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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 797

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 797


All of a sudden, Axton and the other elders fell to their knees and said in unison, “Welcome, My Lord.”

Jared was startled and hurriedly steadied them up. He did not wish to become the new lord, nor did he have the time to stay in Medicine God Sect.

Donald was at a loss as he did not understand what was happening. How did Jared become the new Lord of Medicine God Sect in just a few days’ time?

“J-” Axton was about to call Jared by his first name, but he quickly realized that it was no longer inappropriate for him to do so. Hence, he hurriedly corrected himself and said, “My Lord, since the previous lord has passed on the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting to you and even hopes for you to bring the sect to greater heights, it is without question that the previous lord has anointed you as the new Lord of Medicine God Sect. Your capabilities and courage are more than sufficient to lead Medicine God Sect.”

“Mr. Knox, I’m afraid that I will not be able to accept the responsibility. I have to tend to my own matters and could not possibly stay here at Medicine God Sect,” Jared rejected in resignation.

“My Lord, I believe that we should honor the old lord’s wishes. It is not necessary for you to stay at Medicine God Sect at all times if you become the new Lord of Medicine God Sect. After all, there is no such requirement that stipulates so,” Axton said.

He knew that Axton had to tend to his own matters, and it would be impractical to ask him to stay at Medicine God Sect at all times.

As long as Jared agreed to take on the role as the new Lord of Medicine God Sect, Axton did not think it was necessary to require his constant presence in the sect.

Of course, Axton had his reasons. At this moment, only Jared knew of the contents of the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting, and the guide was the backbone of Medicine God Sect.

Seeing as Axton and the others were earnest, Jared let out a sigh. “Okay, I shall accept the responsibility. However, I would like to require you and the other elders’ help tending to the matters at Medicine God Sect. In the event of my absence, Mr. Knox, you have full authority to make decisions.”

“Duly noted, My Lord.” Axton and the other elders said in unison.

Donald was stupefied. Nonetheless, he fell to his knees, seeing as the elders were doing the same.

After steadying them up from the ground, Jared returned to Medicine God Hall and fed the rejuvenating pill to Lyanna.

As soon as she ingested the pill, color returned to Lyanna’s face as she regained her vitality.

However, Jared realized that Lyanna had not awakened after some time, and he soon grew anxious.

“My Lord, even though the rejuvenating pill is remarkable, it still requires 49 days for your friend to regain her consciousness. Moreover, she requires ample rest as well,” Axton explained to Jared.

Jared knew that he had to leave Lyanna at Medicine God Sect to recuperate right then. Time was of the essence since there were only a few days left to July 15. Jared had to start traveling to Nameless Island should he wish to arrive before the date. Then again, he would not know what would await him on the island, but Jared could not care less. What mattered most to Jared was the truth about his identity.

He desperately wanted to know who he truly was, whether his parents were still alive, and the truth about the Deragons.

“Mr. Knox, I’m afraid I have to leave Medicine God Sect to tend to my own matters. I will leave my friend here in your care. I will transcribe the contents of the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting and leave the Divine Cauldron for all of you to craft more pills. I hope that all of you will put the pills to good use and save lives to atone for your sins,” Jared said.

Axton and the other elders were surprised to hear Jared’s remarks, seeing as the two items that he would leave behind were priceless treasures, to say the least.

Even when the old lord was still around, he would only show parts of the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting to Axton and the rest. Jared’s magnanimity in leaving the full transcription of the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting and Divine Cauldron to them was truly admirable, especially since not many would do the same.

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