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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1154

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1154

The Savior

“Sc*mbag! I’d strived painstakingly for my current achievement throughout these years. How could you expect to take over everything from me?” The next moment, Freddy went berserk and threw his punch toward Finley, vowing to annihilate his cold-hearted younger brother.

Horror-stricken, Finley hid behind Terrell’s back hastily. At the same time, one of the Senior Grandmasters behind Terrell streaked over and stuck Freddy with a kick.

The latter fell to the ground due to the impact of the massive kick, and ghastly blood spewed out of his mouth.

Glowering menacingly at Finley, Freddy gritted his teeth. “Even if I meet my end now, everything in the Wood family won’t fall into your hands too!”

At the sight of an injured Freddy lying on the ground, Finley moved from behind Terrell with sheer triumph on his face. “That’s none of your business. By then, I’ll explain to everyone that your tragic fate is a tragedy. After that, I’ll surely be appointed as the new head of the Wood family. Furthermore, I know that you have a few gorgeous mistresses elsewhere. After you’re gone forever, I can help to take great care of them on behalf of you too.”

“B*stard! You’re undoubtedly a b*stard!” At the peak of fury, Freddy trembled all over. Mouthfuls of blood spurted non-stop from his mouth.

It never came to him that he would be in such a pathetic state. Looking up at the sky, he heaved a deep sigh. “It must be a retribution…”

He lost count of the innocent lives he had snatched so far in his lifetime. Inevitably, his heinousness was the key to his current success.

Now that he was set up by his own brother, Freddy could not help but think that he was paying the price for what he had done.

“Kill me! Kill me now…” Freddy shut his eyes. No words could describe his utter despair at the moment.

Terrell cast a look in Finley’s direction and handed him a dagger. “Finish him off now!”

Startled, Finley dared not take it from him. He shook his head frantically and stuttered, “Mr. Duncan, I-I don’t dare to do that!”

“If you don’t finish him off now, it implies that you’re not faithful to the Duncan family. If so, I can only kill you!” Terrell threatened him somberly.

Feeling a shiver down his spine, Finley had no choice but to take the dagger from Terrell with his trembling hands, dragging himself toward Freddy.

As Finley moved closer, Freddy glared ferociously at him. Clenching his teeth, Freddy hissed, “B*stard, you’ll rot in h*ll!”

“Pfft! You won’t live long enough to see how I meet my end.” The next moment, Finley raised the dagger to stab Freddy.


All of a sudden, a crisp sound rang out when the dagger in Finley’s hand was about to penetrate Freddy’s body. In a split second, the dagger was flung out of his hand.

Finley was petrified. Meanwhile, Terrell was flabbergasted. “Who’s that?”

The three Senior Grandmasters scanned the surroundings apprehensively.

“I still need to discuss a business deal with him. You can’t kill him yet.” A voice with intense frigidness sounded. On the heels of that, a figure came into sight.

“M-Mr. Chance?” Freddy’s face lit up the moment he caught a glimpse of the man.

It never crossed his mind that Jared would suddenly appear. The lucky star is indeed shining upon me!

Terrell stared at Jared and asked warily, “Who’re you?”

“Didn’t I mention it a while ago? I’m here for a business deal,” Jared responded nonchalantly as he walked toward Freddy and pulled him up from the ground.

“M-Mr. Chance, you’re here at the right time! What a close shave for me!” Nonplussed, Freddy started to stammer. If Jared had not emerged at the eleventh hour, he would have turned into a lifeless body.

“I’m here for a business deal with you. I intend to rent a cruise ship. What a coincidence.” Jared flashed Freddy a faint smile.

“Mr. Chance, you can inform me at any moment if you need a ship. You can even choose anyone that you like. There’s no need for you to rent one,” Freddy replied matter-of-factly.

At the moment, Jared was considered Freddy’s savior. Thus, he would not even think twice about letting Jared have all the ships, let alone let him use any.

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