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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 804

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 804

Kristoff Shalvis

“Huh, that makes sense, I guess. After all, you’re an immortal now. Jared is no match for you. I’m sure you can easily take his life. That b*stard’s days are definitely numbered.” Sean was trying to butter Sylvester up.

Right at that moment, a group of people barged into the room. The person who was leading the group was a young man who was currently sweeping his gaze across the room with an arrogant look.

Then, a subordinate behind the young man stepped forward before he cleared his throat and announced, “Mr. Shalvis has arrived. I will need you all to leave right this instance. We’ve already reserved the entire place.”

He made it sound like the person’s arrival was akin to that of an emperor from the olden days.

Everyone else snorted when they heard the announcement. After all, the people who were eating at the restaurant were all martial artists. Since they were no ordinary people, and some of them had even come from prominent families, those words did not faze them.

Most of the people ignored the announcement, but that was not the case with Sylvester, as his expression suddenly changed.

“Let’s go,” he said.

“Sylvester, what are you afraid of? Who’s that guy?” Sean questioned in utter confusion.

After all, the Cooper family was a prominent family in Jadeborough. Moreover, Sylvester had entered the ancestral land of the Coopers and had even cultivated divine martial art. Why is he so afraid of this Mr. Shalvis?

In fact, Sean had never even heard of the Shalvis family. I don’t think there’s such a family in Jadeborough.

“Shut up.” Sylvester glared at Sean before he got to his feet and walked out of the room.

Seeing that, Sean quickly followed after his brother with their subordinates in tow.

When Sylvester walked past the young man, the latter spared a glance at him.

Even though the Coopers had left, the other people did not move an inch. Clearly, they were not planning on leaving any time soon.

Seeing the situation, the young man’s expression turned cold. Just then, the subordinate who spoke earlier started emitting a terrifying aura. The atmosphere became so cold that people in the restaurant started shivering.

The customers’ expressions started to change before they stood up and left one by one. They could tell that the young man was strong and that he was not someone they could trifle with.

A Martial Arts Grandmaster?

When Jared sensed the young man’s subordinate’s aura, he was stunned. He could not believe that a mere subordinate was a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

In actuality, all the Martial Arts Grandmasters were overlords. As such, it was nigh impossible for them to become another person’s subordinates.

Soon, everyone in the restaurant had fled the scene. Only Jared was left sitting alone in the corner, waiting for his food to be served.

Seeing that Jared was not planning on leaving, the young man’s subordinate gave him a death stare. Within seconds, a wave of murderous aura headed toward Jared.

In response, Jared kept his head lowered. It was as if he did not notice that he was being attacked.

However, when the aura was within striking distance, a barrier appeared over Jared’s skin and blocked out the aura.


The aura which was blocked out hit the table at the side and broke it to smithereens.

The subordinate was shocked at the sight. He stared at Jared in disbelief while his master, Kristoff Shalvis, was stunned.

“Mister, your food is here.”

Just then, the personnel who took Jared’s money earlier came to serve him a sumptuous dinner.

However, when he noticed that all other customers had left and only several people were left in the restaurant, he was startled.

“Place the food down, and you may go,” Jared said calmly to the personnel.

“Huh? Oh, sure.”

The personnel glanced at the table and chair which were smashed to pieces before he quickly nodded.

Since he was working in the hotel, he was aware that there would be customers who would start a fight there frequently. Looking at the situation, he figured that a fight must have happened. He hurriedly put down the dishes and left the place to avoid getting into trouble.

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