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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 891-892

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 891-892

Chapter 891

  It’s just that at this moment, Zhao Chuang’s face can no longer be seen with that exaggerated appearance. Instead, his face is full of vicissitudes and thinness. The whole person seems to be a dozen years old.

  It had only been more than a month, and Chen Ping was surprised by Zhao Chuang’s changes.

  ”Big Brother Chen, Big Brother Chen…”

  Seeing Chen Ping, Zhao Chuang jumped up and cried.

  ”Zhao Chuang, stop crying, what happened?”

  Chen Ping frowned.

  ”Brother Chen, my dad, my dad…”

  Zhao Chuang sobbed and pointed to the hall in the villa.

  Chen Ping didn’t wait for Zhao Chuang to finish speaking, his figure flashed, and he entered the villa directly.

  At this moment, in the hall of the villa, there are white cloths hanging all around, everyone is wearing white filial piety clothes, and many people are crying.

  Chen Ping looked towards the center of the hall, where a person was lying, covered with a yellow cloth.

  Chen Ping stepped forward in a hurry and lifted the yellow cloth at once!

  ”Who are you?”

  Seeing that someone rushed into the hall and lifted the yellow cloth covering Zhao Liguo’s body, the filial piety villa disciples were furious, and they were about to attack Chen Ping.

  ”Stop it all…”

  At this time, Zhao Chuang also followed and yelled at everyone in the villa.

  Seeing Zhao Chuang speak, the disciples of the villa then stopped and looked at Chen Ping blankly.

  Chen Ping looked at Zhao Liguo and saw that Zhao Liguo was pale and motionless, and there was blood on the corner of his mouth.

  Chen Ping slowly put his hand on Zhao Liguo’s wrist, and a spiritual power was input into Zhao Liguo’s body. At the same time, Chen Ping also directly enveloped Zhao Liguo’s body with his own consciousness.

  Chen Ping is going to take a two-pronged approach to see if Zhao Liguo can still be saved.

  Soon, Chen Ping found out that there was still a faint aura in Zhao Liguo’s body, and even Zhao Liguo’s heart was still beating slightly, but this heart vein was protected. Can’t find out.

  Seeing that Zhao Liguo was still saved, a smile appeared on Chen Ping’s face, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

  ”Zhao Chuang, what happened to your father?”

  Chen Ping looked at Zhao Chuang and asked.

  ”Brother Chen…” Zhao Chuang followed Chen Ping to speak.

  It turned out that after the news that Chen Ping devoured Longjing spread, many people began to find Chen Ping’s whereabouts, but Chen Ping seemed to have evaporated from the world.

  The Pilimen, Xuanyuan’s family, and even Qin’s family are constantly looking for trouble in Wuying Mountain Villa. They think that Zhao Liguo hid Chen Ping and wants to swallow Longjing for himself!

  In the end, the three joined forces to force Zhao Liguo to reveal Chen Ping’s whereabouts, but Zhao Liguo didn’t say anything at all, even if he wanted to, Zhao Liguo didn’t know.

  Seeing that Zhao Liguo was stubborn and refused to speak, the three families attacked Wuying Villa together, causing a lot of casualties, and Zhao Liguo was outnumbered and severely injured. After a few days, he passed away.

  ”Pilimen, Xuanyuan’s family, Qin’s family…”

  Chen Ping’s eyes were slightly condensed, and murderous intent filled his eyes!

  ”Brother Chen, my dad…is my dad…”

  ”Zhao Zhuangzhuang still has help. Don’t touch him these few days. You can do whatever you want. Don’t let outsiders know that your father is not dead yet. …”

  Chen Ping warned Zhao Chuang.

  Chen Ping was afraid that the three families knew that Zhao Liguo was not dead, and they were coming to ask for trouble. How could they be able to resist the people of Wuying Mountain Villa alone.

  ”Really? Is my dad really not dead?” Zhao Chuang’s face was full of excitement.

  ”I’m going to Yaoshen Valley now, you have to handle the matter of Shadowless Villa…”

  Chen Ping patted Zhao Chuang on the shoulder.

  ”Brother Chen, don’t worry, I will…”

  Zhao Chuang nodded firmly, Chen Ping could see that this guy had grown a lot in just one month.

  Leaving from Shadowless Villa, Chen Ping didn’t dare to delay for half a minute.

Chapter 892

  He knew that Zhao Liguo couldn’t wait too long. If Zhao Liguo hadn’t been strong from the beginning and used his strength to protect his heart, he would have been a corpse by now.

  Chen Ping now has to rush to Yaoshen Valley as soon as possible, practice Huitian Pill, and let Zhao Liguo come back to life.

  As for the black jade intermittent paste that Lin Tianhu and Chifeng need, they can wait for refining, after all, the two of them are not life-threatening.

  Before he knew it, Chen Ping had already walked into a mountain forest, and after passing through it, he could enter the entrance of Yaoshen Valley.

  But just as Chen Ping continued to walk forward, he suddenly stopped, and then his eyes looked around.

  ”It took me so long to be discovered. You are considered a master of martial arts. Don’t you feel ashamed to hide like a rat?”

  Chen Ping said coldly with a cold face.

  ”It’s good to have eaten Longjing, the spirit detection is really good, even if we hide our breath, you are still aware of it…” The

  voice fell, and the five figures burst out quickly.

  These five people were all in the realm of Wuzong, and they were surrounded by Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping glanced at them and knew who these people were, because Xuanyuan Rong, who had been humiliated by him, was among them.

  ”Chen Ping, didn’t expect us to meet so soon, right? As I said, I won’t let you go…”

  Xuanyuanrong looked at Chen Ping coldly, his eyes full of anger.

  It seems that the blow and humiliation to Xuanyuan Rong yesterday made this guy always bear a grudge.

  Chen Ping’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Stop talking nonsense, just take revenge, I don’t have time to talk to you…”

  Chen Ping didn’t have time to waste time with them here.

  ”At such a young age, he has such daring and courage. He didn’t have five martial sects, but he was not afraid at all. As expected, he was a hero…”

  At this time, a man who looked similar to Xuanyuan Rong had a stern expression on his face. The middle-aged man spoke up.

  ”Big brother, this kid chopped off Xiao Kai’s arm. Today we are going to torture him to avenge Xiao Kai…”

  Xuanyuan Rong said to the middle-aged man.

  Only then did Chen Ping know that this person turned out to be Xuanyuan Yan, the head of the Xuanyuan family, which made Chen Ping’s heart a little nervous.

  He didn’t expect Xuanyuan Yan to go out in person, it seemed that the Xuanyuan family really attached great importance to him.

  ”It’s just an arm, it’s not a big deal. As the saying goes, it’s not a good idea to break up an enemy. If you can spit out Long Jing and give it to me, I promise that the Xuanyuan family will write off your grievances and never bother you…”

  Xuanyuan What Yan wanted was Long Jing, and he didn’t care about his son’s arm at all.

  Chen Ping glanced around slowly. He was looking for an opportunity to escape. Facing Xuanyuanyan and several Wuzong masters, Chen Ping was not sure that he could win, not to mention that he did not have time to fight them here.

  ”You don’t have to think about escaping. Today you can’t fly with your wings on, so you should hand over Long Jing obediently to avoid suffering…”

  Xuanyuanyan saw Chen Ping’s thoughts long ago, and smiled lightly.

  ”As the head of the Xuanyuan clan, don’t you feel embarrassed for your Xuanyuan clan when the five martial sects dealt with one of my great masters? If you have the ability, we will go head to head.”

  Chen Ping sneered at Xuanyuan Yan.

  ”Hahaha, shame? What’s there to be ashamed of? Even if I kill you now, who will see it, who will know? You don’t have to use aggressive tactics against me. Although you are in the realm of a great master, but The strength has already surpassed Wu Zong, my second brother can’t do a single move in your hands, you should pretend to be pitiful…”

  Xuanyuanyan is not fooled by Chen Ping at all, it seems that if Chen Ping does not hand over Long Jing, they will will start together.

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