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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 793

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 793


Soon, even the buildings nearby began to collapse. Some people were even blown to the sky because of the violent wind. Everyone scrambled and shrieked for their lives, but the Lord of Medicine God Sect was unfazed by the chaos and had no intention to stop the madness. He merely stared indifferently as innocent people got caught up in the vortex and had their bodies torn into pieces.

Axton and the other elders did their utmost in setting up a barrier to block that tornado’s impact to reduce further damage to the entire Medicine God Sect.

Jared looked up leisurely. Even though he was as tiny as an ant next to the towering tornado, he did not feel afraid. A layer of golden light slowly enveloped Jared’s body. Then the golden light expanded suddenly, causing Jared to appear as if he had become a giant too. Without any hesitation, he stepped into the storm.

Axton was dumbfounded and puzzled when he saw Jared’s foolish action. Is he trying to get himself killed?

Jared had done what Axton feared to do. He was facing the powerful tornado head-on.

The Lord of Medicine God Sect sneered, “Hahaha, what a stupid brat. I’ve offered you the easy way out, yet you refused to accept. Now you’re giving up your life on your own accord.”

The Lord of Medicine God Sect laughed hysterically. He was under the assumption that no one could survive within the tornado, not even a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

The raging tempest was causing shattered pieces of rocks to fly about and the formation of a deep crevice on the ground. Not affected by the howling gale, Jared stood in the middle of the vortex.

Others could no longer distinguish Jared’s figure, but they thought Jared’s body must have been torn and shredded by the unforgiving wind.

With the Focus Technique activated, Jared gradually opened his mouth and swallowed a portion of the lethal intent.

The size and intensity of the tornado decreased progressively until nothing was left.

As the dust clouds began to settle, Jared’s body, covered in dirt, gradually came into sight.

The lethal intent gathered by the Lord of Medicine God Sect using the arcane array had, in turn, benefited Jared and markedly improved his capabilities.

Jared could feel spiritual energy saturating his elixir field and power coursing through his entire being.

“How is this possible?”

Axton and the other elders were shocked to their cores.

They had barely withstood the force of that tornado with their combined effort, yet Jared had come out unscathed from within the tornado.

None of their minds could process what had happened. They were confident that any one of them was equipped with capabilities far exceeding Jared’s, so how did he achieve that feat?

The unexpected turn of events was beyond their comprehension and utterly unimaginable to them.

The Lord of Medicine God Sect’s expression turned somber.

Even Martial Arts Grandmasters like Axton and the others did not dare to face this terrifying tornado formed by lethal intent and packed with overwhelming power head-on, so how did a Senior Grandmaster like Jared enter the center of the tornado without sustaining any damage? How is this possible?

The Lord of Medicine God Sect failed to wrap his mind around what had happened regardless of how hard he contemplated.

“H-How did you do that?” the Lord of Medicine God Sect asked in astonishment.

Jared snorted. “After all, this is the extent of Demonic Cultivation. Demonic Cultivators like you adopt this cultivation method, thinking that this is the fastest way to increase your capabilities, but the truth is, Demonic Cultivation is a huge flaw itself. Take this arcane array as an example. The scale of this spell appeared to be enormous and formidable, but this is all just a facade to frighten others. In my opinion, Demonic Cultivation is simply too insignificant.”

“Insignificant?” Two columns of flames suddenly shot out from the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s eyes as he spoke. At the same time, his body emitted clouds of black smoke. When the black smoke, with properties of gasoline, made contact with the flames, the fire spread quickly all over the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s body.

The Lord of Medicine God Sect ignited with almost his entire body engulfed in flames.

“Inferno Technique!” the Lord of Medicine God Sect roared.

Instantaneously, he unleashed a volley of fireballs from his blazing body.

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