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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 807

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 807


Hearing that, the murderous aura in Lizbeth slowly dissipated.

Livid, Sebastian was glaring at Josephine as he spat, “F*ck. How dare you lay your hands on me? You’re a feisty one, huh? I’ll be sure to torture you tonight. Men, get her!”

He waved his hand to signal the three burly men to grab Josephine.

Watching from a distance, Jared knew that those burly men were only commoners. Hence, he did not make a move. He reckoned that Lizbeth could easily dispatch those men, so Josephine was certainly in safe hands.

“Hey, watch this. I’ll take this chance to use these men for practice,” Josephine said before she rushed toward the three men.

The next moment, she flung her fist at them, her movement as quick as lightning.


One of the burly men was sent hurtling several meters into the air before he crashed onto the beach.

Seeing this, the other two men were stunned. Sebastian could not believe his eyes as well. He did not expect that Josephine, a girl who looked so weak and skinny, was actually so strong.

Jared was startled as well. Josephine’s punch showed that she was a martial artist with internal energy. But several days ago, Josephine was still an ordinary girl. How did she get internal energy within a few days?

In fact, Josephine was startled by her own punch as well. Coming to her senses a few seconds later, she said to Lizbeth excitedly, “Lizbeth, did… did I just throw that punch? How am I so strong?”

Lizbeth smiled and replied, “You’re a martial artist with internal energy now, Josephine. It’s only natural that your punch can send these commoners flying away. That being said, you have to control your power. Otherwise, you might end up killing them with a punch.”

Josephine nodded before she turned to look at the other two men, acting as if she was a beast that had sighted its prey.

When the men saw the murderous glint in her eyes, they immediately turned tail and ran, completely forgetting the fact that they had left their master behind.

Seeing that his bodyguards had fled the scene, Sebastian shivered in fear. He turned around and started running away as well.

Josephine had turned from a beautiful lady in a swimsuit to a terrifying beast to him.

“Geez. Why did they run? I haven’t had enough fun yet! How boring,” Josephine complained as she watched the bodyguards and Sebastian running away.

“Was it satisfying?” Lizbeth asked as she patted Josephine’s shoulder with a grin on her face.

“It was amazing! I feel like finding some other punk to teach him a lesson,” Josephine replied gleefully.

Just then, she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder.

The hand even started caressing her.

With a frown, she turned around swiftly and threw her fist in the pervert’s direction.

However, when she turned and got a good look at her supposed assailant, her fist froze in mid-air. Standing before her was Jared smiling happily at her.


Josephine instantly threw herself into Jared’s arms. Then, the latter lifted her up.

Seeing how happy Josephine looked, Jared immediately twirled her around for a couple of rounds.

Since Josephine was wearing a swimsuit, Jared could feel her soft body pressing against his chest. Ah… how comfy…

Seeing Jared hugging Josephine, Lizbeth smiled awkwardly. She was feeling rather jealous, but she dared not show her emotions.

After a few moments, Jared put Josephine down before smiling at Lizbeth. “Lizbeth, you look good wearing a swimsuit. Do you want a hug and several twirls as well?”

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