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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 777

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 777

Fight To The Death

Hayden’s face fell when he saw that Jared had cut off Curtis’ hand. If this goes on, we might really fail to kill him.

As that possibility crossed his mind, Hayden suddenly seemed to vanish from where he stood and appeared in front of Jared, catching the latter off guard. Jared wanted to try and break free from his restraints, but Hayden had already delivered a blow right in the middle of his chest.

The blow sent Jared flying backward. He finally succeeded in freeing himself from the chains in mid-air before falling heavily to the ground.

That time, he could not stop himself from coughing up a mouthful of blood.

Glancing down at his chest, he saw that it had caved in from the blow. An imprint of a palm was also clearly visible.

“You’re a stubborn one…” Hayden muttered when he saw that Jared still was not dead yet. He raised his arm high and leaped toward Jared, aiming directly for the latter’s head.

Just then, the big web that covered them suddenly disappeared. At the same time, Hayden felt himself getting thrown back as if something had slammed into his body.

“Who’s there?” he demanded, startled.

Whoever it was, that person had to be highly skilled to force Hayden to retreat while remaining hidden.

“Mr. Xuereb, would you be so kind as to show this old man some respect and leave with your men?”

At that moment, an elderly man walked forward slowly while a young man followed behind him.

The older man with the dignified air was the elder of the Medicine God Sect, Axton Knox, and the young man beside him was Donald Yorkson.

Hayden’s gaze hardened. “Who are you? Why should I show you respect and do as you say?”

He did not recognize the duo standing before him.

“I’m Axton Knox, an elder from the Medicine God Sect. Therefore, I hope you’ll consider taking my advice,” Axton replied slowly.

The expression on Hayden’s face shifted instantly at the mention of the Medicine God Sect.

“Mr. Knox, this b*stard murdered my son. I’m merely avenging my son’s death, so why are you siding with him?”

Despite his question, Hayden’s tone was much less harsh than before.

“This man is an honored guest of the Medicine God Sect. So, of course, I’d help him. You’re the leader of the Empyrean Sect, yet your son dabbles in black magic and has been the ruin of many young ladies. As his father, don’t tell me you were oblivious to what he was doing! I’d say Mr. Chance did everyone a favor by taking your son’s life,” Axton said as he gestured toward Jared. It seemed as if he knew all about Carlos’ cultivation of black magic.

“You…” Hayden’s face flushed scarlet before turning pale, and he turned to glare at Jared furiously. “I’m definitely going to kill him today and avenge my son’s death. After that, I’ll give the Medicine God Sect a lavish gift to apologize for my actions.”

With that, Hayden released a burst of martial energy that made a loud whistling noise as it sped toward Jared.

Since Jared was on the verge of dying, there was no way Hayden would let such an opportunity slip through his fingers.

Axton’s expression turned icy when he saw that Hayden still had the guts to take action in his presence.

“You dare to go against the Medicine God Sect?”

As Axton spoke, he flicked his hand and enveloped Hayden in an invisible aura. When Hayden’s martial energy came into contact with the invisible aura, it dissipated without a trace.

Hayden gritted his teeth and bellowed, “Fall in!”

At his command, the men he brought shifted into a triangular formation while brandishing their blades.

“Mr. Knox, I must kill Jared today. If you insist on standing in the way, then I have no choice but to fight to the death!”

It seemed that Hayden was hell-bent on killing Jared.

Axton snorted coldly. “Don’t you know that you’ve almost exhausted all of your martial energy? Even if you hadn’t, killing you would be as easy as crushing an ant…”

A quick flick of his hand sent a violent gust of wind sweeping toward Hayden and his men like a whirlwind.

Although Hayden braced himself and stood his ground, the strong gale knocked his men off their feet.

By the time it subsided, Hayden’s face was deathly pale. He opened his mouth, and a mouthful of blood spewed out at once.

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