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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1142

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1142

 Beware Of Tricks

Though he did not know about the grudge between Coby and Jared, Skylar assumed that his host and Jared had crossed paths before when Coby struck under the assumption that he, Skylar, was Jared from their first meeting.

Unbeknownst to Skylar, Coby did not actually have a grudge. Instead, Coby’s intention to duel with Jared was just to stroke his ego.

Skylar hurriedly set his coffee down and stood up when Coby appeared in the hall.

“Mr. Coby!” Skylar called out courteously.

“Mr. Norton, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit to my humble abode? Oh, you appear injured!”

Coby leered at Skylar as he continued, “Who in such a destitute place as Xenhall would dare to lay a finger on you, Mr. Norton?”

Skylar did not take Coby’s ridicule to heart, as he was in the latter’s house asking for his help.

“Weren’t you seeking Jared, Mr. Coby?” Skylar said pleasantly. “I’m here today to inform you of his movements.”

“Oh? Are your injuries a gift from Jared, then? I’m afraid to disappoint you, but I do not have a grudge against Jared. Your information about his movements is useless to me. I’m not going to pick a fight with Jared for your sake.”

Coby leaned his face closer to Skylar’s as he continued his torment, “Why don’t you return to your home for reinforcements to avenge yourself?”

Skylar’s expression stiffened before quickly regaining his calm. “I’m not here to ask for your help fighting Jared today, Mr. Coby. I have a secret to tell you. It is something good for you Rowlings.”

Coby’s eyes narrowed as his gaze fixated on Skylar. “Are you referring to the secret of the tower at Gardner Manor?”

Skylar was taken aback. “How did you know?” he blurted.

Coby roared with laughter at Skylar’s expression. “Hah! I wasn’t sure before, but I am now. There is a secret to the tower at Gardner Manor.”

Skylar froze as he realized Coby had tricked him. Coby had hitherto been unaware of the secret of Pentacarna Tower.

Skylar nodded. “You are right. There is a secret to the tower at Gardner Manor. Thanks to it, I have been able to break through so quickly to become a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster.”

“Really?” Coby asked curiously. “What secrets does it contain?”

Skylar glanced about him in response.

Coby understood at once. “Leave us, all of you,” he ordered.

“Be wary of any tricks, Mr. Coby,” Jericho reminded Coby in a whisper to the latter’s ear.

“Tricks, my foot! He’s no match for me, even in his prime! Besides, he’s injured anyway. Leave us, all of you.”

Coby flapped his hand irritably.

Soon, only Coby and Skylar remained in the hall.

“You may speak now,” Coby said brusquely.

Skylar gritted his teeth before relenting by telling Coby, whose eyes were ablaze, all the secrets of Pentacarna Tower.

“Who would have thought there was such an amazing artifact at Gardner Manor? It turns out this tower has been the cause of Karl’s meteoric progress, even becoming Baron of the Northwest.”

Coby licked his lips before continuing, “Thank you for telling me all this, Mr. Norton. Rest assured, the tower at Gardner Manor now belongs to the Rowlings. Nobody else will be allowed access. Of course, that includes you Nortons. If you still wish to occupy the tower, it would depend on the approval of us Rowlings.”

Skylar was taken aback. “Are you not going to deal with Jared, Mr. Coby?” he asked with a frown.

Coby cackled jeeringly. “Why would I deal with him if he’s going to leave Xenhall quietly? Besides, he can’t move the entire tower, can he?”

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