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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 871-872

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 871-872

Chapter 871

  Immediately afterwards, Ni Sidao said something in his mouth, and after a bang, countless black qi enveloped the area hundreds of meters in radius. The black qi covering the sky and the sun instantly turned day into night.

  Chen Ping did not panic, but swiped the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand in the void, and a piece of silver splattered, making the darkness brighten again.

  Ni Sidao ignored Chen Ping, and the magic in his mouth became faster and faster, and then he drew a circle in the void with his right hand, and there were ripples in the circle, as if time and space were twisting.


  An angry roar, followed by a spit out a scarlet core, a water tank thick, and a densely scaled snake rushed out from the circle. As if he had just emerged from the dead.

  Facing the snake in front of him, Chen Ping frowned slightly, because the snake in front of him was not an illusion, but a real living thing, as if it came from another time and space.

  ”Chen Ping, what can you do if you can absorb the evil spirit, this time I will summon the ancient beasts to deal with you…”

  Looking at the snake in front of him, Ni Sidao’s eyes were full of enthusiasm, but his huge body quickly returned to normal , and his face became ugly. After speaking, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

  It seems that Ni Sidao consumed almost all his mana in order to summon this serpent!


  Chen Pingping swung the dragon-slaying sword in front of him at the rushing snake, mixed with the sword energy of flames, and slashed directly at the snake.

  The sword qi slashed fiercely on the snake, followed by a deafening sound, the radiance overflowed, and the flames splashed everywhere.

  The snake’s body was tossing up and down, it seemed to feel pain, and then a blazing light spurted out of its mouth, the earth trembled, and the rocks crumbled!

  Chen Ping’s figure quickly retreated, avoiding the attack of the serpent, and at this moment, Chen Ping’s hand holding the Dragon Slaying Sword was trembling slightly, and his mouth was numb.

  The scales of this serpent were too hard, and the Dragon Slaying Sword could not injure the serpent.

  ”Chen Ping…”

  At this time, Xiao Lan and Zhao Wuji actually chased after them.

  They sensed the terrifying aura in the mountains and forests here and were worried about Chen Ping’s safety, so they chased after him.

  But just after chasing him, he saw a Jiao snake with a length of ten meters and the thickness of a water tank confronting Chen Ping, which scared everyone.

  You must know that Hongcheng is not a mountainous area, and there is no virgin forest. How could such a huge snake suddenly appear?

  ”Don’t come here, stay away…”

  Chen Ping hurriedly stopped Xiaolan and the others from approaching.

  The strength of this Flood Snake is too strong, with Xiao Lan and the others’ strength, they can’t resist this Flood Snake’s blow at all.


  Jiao Snake opened its big mouth, twisted its body and attacked Chen Ping again, its tail swept around, causing many trees to be uprooted and rocks flying.

  Chen Ping raised the Dragon Slaying Sword, jumped up again, and then jumped down from mid-air, slamming into the back of the serpent.


  A loud bang, the violent collision exudes dazzling brilliance, like two boulders slamming together.

  The Jiao Snake let out a whimper, and then its tail swept directly towards Chen Ping, with an extremely fast speed, like a steel whip, which slapped Chen Ping fiercely.

  Chen Ping’s body was like a cannonball, it was pulled out fiercely, and it stopped after hitting a big tree.

  ”Chen Ping…”

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  Xiao Lan and the others hurried over and helped Chen Ping up.

  Chen Ping’s mouth overflowed with blood. Although his strong body was not injured, the huge power caused damage to Chen Ping’s internal organs…

Chapter 872

  ”Hahaha, Chen Ping, even if you are physically strong, in front of this serpent, you can only be beaten, kill them, kill them for me…”

  Ni Sidao laughed loudly, struggling with one hand that supports that black halo.

  He can’t let the halo disappear, otherwise the snake will die instantly. This snake is not an animal here, and finally it needs to return to the place where it came from through the black halo.

  Chen Ping looked at Ni Sidao. Although Ni Sidao’s face was already ugly at the moment, he was struggling to maintain the black halo. Chen Ping understood in an instant that as long as the black halo disappeared, the snake would disappear with it. .

  Thinking of this, Chen Ping took the Dragon Slaying Sword, strenuously moved towards Ni Sidao, and slashed towards Ni Sidao’s arm with a fierce sword.

  When the snake saw this, its tail swept out, directly forcing Chen Ping back, then opened its bloody mouth and bit Chen Ping’s arm.

  The huge bite force made Chen Ping’s body froze, and then he was thrown up by the snake.

  Chen Ping’s body was thrown high into the air, and then fell to the ground.

  The ground was smashed into a deep pit, and Chen Ping climbed out of the pit with difficulty.

  At this moment, Chen Ping’s arm can already see blood, even if his body is strong and bitten by the snake, Chen Ping’s arm is still injured.

  ”Chen Ping…”

  Xiao Lan hurriedly tore off her clothes, wanting to bandage Chen Ping.

  ”Get out of the way…”

  Chen Ping felt a gust of wind coming, and hurriedly pushed Xiao Lan aside, while he himself was hit by the snake with its tail.


  Chen Ping’s body flew a dozen meters away and fell heavily to the ground.

  Blood continued to overflow from the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth!

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  Zhao Wuji and Bai Zhantang finally took out their weapons and attacked the snake.

  Chen Ping was about to say something to stop it, but it was too late. As soon as the two rushed up, they were swept by the snake’s tail, and they were directly knocked into the air.

  At this moment, Bai Zhantang and Zao Wou-Ki were both unable to stand up, and they were seriously injured!

  Chen Ping stood up with his body supported by the Dragon Slaying Sword, his eyes glared at the serpent, this guy’s whole body is hard and scaly and can’t be hurt at all. If you fight like this, you will lose sooner or later.

  ”Come on, kill them…”

  Ni Sidao’s face became more and more ugly, his body was shaking slightly, he couldn’t hold it anymore, he had to let the snake kill Chen Ping as soon as possible.


  Jiao Snake spit out a letter and danced his body quickly towards Chen Ping.

  He opened his mouth wide open, revealing sharp fangs, ready to swallow Chen Ping into his stomach.

  ”Chen Ping…”

  ”Mr. Chen…”

  Xiao Lan and Zao Wuji were all panicked when they saw this scene, but none of them had the ability to save Chen Ping.

  And Chen Ping himself seemed a little powerless in the face of the bloody mouth of the serpent. At this moment, he was already injured, and he had no ability to escape this blow!

  At the critical moment, a soft white light suddenly appeared in Chen Ping’s body, and then the white light became more and more intense, and even directly illuminated Chen Ping’s body into a transparent state.

  I saw that in Chen Ping’s body, the dragon crystal was flickering. Under the white light, the snake became panicked in an instant, and then began to roll on the ground continuously, howling…

  The snake’s The body is shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye. The Jiao Snake, which was more than ten meters long, has only a few meters in length in just a few tens of seconds.

  The snake tumbled in pain, and his body desperately moved towards Ni Sidao, then jumped hard, and got directly into the black halo to prepare to escape.

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