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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 787

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 787

Meet The Lord

Jared stared at the elderly instinctively. His corpse was actually changing slowly. While it initially looked alive, it was starting to darken. Soon, the entire body shriveled and collapsed into a pile of bones.

At that moment, the cave started to tremble. Stones fell from the ceiling, which indicated that the cave was going to collapse.

When Jared saw that, he ran out hurriedly. The cave entrance was buried the moment he left.

Staring at the collapsed cave, Jared was speechless.

I only wanted to see what book it is! I’ve never once thought of inhering the Medicine God Sect.

And I have to spread the fame of the Medicine God Sect far and wide? How would I have the time to manage the Medicine God Sect? I still have a bunch of matters to deal with!

However, since the Holy Guide to Pill Crafting was already inscribed in Jared’s mind, it was pointless to say anything else. All he could do was take it one step at a time.

After jumping down the mountain, Jared started heading back.

Soon after, he bumped into Donald running over hurriedly.

“Mr. Chance!” yelled Donald when he spotted Jared.

“How did you enter, Donald?”

Jared was a bit confused. With a barrier blocking the way, how did Donald come in?

“I don’t know either. I just kept walking forward before seeing you.”

Donald was equally puzzled.

Jared used his spiritual sense to investigate the surroundings and realized that the barrier was gone. He assumed that it was because he had entered that cave.

However, Jared did not say anything and instead went back with Donald.

“Did you find anything, Mr. Chance? Are there any magical items?”

Donald was not foolish. He knew that if someone prepared such a large-scale arcane array, the person was definitely trying to protect something and keep others from trespassing.

“There was nothing!” Jared shook his head.

Donald glanced at Jared. His thin shirt could not hide anything at all.

Still filled with confusion, Donald walked back with Jared. Before they reached their accommodation, they bumped into Axton rushing over.

“What are you doing out and about, Jared? The Lord is back and wants to see you now!” exclaimed Axton when he spotted Donald and Jared walking in from outside.

“Oh, I was a bit bored, so I asked Donald to take me out for a breath of fresh air.” Jared did not expose Donald. “Let’s go!”

Axton did not think about it too much and brought Jared to the Medicine God Hall.

“Jared, the Lord has a strange personality. He’s a spiritual master and is extremely skilled in alchemy. When you meet him, you must not act arrogantly. If you keep a low profile, your friend will definitely be saved…” Axton kept reminding Jared on their way there.

Jared nodded without saying anything. He did not know how to mention that someone had already made him the successor of the Medicine God Sect.

Soon, Axton brought Jared into the hall. At that moment, the other elders were kneeling on the ground. When Axton entered, he fell to his knees immediately.

“My Lord, Jared is here…”

It was obvious that the elders were terrified of the Lord of Medicine God Sect.

Jared gazed at the Lord of Medicine God Sect, who was sitting high up in the hall. His hair was white, but his complexion was very rosy. His skin was as smooth as a baby’s, which was a stark contrast to his hair. Wearing a priest’s robe, he looked like he belonged to the heavenly realm.

The moment Jared saw the Lord of Medicine God Sect, he frowned. He could detect a strong stench of blood from the Lord. Even though the Lord of Medicine God Sect was trying his best to conceal the stench of blood emanating from his body, Jared still noticed it.

Other than the stench of blood, the Lord of Medicine God Sect’s aura was completely different from Axton and the other elders. It was as if he did not belong in the Medicine God Sect.

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