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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1146

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1146

Breaking The Formation

“There’s no earthquake, so why is the tower shaking?” Jericho asked with a frown.

“Could it be that Jared is trying to take the tower down, Mr. Jericho?” whispered one of the Rowling family’s servants.

The look on Jericho’s face changed the moment he heard that.

Coby sent me over to protect this tower. He’ll have my head if I let Jared take it down!

“Come on! Let’s go check it out!” Jericho shouted as he led his men toward the Pentacarna Tower.

As they got within a few dozen meters of Pentacarna Tower, one of the Rowling family’s servants in front suddenly let out a sharp cry.

The next thing they knew, a dense cloud of murderous intent appeared before their eyes. The cloud slowly moved about and enshrouded the Pentacarna Tower.

As the cloud of murderous intent engulfed the Rowling family servant that screamed earlier, he exploded into hundreds of tiny chunks in front of everyone.

It was such a gruesome sight that some of the men started vomiting on the spot.

Jericho’s expression turned incredibly gloomy when he saw that.

He wasn’t expecting Jared to set up a Death Trap Formation around Pentacarna Tower.

“F*ck!” Jericho cursed as he had his men retreat and wait for Coby to arrive.

There was no way he would dare test the trap himself.

The sky had turned completely dark by the time Coby arrived in Xenhall about five hours later.

“Mr. Coby!”

Jericho and his men ran up to Coby when they saw him coming.

“Where’s Jared?” Coby asked.

“Jared is right inside this tower, Mr. Coby! He set up a Death Trap Formation around the tower!” Jericho replied while pointing at the remains of the Rowling family servant who died just now.

The look on Coby’s face changed when he saw the gruesome state of the body.

D*mn… I didn’t think Jared was capable of setting up Death Trap Formations! These men are at least Martial Arts Grandmasters, so this trap must be really powerful if it can kill them so easily. Even a mage would take a long time to prepare such a powerful trap. I can’t believe Jared managed to do it in just a few hours!

With that in mind, Coby slowly made his way forward and held his hand out.

“Be careful, Mr. Coby!” Jericho called out to him.

Coby kept quiet and continued walking forward with his hand outstretched.

When his hand was almost touching the Death Trap Formation, it activated on its own all of a sudden. A shiny cloud of murderous intent began attacking Coby, forcing him to pull his hand back.

Despite him being ready for the incoming attack, it still managed to leave a tiny cut on his arm.

Coby’s expression grew solemn when he saw the wound.

This cloud of murderous intent sure is powerful…

“All of you, get back!” he ordered Jericho to have their men retreat to safety.

Coby then clenched his fist and charged up his power before punching at the air in front of him.


As if the fist had collided with an invisible barrier, ripples formed in the air upon impact, and the Death Trap Formation slowly became visible.

Jared was snapped out of his cultivation state by the huge commotion.

He could feel someone trying to destroy his Death Trap Formation through brute force.

Jared then quickly got up and stepped out of the Pentacarna Tower, only to see a man repeatedly punching at his Death Trap Formation.

Each punch was so powerful that the Death Trap Formation was starting to weaken from the abuse.

“That’s Jared, Mr. Coby!” Jericho shouted when he saw Jared come out of the tower.

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