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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 855-856

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 855-856

Chapter 855

  The terrifying atmosphere surrounding Chen Ping also disappeared in an instant, which made Chen Ping a little surprised, and then looked at Zhao Liguo!

  At this time, Zhao Liguo was staring closely at a ring on Chen Ping’s hand. The reason why he stopped was entirely because he noticed this ring!

  Seeing Zhao Liguo’s expression at this time, Chen Ping frowned slightly, as if thinking of something, because Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng had the same expression when they saw their ring.

  Soon, Zhao Liguo regained his mind. After his face changed slightly, he immediately returned to normal. He said to Chen Ping, “Since you are

  Chuang’er’s friend, forget it today and come with me…” Zhao Liguo suddenly Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er were stunned by the change in the situation. They thought that Chen Ping would definitely die today, but they didn’t want Zhao Liguo to stop!

  Also surprised were Xuanyuan Kai and Cheng Kun. They couldn’t understand what medicine was sold in Zhao Liguo’s gourd!

  But seeing Zhao Liguo’s changes, Chen Ping secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he thought it might be true.

  ”Yuqi, Linger, let’s go…”

  Chen Ping said to Su Yuqi and Gu Linger.

  The two girls followed behind Chen Ping, and Chen Ping followed behind Zhao Liguo, walking towards the shore together.

  Chen Ping and Su Yuqi turned their heads from time to time to look at Xiao Ru, who had turned into an ice sculpture. The three of them were unspeakably uncomfortable.

  ”Uncle Zhao…”

  Seeing that Zhao Liguo was going to take Chen Ping away, Xuanyuan Kai immediately chased after him anxiously.

  ”What’s the matter with you?”

  Zhao Liguo asked coldly to Xuanyuan Kai.

  ”Uncle Zhao, this Chen Ping ate Longjing, which should belong to all of us. In order to deal with the ice dragon, we have all done our best. Now you take Chen Ping away, so the rest of us can’t get anything. Arrived ?”

  Xuanyuan Kai said.

  ”I’ll take him away, do you have an opinion?”

  Zhao Liguo narrowed his eyes slightly, and a breath instantly enveloped Xuanyuankai.

  Xuanyuan Kai only felt his legs soften, and the whole person instantly sat on the ground!

  ”No…no opinion!” Xuanyuankai’s face was pale, but he still gritted his teeth and said: “Uncle Zhao, you just took Chen Ping away like this, I believe my father and Sect Master Cheng will definitely come to the door to ask for it. Saying…”

  Xuanyuan Kai used his father and Cheng Kun’s father to threaten Zhao Liguo.

  ”You dare to threaten me?” Zhao Liguo frowned: “Don’t think you are from the Xuanyuan family, I won’t dare to touch you, I can crush you with one finger now, I’ll see if your Xuanyuan family dares to find you Can’t I go to Wuying Mountain Villa?”

  After Zhao Liguo finished speaking, he waved his sleeves gently, Xuanyuankai flew out and fell heavily on the ground.

  Although Zhao Liguo didn’t kill him, Xuanyuan Kai was seriously injured this time!

  Then Zhao Liguo looked at Cheng Kun and said, “I’ll take them away now, do you have any opinions?”

  Cheng Kun quickly shook his head and said, “What does Uncle Zhao do, how dare we juniors have any opinions…”

  Cheng Kun even had opinions at this moment, He didn’t dare to say anything. After all, Xuanyuan Kai was a role model in front of him. He didn’t want to be beaten and seriously injured!

  Zhao Liguo snorted coldly and glanced at Qin Xiaoxian’s group not far away!

  ”Zhao Zhuangzhu is casual, we don’t dare to have any opinions…”

  Qin Xiaoxian waved his hands in fright when he saw Zhao Liguo looking here.

  Only then did Zhao Liguo take Chen Ping away with satisfaction!

  ”Second brother, then Chen Ping just left, don’t we take revenge?”

  Qin Xiaotian said anxiously when he saw Chen Ping walking away.

  ”Don’t worry, he can’t live, and the Shadowless Villa can’t let him live…”

  Qin Xiaoxian finished speaking and left with someone…

Chapter 856

  ”Damn…” Xuanyuankai was helped by his subordinates and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth: “Go, let’s go back and report to my father, Long Jing appeared and was eaten by Chen Ping, this is a big event…”

  Cheng Kun saw that Xuanyuankai was gone, and he didn’t stay, so he took the people and left!

  On the other side, Chen Ping and the others followed Zhao Liguo to the beach, and the snow wolf followed far behind.

  Chen Ping was also very grateful to Xuelang for saving Su Yuqi and Gu Linger, but Xuelang had adapted to the life here after all, and Chen Ping could not take it away from Suolong Island.

  And when Su Yuqi and Gu Linger saw the snow wolf, they crouched down and waved at the snow wolf!

  Snow Wolf ran over sensible, and then rubbed against the two girls, like a docile wolf dog!

  ”Chen Ping, shall we take it away?”

  Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping and asked.

  Xuelang also looked at Chen Ping with anticipation in his eyes, and it seemed that he also wanted to leave here.

  Seeing Xuelang like that, Chen Ping could only nod his head.

  Su Yuqi and Gu Linger happily hugged Snow Wolf.

  ”Brother Chen…”

  Zhao Chuang, who had been brought to the coast for a long time, hurried over after seeing Chen Ping, and then glanced at his father angrily.

  ”Get on board…”

  Zhao Liguo said.

  Everyone got on the yacht that Zhao Liguo and the others drove. Although the yacht was not as big as the cruise ship that Chen Ping and the others came with, it was quite luxurious, and it was more than enough to accommodate them!

  After getting on the boat, Zhao Liguo asked everyone to wait, but he called Chen Ping to a room alone.

  Seeing this, Su Yuqi and Gu Linger hurriedly stood in front of Chen Ping, they were afraid that Zhao Li would attack Chen Ping!


  Zhao Chuang looked at Zhao Liguo and wanted to plead for Chen Ping!

  ”You wait outside, I’ll be fine…”

  Chen Ping smiled at Su Yuqi and the others.

  Since Zhao Liguo didn’t kill him on the island, he wouldn’t kill him when he got on the boat.

  Chen Ping followed Zhao Liguo into a room. When the door was closed, Zhao Liguo suddenly knelt down in front of Chen Ping.

  For this sudden move, Chen Ping didn’t feel much surprise, because he had already expected it.

  ”Zhao Liguo of Shadowless Villa, meet the Hall Master…”

  Zhao Liguo’s face was respectful, and he had long since lost the arrogance and ruthlessness he had when he was on Suolong Island.

  ”Master Zhao, get up…”

  Chen Ping helped Zhao Liguo up.

  ”Thank you, Hall Master!” Zhao Liguo stood up.

  ”Zhuangzhuang Zhao, I have some doubts right now, you must tell the truth…”

  Chen Ping said after supporting Zhao Liguo.

  ”Palace Master, please tell me, I must know everything…”

  Zhao Liguo nodded.

  ”Zhao Zhuangzhu, do you know who the previous owner of the Dragon Ring was? What is his identity?”

  Chen Ping raised his hand, revealing the ring on his hand and asked.

  Since this ring was left by his father as a token of love for his mother, Chen Ping must find out who his father is.

  Such a ruthless man, he wants justice for his mother.

  Zhao Liguo was stunned for a moment, and then said puzzledly: “Palace Master, don’t you know who gave you the Heavenly Dragon Ring?”

  ”I have never seen the owner of this ring, but it was given to me through someone else’s hand… …”

  Chen Ping replied.

  Zhao Liguo suddenly realized: “Actually, I don’t know who the previous owner of the Dragon Ring was. We only recognize the ring and not anyone. Even the thirteen entrances of our Heavenly Dragon Hall, I don’t know where the other entrances are. !”

  ”Counting you, I’ve already found three halls…”

  After Chen Ping finished speaking, he fell into deep thought!

  At first he got this Heavenly Dragon Ring, and he always thought it was the head of the old dragon. Later, he met Lin Tianhu and Chifeng. Knowing the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Temple, Chen Ping didn’t take it too seriously at that time.

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