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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 812

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 812


Draco broke into a smile. “Ah, looks like even the gods are helping Mr. Jared. With this sword in hand, your chances of getting the essence have increased.” Draco laughed for a moment, but his laugh was cut short by another bout of violent cough. This time, he even coughed up blood.


“Mr. Draco!”

Jared and Rayleigh propped Draco up, but the old man waved them down and smiled. “Rayleigh, summon the ladies. I have something I need to tell them.”

Rayleigh nodded and left, while Jared looked at the old man in silence. Draco’s presence was getting weaker with every passing second, and wrinkles were starting to fill his face. Soon, he would be facing the final moment of his life.

The ladies came back a moment later. When Renee saw what happened to Draco, she quickly held her mentor. “Master! What happened to you?”

Renee had been studying under Draco for a long while, and she loved her mentor dearly. However, Draco only took her under his wing in the first place because her frosty constituent could be of assistance to Jared.

Draco stared at Renee for what might be the last time in his life, and he patted the girl’s head. He felt guilty, for he knew he needed Renee to sacrifice herself for Jared eventually.

“I’m sorry, Renee. I am really sorry. Do you blame me for deciding your fate for you?” Draco apologized to Renee profusely. He had told Renee about the truth, for she had to be willing to sacrifice herself, or the plan would not work.

Renee shook her head. “This is my choice. I do not blame you, master.”

Draco looked at the other ladies before finally setting his gaze upon Josephine. “Do not forget about your promise. I hope you’ll hold up the end of your bargain.”

The ladies nodded, and Josephine had resolve flaring within her eyes. She knew Draco was directing that message to her specifically.

Josephine had a fiery constituent, and she could be a big help to Jared. If they were to run into the dragons on the island, Jared would find it difficult to retrieve the essence with his current power level. After all, one of the dragons controlled the powers of ice, while the other reigned over the power of flames.

However, with Josephine and Renee around, Jared’s chances of retrieving the essence would be greatly boosted. Of course, that was if they were willing to give up their lives for him.

Draco smiled for the last time in his life. “I’ve finally repaid my debt to Ms. Renalia. I can finally see Mr. Deragon with pride.” He then drew the last breath in his life, and he closed his eyes forever.



“Mr. Draco!”

Sorrow filled the air of the room, and Jared’s hatred toward Draco had disappeared along with the old man’s death. He held the map in his hand tightly. Draco gave his life to make the map for him. He hadn’t seen Dragon Island just yet, but he could guess just how treacherous that place must be.

Draco painstakingly created this map on that dangerous island himself. A tear traveled down Jared’s cheek at the thought, but resolve flared within his eyes. “I will make you pay for what you did to my mother, Deragons.” As Jared gazed upon the boundless sea below him, something changed within him.

Everyone came back to the hotel after they gave Draco the proper burial, but nobody spoke. The atmosphere was somber, and Renee’s eyes were puffy from all the crying.

“Jared, you’ll be on your own tomorrow. I cannot go with you, or the Deragons will be suspicious of who you are.” Rayleigh patted Jared’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry about me, Rayleigh. I’ll definitely retrieve the draconic essence and grow stronger. Then, I will force the Deragons to face me, and I’ll save my mother,” Jared answered adamantly.

Just when they were about to retire for the day, a big group of hooligans barged into the hotel with menacing looks on their faces.

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