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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 857-858

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 857-858

Chapter 857

  After all, a gangster in a small city like Lin Tianhu can also be a hall of the Tianlong Temple, which shows that the strength of this Tianlong Temple is also very general.

  Although the later Chifeng was quite strong and was a master, in the entire martial arts world, there were so many masters as dogs, and Chen Ping did not attract much attention.

  But until yesterday, Lao Longtou revealed the truth. He knew his identity and knew that this ring was actually a token of love given to his mother by his father. With the addition of a peerless master like Zhao Liguo, he was also a member of the Tianlong Palace. This shocked Chen Ping.

  He now wants to know who his father is, how he created the Tianlong Temple, and why the strengths of the various halls of the Tianlong Temple are so different!

  But these questions, it seems that no one can help Chen Ping to answer, he can only rely on himself to explore.

  Chen Ping now has some expectations, looking forward to where the next hall of Tianlong Palace will be, and what kind of strength will it be.

  If there are more powerful tangkou like Wuying Mountain Villa, Chen Ping may be able to destroy the Long family and rescue his mother by relying on the strength of Tianlong Temple.

  Just when Chen Ping was thinking, someone suddenly shouted outside.

  ”Who is so daring to break into Long Island without authorization?”

  Hearing someone shouting outside, it should be someone from the Long family.

  ”Palace Master, it should be from the Long family, I’ll go out and see…”

  Zhao Liguo said to Chen Ping when he heard the explosion.

  ”I’ll go with you, don’t reveal my identity…”

  Chen Ping said.

  Zhao Liguo nodded and walked out with Chen Ping.

  At this moment, a huge cruise ship was parked not far in front of them. On the deck of the cruise ship, Long Xingxu was standing proudly, followed by many Long family members, watching the icy and biting snow on Suolong Island disappeared. , replaced by a piece of brown soil and rocks, and Long Xingxu’s brows were tightly twisted together.

  It is obvious that such a change in Suolong Island must have been taken away by Longjing. Although this is just a legend, it does not mean that it is not true.

  Now all he has to do is to find a way to stop the person who got Longjing, it is best to leave no one behind on the island.

  ”Master Long, I’m Zhao Liguo of Wuying Mountain Villa. I didn’t intend to break into Suolong Island without permission. I just brought him back…”

  Zhao Liguo said, looking at Long Xingxu standing proudly.

  Long Xingxu had already seen it the moment Zhao Liguo walked out. At this moment, he was thinking about whether the dragon crystal on the island was taken by Zhao Liguo. Strength, there is no way to stop Zhao Liguo.

  ”It turned out to be the owner of Zhaozhuang. You should say hello to my Long family in advance when you come to your son. After all, anyone with strength like you can land on the island casually. It won’t take long for this Suolong Island to become an island. Deserted island…”

  Long Xingxu said neither humble nor arrogant.

  With the Long family behind him, Long Xingxu didn’t panic even in the face of a master like Zhao Liguo.

  ”Master Long, I have written it down. Next time I come to Suolong Island, I must tell you that it is too late, I have to rush back, so I won’t talk to Master Long…”

  After Zhao Liguo finished speaking, he looked towards With a wave of his hand, the yacht started instantly and sailed into the distance under Long Xingxu’s eyelids.

  Long Xingxu looked at Zhao Liguo who was about to leave, his face became ugly, but he did not stop it, because he knew his strength and could not stop it at all…

  As long as Chen Ping was by Zhao Liguo’s side, then Long Xingxu did not stop at all. He didn’t even put it into his eyes, he never thought that Long Jing would be obtained by Chen Ping, and he couldn’t even imagine that the person the Long family was looking for was also Chen Ping…

Chapter 858

  Not long after Chen Ping followed Zhao Liguo and the others, Xuanyuan Kai, Qin Xiaoxian and Cheng Kun also arrived.

  Looking at Xuanyuan Kai who was seriously injured, Long Xingxu said with a puzzled face: “Master Xuanyuan, on this island, who else can hurt you like this?”

  ”Master Long, it was me who encountered a fierce beast, and it was the place where I fought. To…”

  Xuanyuan Kai explained.

  It was impossible for him to tell Long Xingxu the truth. The less people knew about Long Jing, the better. If the Long family knew that Chen Ping had obtained Long Jing, then the Xuanyuan family would have no chance at all.

  ”Ferocious beast?”

  Long Xingxu raised the corner of his mouth: “Your arm was obviously cut off, the wound is so neat, how could it be done by the beast? Do you take me as a three-year-old child?”

  Xuanyuan Kai lowered his head slightly, He didn’t speak anymore, because he didn’t know how to explain it.

  Long Xingxu swept a few people’s eyes, suddenly his face turned cold, and a terrifying aura instantly enveloped everyone: “Did you get Longjing? Tell me, whose hands is Longjing?”

  Long Xingxu did not dare to ask Zhao Liguo, but in the face of Xuanyuan Kai and the others, Long Xingxu doesn’t have to give any face.

  After hearing Long Xingxu’s words, several people were shocked, but no one said anything.

  They all think the same thing. The fewer people who know about Longjing, the better, especially the Long family. If the Long family knows, then this Longjing will not have their share.

  Long Xingxu saw several people who didn’t speak, and his face became more and more gloomy: “If you don’t speak, then no one will want to leave here…”

  After Long Xingxu finished speaking, a group of Long family members directly took Xuanyuankai They surrounded.

  ”Young Master Long, we didn’t get any Long Jing, what are you doing?”

  Xuanyuan Kai asked with an ugly expression.

  ”Young Master Long, are you going to do something to us? Although our Thunder Gate and Xuanyuan’s family lost to your Long family, but if you really dare to kill us, let’s see if our two families will ask the Long family to sue. To put it simply, you are just a sideline of the Long family, will the Long family offend our two families for you?”

  Cheng Kun’s fiery temper looked at Long Xingxu without any fear in his eyes.

  ”And our Qin family, I was sent by the ancestors of the Qin family to Suolong Island. If I can’t go back, the Qin family will definitely not give up…”

  Qin Xiaoxian also stood up and said at this time.

  Facing the Long family, they must unite together, otherwise none of them can threaten the Long family.

  Seeing that he was threatening himself on his cruise ship, Long Xingxu suddenly burst out laughing.

  ”Hahaha…” After laughing twice, it stopped abruptly, and then Long Xingxu said angrily: “I killed you all and threw them all into the sea, who would have known that our Long family did it, you guys You dare to threaten me, and you look down on me, a sideline of the Long family…”

  Long Xingxu, as a genius of the younger generation of the Long family, was not taken seriously because he came from a sideline, which is what Long Xingxu cared about the most.

  Now Cheng Kun mocked him for being a sideline, and the anger in Long Xingxu’s heart was instantly ignited.


  Suddenly, Long Xingxu shot, Cheng Kun, who was several meters away, only felt a force hit, and the whole person flew out in an instant.


  The Wuzong brought by Cheng Kun hurriedly jumped, trying to catch Cheng Kun.

  It’s a pity that Wu Zong just jumped up and was kicked out by the people of the Long family.

  Neither the Thunder Gate nor the Xuanyuan family had the strength to follow the Long family.

  Cheng Kun fell heavily to the ground, his face was extremely pale, and the fiery temper he had just now wilted instantly.

  ”I’m asking you again, where is Long Jing?”

  The cold killing intent that Long Xingxu exuded made everyone tremble.

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