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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 773

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 773

Go Back On His Words

Looking at the sword in his hand, Hayden began laughing out loud. “Wonderful. This is a great sword indeed.” He did not expect Dragonslayer Sword could even resonate with the user’s thoughts.

Meanwhile, Curtis was watching everything from the side with a look of envy. It looked as though Dragonslayer Sword was much better than his Sword of Evil.

“Now that I’ve given you my sword, you won’t kill me, right?” Jared asked Hayden who was still laughing heartily.

Hayden scoffed, “Hmph, if I don’t kill you, how will my son’s soul rest in peace? You know what? I think it’s better for you to guard his grave in hell.” With that, Hayden waved Dragonslayer Sword around, transferring a great amount of martial energy onto it. Immediately, dark brown flames started rising from the sword.

“So, you’re a Demonic Cultivator too. No wonder you didn’t keep your word.” When Jared saw Hayden lifting Dragonslayer Sword, he did not flee. Instead, he remained composed.

Despite that, Hayden did not speak. He brandished Dragonslayer Sword, which had terrifying energy that felt as though it was going to engulf Jared.

When Hayden was about to slash Dragonslayer Sword at Jared, the former suddenly realized he could not control the weapon. Furthermore, the martial energy within him was constantly being drained, absorbed by Dragonslayer Sword.

Shock crept onto his face, and he wanted to throw Dragonslayer Sword away. To his dismay, the sword seemed to be stuck to his hand.

At the same time, Dragonslayer Sword was constantly absorbing the martial energy from his elixir field. Seeing that, Hayden squinted, released a sudden burst of martial energy from his palm, and threw the sword into the air.

Suddenly, Dragonslayer Sword spun around mid-air and made a cut on Hayden’s left arm before returning to Jared’s hand.

As soon as Jared grabbed hold of it, all the martial energy in the sword was channeled back into his body, replenishing his elixir field.

Truth was, Dragonslayer Sword had already become a part of Jared’s body as if it was one of his limbs.

When he saw how much Hayden fancied Dragonslayer Sword, he had an idea. As long as Hayden could hold it, Jared would use Focus Technique to absorb all the martial energy in the former’s body.

Although the sword was blasted away by Hayden, Jared’s strength had recovered a lot, while Hayden lost much of his martial energy. On top of that, even his left arm was injured.

“You animal! I swear I’m going to kill you today!” Seeing the wound on his left arm, Hayden flew into a rage, and a dark brown aura surrounded him. At the same time, the wound healed at top speed before everyone’s eyes.

Meanwhile, an enormous black web that had a radius of about a hundred meters surrounded both Jared and Hayden. It was Hayden’s way of preventing Jared from escaping.

Jared’s eyes widened when he saw Hayden’s body healing at an incredible speed. Looks like this person’s body is tougher than mine.

Soon after that, a layer of black mist appeared around Hayden’s body, making him look as though he had put on a layer of scales. In the next second, he threw a punch at Jared.

Jared immediately raised his arm and brandished Dragonslayer Sword. Its powerful energy struck Hayden’s body, making a series of noises. Unfortunately, the strike could not penetrate through Hayden’s defense.

Moreover, Hayden did not slow down. He threw a punch at Jared that caused the latter to fly backward and fall heavily onto the ground.

Jared could feel as if his internal organs were tumbling on the inside. Even so, he still endured it and got up slowly.

Although the punch sent a powerful vibration throughout his body, it did not cause much harm. After all, Jared’s tough body was as strong as an iron wall.

When Hayden saw him standing up without a single scratch on him, he was stunned. Even the mark of his fist was not on Jared’s body.

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