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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1153

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1153

Spend Extravagantly

Terrell threw Freddy an inappreciative glance before snapping coldly, “Freddy Wood, the Wood family has been dominating the dock of Southernshire for many years. I bet you’ve gained more than enough throughout these years. Don’t you think you should at least let the others earn a living too?

About ninety percent of more than one hundred ships of various sizes in Southernshire are in the Wood family’s possession. Have you ever thought whether you’ll live long enough to spend the money earned all this while?”

In an instant, Freddy’s face fell. It never occurred to him that Terrell would be so impolite toward him. After all, he was still the latter’s elder.

Wearing a look of grimness, Freddy tried to stifle the burning rage surging from within him by all means. “Terrell, the Wood family and the Duncan family are—”

“Stop that! My family has nothing to do with yours. Mark my words! I’m here today to acquire the Wood family. If you hand over all the Wood family’s property to me willingly, I might consider sparing your life.” Before Freddy could finish his words, Terrell waved his hand and cut him off. With that, he had burned all bridges with the former.

Subsequently, Freddy’s frown deepened into a scowl. Even so, he tried to negotiate with Terrell. “Let me put it this way. How about I hand over eighty percent of my family’s business at the dock to the Duncan family? You can have all those ships too. I’m more than happy if you can grant my wish to keep two cruise ships.”

Terrell’s face turned somber instantaneously. “Don’t you understand my words? I want all the property in the Wood family’s possession!”

Freddy blew a fuse right away, widening his eyes. “Terrell Duncan, don’t you think you’ve gone overboard? Can’t you just show some mercy on the Wood family? Throughout my years of prominence in Southernshire, I’ve never thought of wiping out the Duncan family, have I?”

“Pfft! So what? Do you think you can stop me from going overboard? Or perhaps you’ll only be willing to hand over all your family’s property after I annihilate everyone in the Wood family?” Terrell snorted fearlessly, buoyed up by the three Senior Grandmasters behind him.

Gritting his teeth, Freddy bellowed, “That’s merely your wishful thinking! Don’t ever think that you can obtain the Wood family’s property even after annihilating everyone in my family! You’re not the only one having someone backing you up. I can seek help from someone formidable too. By then, I’ll eradicate the Duncan family!”

“Hahaha! You’re too naïve! Don’t forget that the Wood family doesn’t belong to you alone. After finishing you off, someone else will surely hand over the Wood family’s property to me willingly!” Terrell guffawed and clapped his hands.

Shortly after, someone dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses like a gentleman emerged. Surprisingly, he bore a resemblance to Freddy.

Catching sight of the man, Freddy was stunned. “Finley, why are you back?”

The man was none other than Finley Wood, Freddy’s younger brother!

Freddy had successfully built his own career and later funded Finley’s education at the university. After that, he even appointed the latter as the general manager of his branch company. He could not fathom why his younger brother was suddenly back.

Nonetheless, Finley paid no heed to him and advanced toward Terrell before greeting the latter respectfully, “Mr. Duncan.”

Gazing at him, Terrell cut the crap. “If I appoint you as the head of the Wood family now, do you have any idea what you should do?”

“Of course! I’ll hand over all the Wood family’s property to the Duncan family. On top of that, we’ll bow to you and be your branch family!” Finley buttered Terrell up with a fawning smile.

“Freddy Wood, did you hear that? After you’re gone forever, the Wood family will become our branch family.” Terrell stared at Freddy triumphantly.

Irked by Finley’s words, Freddy turned crimson with fury. “Finley, you sc*mbag! Were you aware of what you’d mentioned?”

“Needless to say, I’m fully aware of that. After years of being the head of the Wood family, you even possess greater fortune than some other prominent families in Jadeborough.

But look at me. I’m only a general manager receiving a fixed salary. Is that fair? I want to be the head of the family too, so I’ll be able to spend extravagantly and surrounded by gorgeous women!” Finley raised his head and lashed out at Freddy.

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