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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 806

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 806


After gazing at the girls for several moments, Jared was completely stunned. The girls in front of him were none other than Josephine, Lizbeth, Melanie, and Renee.

They were dressed in swimsuits as they played around on the beach. They had divided themselves into two groups as they splashed seawater on each other.

Jared was completely dumbfounded. How come they’re here? And why is Renee here as well?

“Hey, ladies. Would you like to take a speedboat with me and enjoy the sea breeze?”

A man who was dressed fashionably and wearing sunglasses started flirting with Josephine and the girls.

Josephine and the rest glanced at the man and ignored him. He was not the first man that had flirted with them that day.

Seeing how all the girls had ignored him, the man said again, “Ladies, my name is Sebastian Wulfenstein. I’ll have you know that I’m the richest man in Southernshire. Robert Wulfenstein is my father. Do you see that row of speedboats over there? They’re all mine.”

Evidently, Sebastian thought that after introducing himself as the richest man’s son, even the most reserved girls would treat him passionately.

However, Josephine and the rest continued to ignore him as if they did not hear him at all.

The situation put Sebastian in an awkward position.

“Mr. Wulfenstein, there’s no need for you to keep buttering them up since they’re ignoring you. Why don’t you let me and my friends keep you company instead?” a girl with a good figure said beside Sebastian.


Sebastian instantly slapped the girl across the face. “F*ck off. You’re the one who’s buttering me up. Besides, no women in Southernshire can resist my charms.”

With that, he strode toward Josephine in a fury.

The girl who was slapped was so terrified that she dared not say a word. She simply held her cheek as tears welled in her eyes.

At the moment, Josephine looked stunning with her fair skin sparkling under the moonlight.

After approaching Josephine, Sebastian did not say a word and simply stretched out his hand to grab her arm.

Shocked, Josephine wanted to step back, but Sebastian tightened his grip.

“D*mn. Your skin is so smooth,” Sebastian commented with a lecherous grin.

Seeing that Josephine was being harassed, Lizbeth and the rest quickly ran up to her. From a distance, Jared was so enraged that he instantly rushed toward them.

Before Jared could reach them, however, Josephine’s eyes turned cold and she grabbed Sebastian’s collar before flipping him over her shoulder. With a thud, Sebastian fell heavily to the ground.

Coughing violently, Sebastian struggled to catch his breath.

“Mr. Wulfenstein!”

Three burly men who were not far away from the scene anxiously ran toward Sebastian to help him up.

Meanwhile, Jared, who was running toward the girls to help them, came to an abrupt halt. He could not believe that Josephine had learned martial arts within several days that he had not seen her. She even seems really good at it.

Standing still, Jared did not move forward. He wanted to watch how Josephine and the girls were going to handle the matter.

Right at that moment, Lizbeth and the rest had come to Josephine’s side. All of them were glaring at Sebastian and his subordinates.

Lizbeth’s eyes were filled with a murderous look as if she was prepared to end their lives right that instant.

“Lizbeth, Mr. Deragon told us not to cause trouble. So call down, okay? Let’s just wait for Jared to come back,” Josephine said quickly when she noticed the murderous aura Lizbeth was exuding.

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