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A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 853-854

A man like none other and the man decree Chapter 853-854

Chapter 853

  Zhao Liguo directly carried Zhao Chuang by the collar and lifted Zhao Chuang up.

  No matter how much Zhao Chuang struggled, it was useless!

  Seeing that Zhao Liguo was about to leave, both Chen Ping and Xuanyuankai breathed a sigh of relief. After all, there was such a depressing master, they were afraid they would not even move.

  ”Dad, I’m going with you, but I have to bring my friend…”

  Zhao Chuang suddenly said to Zhao Liguo when he passed by Chen Ping and them.

  After all, Chen Ping, Su Yuqi, and Gu Linger are all Xiaoru’s friends, and Xiaoru was frozen to save Chen Ping. Zhao Chuang didn’t want Chen Ping and the others to stay here and be attacked by Xuanyuankai!

  Zhao Chuang saw the melee just now, but his strength was low, and the subordinates he brought were not rivals of the two families. In addition, he was eager to find a way to save Xiaoru, so he did not help Chen Ping!

  Now that his father is here, he doesn’t want to see Xiaoru’s friends all die here.

  It seems that this guy has a deep affection for Xiaoru.

  ”Okay, if you dare to play tricks on me to see if I don’t break your legs, do you know how anxious your mother is to find you?”

  Zhao Liguo glared at Zhao Chuang and said.

  ”No!” Zhao Chuang hurriedly agreed, and Zhao Liguo released him.

  Zhao Chuang walked up to Chen Ping: “Brother Chen, Sister Yuqi, Sister Ling’er, please come with me, so that no one dares to do anything to you…”

  Chen Ping and the others looked at Zhao Chuang and felt a little Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect Zhao Chuang to help them. After all, now that Xiaoru is gone, there is no need for Zhao Chuang to get close to them.

  Could it be that this kid Zhao Chuang also wanted to get Longjing, so he would help him?

  But looking at Zhao Chuang’s sincere eyes, it doesn’t seem like a trick.

  Finally, Chen Ping nodded. After all, leaving with Zhao Chuang was the most suitable choice.

  Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and Gu Linger along with Zhao Chuang to Zhao Liguo, Zhao Liguo just glanced at Chen Ping and Su Yuqi and didn’t say anything, he turned and left!

  This time, whether it was Xuanyuan Kai or Cheng Kun, they were all in a hurry. Chen Ping ate Long Jing, how could he be taken away casually.

  ”Uncle Zhao…”

  Xuanyuan Kai hurried forward and stopped Zhao Liguo!

  ”Eldest nephew, is there something wrong?” Zhao Liguo glanced at Xuanyuankai’s severed arm, but he didn’t show any expression.

  ”Uncle Zhao, you can’t take Chen Ping with you. He cut off my arm. I have to avenge this revenge…”

  Xuanyuan Kai said to Zhao Liguo.

  He didn’t say that Chen Ping ate Long Jing, otherwise Zhao Liguo would have taken Chen Ping away even more if he knew about it.

  ”Did he cut off your arm?” Zhao Liguo was slightly taken aback.

  From his point of view, Chen Ping was not as strong as a seventh-grade grandmaster, so how could he cut off Xuanyuankai’s peak arm?

  Zhao Liguo thought it was Xuanyuankai and Cheng Kun fighting, their arms were chopped off in a melee. After all, the two of them didn’t see eye to eye, and everyone knew that as long as they met, they would fight.

  Now when I heard that it was actually cut by Chen Ping, I couldn’t help but look at Chen Ping more.   ” Chuang’er

  , what’s going on?” Zhao Liguo asked Zhao Chuang.   After all, Zhao Chuang said that Chen Ping was his friend. Since he was a friend, why would he cut off Xuanyuankai’s arm?   Zhao Chuang looked at Chen Ping, then looked at Xuanyuankai, and finally said, “Dad, Chen Ping ate Longjing, they wanted to get Longjing, so there was a conflict…”   Zhao Chuang ate Chen Ping The matter of dropping Longjing has been said!   ”Long Jing?”   Zhao Liguo’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard the word “Long Jing”!

  Seeing Zhao Liguo’s expression, Zhao Chuang suddenly regretted it. He shouldn’t have said this to his father. Although he has no greed for anything about Longjing, his father will not be the same as him.

Chapter 854

  Xuanyuankai and Cheng Kun felt bad when they saw Zhao Liguo’s expression. This time, Long Jing and the others couldn’t even imagine it.

  After Chen Ping felt the gaze from Zhao Liguo, he instantly took two steps back.

  ”You swallowed Longjing?”

  Zhao Liguo asked Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping nodded, but did not speak!

  ”Dad, they are all my friends, Brother Chen, he…”

  ”Shut up…”

  Zhao Liguo turned to stare at Zhao Chuang, and then ordered to his subordinates, “You take the young master away first…”

  The two Shadowless Villa masters came over, directly set up Zhao Chuang and left, no matter how much Zhao Chuang struggled, it was useless at all!

  After taking Zhao Chuang away, Zhao Liguo looked at Chen Ping, stretched out his hand and said, “Boy, spit out Longjing, I can take you away safely…”

  ”Uncle Zhao, all this Longjing was swallowed by this boy. After a while, it is estimated that he has digested it, and it is estimated that he will not be able to vomit…”

  Xuanyuan Kai said to Zhao Liguo.

  ”Foolishness…” Zhao Liguo snorted coldly, without even looking at Xuanyuan Kai, but staring at Chen Ping with cold eyes, an invisible coercion instantly enveloped Chen Ping.

  Chen Ping felt a big mountain pressing down on his body, and then his legs began to tremble slightly.

  ”You still have some skills…”

  Zhao Liguo couldn’t help but feel a little surprised when he saw that he couldn’t overwhelm Chen Ping under his coercion.

  Chen Ping is only the strength of the seventh-grade great master, how can he withstand his own coercion?

  To know the pressure that Zhao Liguo exudes, even a master who has just stepped into the realm of Wuzong, don’t even think about standing!

  ”I got the dragon crystal, and I won’t give it to anyone unless I die…”

  Chen Ping slowly took out the dragon sword!

  The bright red blood flowed on the Dragon Slaying Sword, clearly visible…

  ”I didn’t expect a great master in your area to have this kind of sword in his hand. It seems that this time, I have made a worthwhile trip…”

  Zhao Liguo saw the Dragon Slaying Sword in Chen Ping’s hand, and his eyes became brighter. .

  Chen Ping mobilized the spiritual power of his whole body, and the breath of his body continued to rise.

  Facing a master like Zhao Liguo, even though Chen Ping had eaten the Body Tempering Pill, his body was like an iron wall, and it would be difficult for him to take the next blow!

  ”Boy, I’m saying it again, spit out Longjing, and give me this sword. For the sake of being

  Chuang’er’s friend, I’ll take you away…” Zhao Liguo said to Chen Ping again. .

  ”I said it, unless I die…”

  Chen Ping said firmly.

  ”You die easily, don’t you think about the two little girls behind you?”

  Zhao Liguo pointed to Su Yuqi and Gu Linger who were on the side.

  Chen Ping glanced at the two of them, as if he was saying the best farewell, and then stared at Zhao Liguo: “We have already reached this point, and there is nothing to think about, but even if I blow myself up, you will never get Long Jing… …”

  Zhao Liguo saw that Chen Ping didn’t eat hard and soft, and his face suddenly became extremely gloomy!

  Suddenly, Zhao Liguo shot, and a terrifying aura instantly enveloped Chen Ping. Chen Ping only felt his whole body tense, struggling to wave the Dragon Slaying Sword in his hand to resist, but found that it was very difficult for him to even draw the sword!

  Zhao Liguo was afraid of Chen Ping’s self-destruction, so he took the lead to control Chen Ping, and then slapped Chen Ping’s head with a palm!


  Seeing Zhao Liguo slapped it, Chen Ping roared, bursts of golden light suddenly burst out from his body, and a barrier appeared in front of Chen Ping.

  It’s a pity that this barrier did not stop Zhao Liguo. Zhao Liguo didn’t even pause for a while, and patted Chen Ping’s head directly with his palm!

  But just when Zhao Liguo’s palm was only a few centimeters away from Chen Ping, when Chen Ping even felt the breath of death, Zhao Liguo suddenly stopped.

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