial arts. Her Seduction Technique was useless in this kind of situation, so she went back to her room.

Sebastian and his men came to the second floor, but to their surprise, the ladies didn’t run. They remained standing to their spot in silence as if they had been waiting for them.

Sebastian looked at them lecherously. “Well, well, well. Daring, aren’t you? You beat me up, but instead of running away, you stay in a hotel instead. What? Do you think I can’t do anything to you just because you know a bit of martial arts moves?”

The ladies were glaring at Sebastian with rage. If looks could kill, Sebastian would be long dead.

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