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A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1137

A Man Like None Other & The Mans Decree Chapter 1137


Jared’s body slammed hard onto the ground and even caused a huge crater.

The manor, which was under construction, had turned into ruins.

Blood gushed out from Jared’s mouth, and there was a ghastly wound on his body.

“Hahaha! That’s it?”

Skylar returned to his original form and ridiculed Jared.

Jared got up slowly, wiped the blood away, and smiled.

Skylar was taken aback when he saw Jared smiling. “Death is upon you. Yet, you are smiling?”

“How do you know death is upon me?”

Jared smiled coldly and stretched his arm out. Instantaneously, the Dragonslayer Sword appeared in his hand.

There were flames on the Dragonslayer Sword, and they turned half the sky a shade of bright red.

“Hmph! You won’t be able to hurt me with a sword,” sneered Skylar.

Once again, Skylar turned his body into flashes of incantations.

“Nine Shadows…”

Jared began spinning, and thereafter, one of him became two, two turned into three…

In the end, there were six identical Jareds standing in front of Skylar with the Dragonslayer Swords in their hands.

At that moment, the spells also turned into a humongous palm again and slammed down on Jared.

Six Jareds versus six humongous palms.

There was a wave of martial energy on every palm.


The palms came crashing down.

Jared raised the Dragonslayer Sword and yelled, “Come forth—spiritual fire!”

Huge flames engulfed the six Dragonslayer Swords immediately. The flames shot up into the sky and reached as high as ten meters.

Instantaneously, the burning flames pierced through the gigantic palms.


One agonizing cry sounded, and the palms disappeared quickly.

Next, a human form appeared, but it was engulfed in flames.

It was Skylar’s body, and there were still burning flames on his clothes.

“Fire! Fire!”

Skylar tried his best to put out the flames. In the end, he had to roll on the ground in order to do that.

Just as Skylar heaved a sigh of relief, he saw a golden hand coming toward him.

His expression changed instantly. He wanted to get away. However, it felt as if his body had been restrained, and there was no way he could get away!

Jared grabbed Skylar’s collar and brought him to his face.

Due to the flames, Skylar’s face had been blackened, and he looked wretched. There was disbelief in his eyes.

“That’s it?”

Jared smiled before giving him a tight slap.


With a deafening boom, a palm print appeared on Skylar’s face.

His teeth fell out, and blood began gushing out too.

“That’s it?”

With another mockery, Jared slapped him again.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Jared slapped Skylar on both sides of his face until his face swelled up like a pig’s head.

It was Jared’s intention to humiliate Skylar until his psychological defense collapsed completely.

The next time he saw Jared again, he would run for his life.

Since Skylar was part of the Norton family from Jadeborough, Jared did not plan to kill him.

If Jared wanted to rescue his mother and Josephine, then it would not be wise to have another enemy in Jadeborough.

The Deragons and the Warriors Alliance were enough to keep Jared’s hands full.

When Jared beat up those samurai from Jetroina and cut off Warren’s head, it served as a warning to the influential families in Jadeborough so that they knew he was not someone to toy around with.

After countless slaps, Skylar’s face was swollen beyond recognition.

His eyes became so narrow that he resembled a dog who had been stung by a bee.

The moment Jared let go of him, Skylar fell to the ground like a dead dog.

“You’re not a worthy opponent of mine. Get lost! If you dare to provoke me the next time, I will kill you,” threatened Jared as he stared at Skylar.

With that, Jared left for the Pentacarna Tower.

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