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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 801

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 801


Jared was completely shrouded in Declan’s spiritual sense, but he did not resist it at all. He simply let the latter test his capability.

After some time, Declan furrowed his brows slightly. Jared certainly has the power of a Senior Grandmaster. But I noticed there was a hidden aura in him as well. Although I have no idea what it is, it’s probably safe to assume that that’s his trump card. That’s why he’s so confident in winning the battle.

“You’re only a Senior Grandmaster. How dare you challenge me to a fight? Are you seeking death or do you have some powerful backup?” Declan questioned and sneered.

He was trying to insinuate that he had found Jared’s secret.

Yet, Jared replied haughtily, “I don’t need any powerful backup to defeat you. Feel free to come at me with all you have.”

“Hah! How arrogant! I bet I can finish you off with just one hand.”

As he spoke, Declan’s sleeves puffed up. Then, countless specks of light gathered toward him. Before long, his entire body was enveloped by the lights, making him shine like the sun.

Seeing that, Jared immediately activated his spiritual energy. As his fingers began to move swiftly, a thunderstorm started to pick up before him. All the stones on the ground were blown away as the wind became stronger.

Declan smirked when he saw the storm in front of Jared. “What an amateur…”

The next moment, he shot out two charms from his sleeves. The dazzling lights from his body gathered on the charm, and they instantly turned into two giant dragons which were glowing in a shade of gold.

Seeing that, Axton and several other elders were stunned. “Magecraft is amazing…”


With a wave of his hand, the golden dragons dashed toward Jared.

Despite so, Jared was not afraid at all. He waved his hand lightly and directed the storm in front of him toward the two golden dragons. Soon, the thunderstorm had completely swallowed the dragons, and the dragons started spinning inside the storm.

The dragons suddenly disappeared as they were spun rapidly within the thunderstorm, turning them into specks of light again. The thunderstorm also slowly disappeared after that.

After the dust had settled, only a total mess could be seen at the scene. There were no changes in Jared and Declan as if the battle had not even happened.

“Is that all you have?” Jared taunted.

Declan’s face completely darkened as he glared at Jared. He gnashed his teeth and spat, “I didn’t expect you to be so good in magecraft. Seems like I’ve underestimated you. Now, I’ll show you my Dragon Crushing Formation.”

After he finished speaking, he slowly stretched out his palms.

Then, he started mumbling the spell before his hands began to release magic seals. Those magic seals kept making sounds of explosions in the air.

Before long, the peak of the mountain started shaking. There were countless cracks appearing around Jared. Within the cracks, there were some chains with the thickness of an arm. Those black chains were exuding lethal intent.

There were a total of nine chains that resembled pythons baring their fangs. Knowing that those chains would attack him soon, Jared frowned.

Initially, Jared wanted to use Focus Technique to absorb the lethal intent from the Dragon Crushing Formation. However, he knew that before he could absorb all the lethal intent, Declan would kill him first. After all, he had noticed that Declan was much stronger than he had anticipated.

“Dragonslayer Sword.”

Jared splayed his right palm and the magic sword, which was engulfed in flame, appeared in his hand.

Seeing the Dragonslayer Sword, Declan’s eyes widened in shock. “So, this is your powerful backup…”

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