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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 877-878

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 877-878

Chapter 877

  As soon as Tang Hongying left, Xiaolan ran into Chen Ping’s room with a swish.

  When Chen Ping saw Xiaolan suddenly broke in, he was so frightened that he hurriedly covered his body with a quilt and curled up to a corner.

  ”What are you going to do?”

  Chen Ping asked Xiaolan.

  ”What do you think I’m going to do, this lonely man?”

  Xiao Lan smiled and stepped forward and lifted Chen Ping’s quilt.

  But when the quilt was lifted, Xiaolan was stunned: “Why are you still wearing clothes when you sleep?”

  I saw Chen Ping wearing clothes, not as Xiaolan thought.

  ”I put on clothes to sleep, just to protect you, a little slut…”

  Chen Ping raised the corner of his mouth and stood up a little smugly.

  ”Hmph, bastard, sooner or later, let you obey me obediently…”

  Xiao Lan pouted and snorted coldly, and could only follow Chen Ping out of the room.

  Near noon, Chen Ping drove his parents and Xiaolan to the hotel in the town. After arriving in the box, Chen Yingxia and Chen Ping’s second aunt had already arrived.

  ”Sister Xiaolan, sit here…”

  After Chen Yingxia saw Xiaolan, she hurriedly greeted Xiaolan and sat beside her.

  Xiaolan originally wanted to sit next to Chen Ping, but was called away by Chen Yingxia.

  And Chen Ping was pulled by his second aunt to ask questions, and Chen Ping could only answer one by one.

  Ten minutes later, the box door was pushed open, and two people walked in, one old and one young. The old man looked to be fifty or sixty years old, while the young man looked about the same age as Chen Ping.

  ”Big brother…”

  Tang Hongying hurriedly got up to meet the person who came.

  It turned out that this person was Tang Hongying’s cousin Tang Shili, and the young man was his son Tang Hui.

  Although Tang Hongying greeted her very enthusiastically, Tang Shili’s expression did not see much change, she just glanced at everyone and sat on the master’s seat.

  And Tang Hui, who was behind him, also had a proud face. When his eyes fell on Chen Yingxia and Xiaolan, he obviously stopped for a moment.

  ”Chen Ping, Yingxia, this is your uncle and your cousin…”

  Tang Hongying said to Chen Ping and Chen Yingxia.

  ”Hello uncle, hello cousin…”

  Chen Yingxia got up and said hello.

  However, Chen Ping didn’t move or speak. From the expression on Tang Shili’s face just after entering the door, Chen Ping could see that there was no family in his eyes. The reason why he called to eat together should be just to show off. Ping will not come.

  Seeing that Chen Ping did not move, Tang Hongying had no choice but to explain to Tang Shili: “Brother, don’t take offense, Chen Ping is a little talkative…”

  Tang Shili looked at Chen Ping, and then said to Tang Hongying: “Hongying, it is not a big brother. Speaking of you, look at how you pampered your child? The one who just came out of jail is yours, right?”

  Tang Hongying’s face was suddenly embarrassed, but she could only smile and nod her head: “Yes!

  ” See, if you don’t discipline the child, someone will discipline you, this prison sentence will end your life, and in the future, you will only be a little bastard, the kind of person who is rejected…”

  Tang Shili looked aloof. , preaching to Tang Hongying.

  Although Tang Hongying was displeased, she didn’t dare to say anything. At this moment, Chen Baoguo also froze and lit a cigarette.

  ”Brother, it’s not easy for you to come back. Let’s order food for dinner first. By the way, what big business are you doing in the provincial capital?”

  Seeing this, Second Aunt Chen Ping hurriedly opened up the topic.

  ”I didn’t do any big business, just engaged in real estate and tourism. When I came back this time, I also planned to turn several nearby towns into a tourist attraction…”

  Tang Shili said.

  ”That’s great!” Chen Ping’s second aunt smiled, and then set her eyes on Tang Hui: “What is Xiaohui doing now? I haven’t seen it for many years. I used to be a little kid, but now I have grown so high.”

Chapter 878 Rolls-Royce_

  ”I arranged a position for him in a government department, and now he is a section chief…”

  Tang Shili said.

  ”Section chief?” Aunt Chen Ping sucked in a breath of air: “In a place like the provincial capital, being a section chief is probably bigger than our mayor in Hongcheng, right?”

  ”That’s not true, but I follow the mayor of Hongcheng. Ling Zhenchuan often drinks together…”

  Tang Hui said at this time.

  Although it seems humble, there is no modest meaning in that tone.

  ”It’s really amazing to be able to drink with the mayor. In the future, you should help auntie more…”

  Chen Ping’s second aunt smiled.

  Tang Hui did not answer Chen Ping’s second aunt, but sat beside Tang Shili, looked at Xiaolan, and then asked, “Who is this, why don’t I have an impression?”

  ”This is Chen Ping’s friend, come together. Have a Mid-Autumn Festival…”

  Tang Hongying explained.

  But this explanation, in the eyes of others, Xiaolan is Chen Ping’s girlfriend.

  Tang Hui glanced at Chen Ping jealously, but did not speak.

  At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a man in his forties walked in.

  ”Senior Tang, I’m sorry, I’m late…” The visitor

  respectfully followed Tang Hui.

  ”Mayor Cui?”

  Chen Baoguo and the others hurriedly got up when they saw the person coming. The person coming was the mayor of their town.

  ”Mayor Cui, we just arrived, find a place to sit…”

  Tang Hui said proudly.

  Despite Tang Hui’s attitude, Mayor Cui didn’t care at all and hurriedly sat beside Tang Hui.

  Soon, people kept walking into the private room, either the mayor or the director, and the room was quickly filled.

  Chen Ping and the others were squeezed into a corner, and Xiao Lan sat next to Chen Ping as she wished.

  ”Chen Ping, what kind of uncle are you? This is a family banquet. It’s obviously someone else who was invited. You are just to accompany you…”

  Xiaolan whispered to Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping has long seen that this Tang Shili is just to show off in front of the two of them, so he called them here.

  Now the whole private room is full of people, all the local officials, and they continue to follow Tang Shili and Tang Hui toast, but Chen Ping and the other two, but no one takes a second look.

  The two families were embarrassed at this time, but they were too embarrassed to get up and leave.

  ”Senior Tang, your Tang family is doing business in the provincial capital. You really have a lot of money. I see a Beijing-brand Rolls-Royce parked outside. It must be driven by you, right? Why is that car? How many millions?”

  Cui Zhenchang said to Tang Hui with envy in his eyes.

  ”Beijing Rolls-Royce?” Tang Hui was taken aback, then looked at his father, Tang Shili.

  ”Rolls-Royce, or Beijing brand?” Tang Shili was also a little confused, so he asked Mayor Cui: “What license?”

  ”It seems to be Beijing E……”

  Mayor Cui said the license plate number.

  ”Why does this license plate sound so familiar?” Tang Shili frowned slightly.

  ”Dad, isn’t this Mr. Bai’s car, why is it here?”

  Tang Hui said in surprise.

  ”Yes, it’s Mr. Bai’s car. It sounds familiar to me. Could it be that Mr. Bai has come to Hongcheng?”

  Tang Shili was also full of surprise!

  ”I’ll take a look…” After Tang Hui finished speaking, he got up and walked to the window, looking at the car outside through the window.

  When he saw it clearly, he hurriedly said to Tang Shili: “Dad, it’s really Mr. Bai’s car. Mr. Bai may also be eating here…”

  When Tang Shili heard this, he hurried to the window to look out.

  The actions of these two people made many people in the box look confused, but the father and son didn’t care at all.

  ”Let’s go, let’s go and look for it, Mr. Bai must be here…”

  Tang Shili pulled Tang Hui anxiously and ran out.

  There was only a group of people left in the box, with big eyes and small eyes, not knowing what happened, but only Chen Ping knew what the father and son were looking for.

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